Naatu Naatu Best Song vs the Not too Not too Best

BBC: Oscars 2023: RRR’s Naatu Naatu wins best original song

The Hill: J6 Prison Choir song featuring Trump reaches No. 1 on iTunes

But the real song that Jan6 gang is singing:

“We’re in the jailhouse now We’re in the jailhouse now I told that judge right to his face I don’t like to see this place We’re in the jailhouse now”


14 thoughts on “Naatu Naatu Best Song vs the Not too Not too Best”

  1. Craig

    I tweeted that she was wonderful right after that speech.  The awards overall were pretty boring, but she was great in expressing that any film is a cast of hundreds.


  2. craig & jamie, here’s her presser just afterward:

    Jamie Lee Curtis is celebrating her Oscar win “Everything Everywhere All At Once”! The Hollywood icon shared with reporters backstage at the Dolby Theatre how she was processing the honor and how proud she thinks her famous late parents, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, would be. And, Jamie Lee jokingly asks the room not to cancel her after she “cracks wise” with a few zingers.

  3. Fun Thought of the Day: If Trump is indicted in New York, DeSantis can decide whether to extradite him. And if he doesn’t, Trump would be stuck in Florida unable to campaign out of state.

  4. News of the Senate minority leader.  Ol’ Mitch has been “discharged” from the hospital and is in the in patient rehabilitation facility.  Oh yeah, a concussion. He did crack a rib doing his version of a fall.  No discharge date estimate given.  He won’t be doing any voting in the chamber yet.  I am guessing he will be putting on the armor as the gqp is not known to accept weakness of any type.


    “In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Act to protect consumers and ensure that big banks could never again take down the economy and destroy millions of lives,” wrote Warren, whose political reputation has been predicated in large part on fighting corporate greed. That law, however, was defanged in 2018 under then-President Donald Trump following intense lobbying pressure from various Wall Street and banking interests including, Warren pointed out, “Greg Becker, the chief executive of Silicon Valley Bank.”

    “…Warren nevertheless proposes a series of steps to prevent the next medium-size bank meltdown from occurring. Her suggestions include returning to Dodd-Frank-levels of regulation, amending deposit insurance rules to better protect payrolls and ordinary banking transactions, and — perhaps most importantly — ensuring that “those responsible not be rewarded” with the government empowered to not only “claw back” excessive executive bonuses, but also investigate potential civil and criminal lawbreaking on the part of those at the top of SVB.”

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