34 thoughts on “Going Viral”

  1. whether it be the fearful “woke mind virus” or the weaponized “witch-hunts” the GOPers don’t want to face the medicine and take the prescribed doses of truth and facts.  

    so the ignorance pandemic prevails across the land.

  2. exempli gratia

    After only two years in Congress, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has accumulated power and landed on top committees. She remains a dangerous politician to some, a hero to others. Lesley Stahl reports.

  3. LP latest with more evidence of the spreading disease and the disease vectors

    The party of law and order’s 2024 front runner will soon have a mug shot, and they’re handling it exactly as you’d expect.

  4. So I understand Dumbass has plans to take a short vacation to NYC today with plans to visit the lower Manhattan judicial complex tomorrow. Hope he has a nice trip. 😉

  5. Leslie seemed off her game last night, let Marjorie play her and get away with acting like the victim when pressed with hard questions. In the end, 60 Minutes managed to normalize a very dangerous threat to democracy.

  6. Finland has been preparing for a Soviet/russian invasion since 1939, and has repelled them twice, 1939-40 1944.  Puttie knows this as it is a basis for how the russians have trained since then.  What is important is the world has changed a tremendous amount since then, yet puttie is using the same tactics to attack Ukraine.  With similar results.  There are visual confirmations of 1940’a and 1950’s artillery shipping to the Ukraine invasion.  The waste of russian weapons continues. 
    Something that has been an itch since last summer that I just cannot get a good scratch at is if putties KGB/FSB/GRU/SVR “intelligence” agencies failed him not only about Ukraine resistance to being attacked, but also the response from the U.S. and possibly NATO/EU countries.  What if they had told him, or even hinted, that SFB would return to power in 2022 and stop the support of Ukraine?  What if all the information supplied to his invasion preparations were based on the agencies actually lying to the war criminal? This on top the garbage that had been fed to puttie could have made the invasion a failure prior to starting.

  7. Fingers crossed that Faux Spews got something right for a change.

    FOX News is reporting that multiple Secret Service Agents connected to former President Trump have been subpoenaed and are expected to testify before a D.C. grand jury on Friday. Compliments of Jack Smith and the DOJ.


  8. Ryan Busse
    One of the most notable conservative judges in the country has a message for America: Republicans have given up on democracy and are hurdling the nation towards fascism.
    Judge Luttig

    I wonder if Busse meant hurtling. Had to’ve.

  9. New CNN poll 62% of independents approve of indictment, 60% of all Americans, 21% Republicans actually seems high, would have expected single digits 

  10. given that the FL guff-gov has declared he wouldn’t grant extradition, perhaps the NY judge at the arraignment should limit defendant to instate travel only or at least restrict him to the northeastern states including D.C.

    also, the good judge might want to caution said defendant about threats and intimidation to the point of spelling out possibility of a gag order and assurance of jail time for contempt.  


    BTW that motorcade in w. palm caused flashbacks to the OJ/cops slo-mo chase.

  11. The good of the day is someone hacked twitter and replaced “Twitter” with the Ukraine mascot emoji.  Cool. 

    Something else to make me feel happy is if sfb airplane was routed to Newark Liberty and make the orange moron motor to NYC from there. Newark Liberty is annually voted the worst airport in the U.S. But I should be so lucky.

  12. If he keeps flying and gets off in Moscow never to return that’s fine with me. Every day he’s on U.S. soil is a risk he’ll weasel back into the Oval Office. Fugitive from Justice is the cowardly title he deserves.

  13. the icon on twitter today has nothing to do with Ukraine, it’s the logo for the cryptocurrency that Musk is always pumping

  14. Bink – oh damn.  I need new glasses.  Recently I got a bit of a talking to about typing villi instead of viili.  Looks like a group of lines no matter how I type it.

  15. Ivy, If they don’t take Dumbass’ mugshot tomorrow just Google it – there are some decent ones in Google images.

  16. Pogo, thanks, I will look forward to that. Got me worried when I heard a tv lawyer say they don’t release mugshots in Manhattan.

  17. So, brunch plans tomorrow?

    Will there be anyone except reporters and looky-loos outside of the courthouse? 

    Will Orange Adolf go back to FLA and spew, getting himself into even more of a pickle? 

    Mugshot, prints, whatever…do everything by the book, please. No technicalities, please.

    Craig – The high number for Republicans approving of indictment probably just points to the number that have switched which fascist they plan to back in 2024. Maybe 21% is DunSantis’ approval rating, as well.

  18. Well, sadly, it sounds more and more like there will be no New York mugshot released. There will be more cases, so maybe next time. 

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