Ten days and counting …

For all my fellow procrastinators out there: “Lah dee dah, we’ll think about it tomorrow”

A merciful reprieve this year according to The Balance:

Generally, April 15 is the official deadline for filing your federal income tax return each year, but that date isn’t carved in stone. The deadline moves to the next business day when April 15 falls on a Saturday, a Sunday, or a legal holiday, and other national events can shift it as well. For example. the tax filing deadline in 2022 is April 18 (or April 19 if you live in Maine or Massachusetts).


April 15 falls on a weekday in 2022, but it is Emancipation Day which is celebrated in Washington, D.C., causing all businesses and government offices to close. Therefore, the filing deadline for your 2021 personal tax return—Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR—is Monday, April 18, 2022 (April 19 if you live in Maine or Massachusetts).


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  1. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
    To the last syllable of recorded time;
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
    Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.


    [the ham in act 5 scene 5 by willie the shake]

  2. To quote Katy Scarlett, “Oh, I can’t think about this now! I’ll go crazy if I do! I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

    I guess we face one of the 2 certain things in life 10 days from now.

  3. This morning’s scanning of tweets finally produced a “woke” from someone other than a woke republican.  And, best of all the “woke” came from a Black woman.  Of course the only “woke” that was not a slur was not used like gqp people use it, as a racial slur, it was used in the sentence about “woke up this morning”.  Oh well “wokeness” is something only a racist would come up with.
    Some of the most entertaining YouTube videos are of Anonymous people destroying scam centers.  These are the Amazon, Microsoft, Norton . . . and many other names, scams of refunds or selling bogus computer services. Scammers getting scammed and their computers destroyed.  Great entertainment.

  4. We received a new scam attempt last week that was apparently designed to evade the filters in our firewall and anti spam software, ostensibly responding to a request to MS Outlook made from a computer in our system with a link at the bottom of what appeared to be an MS Outlook email, and let me tell you it looked very real. I was the first to see it and asked everyone if they had made any inquiry to MS through Outlook and no one had so I told them to delete it without opening it. It’s the most convincing scam attempt I’ve seen yet because it absolutely appeared to be an official email from Outlook related to system security that would cause a curious user to click the link to see what someone else had inquired about. 

  5. pogo, another version from that crowd is a dire warning they are about to close down one’s outlook acct forthwith unless certain info is given.

  6. axios:

    Slovakia has transferred an S-300 missile defense system to Ukraine, fulfilling one of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s top requests to help the country defend itself against Russia’s bombing campaign, Slovakia’s prime minister confirmed Friday.
    What they’re saying: “I would like to confirm that Slovakia has provided #Ukraine with an air-defence system S-300. Ukrainian nation is bravely defending its sovereign country and us too. It is our duty to help, not to stay put and be ignorant to the loss of human lives under Russia’s aggression,” Slovakia’s Prime Minister Eduard Heger tweeted.
    The big picture: In addition to the S-300, Ukraine has also received tanks and infantry fighting vehicles from the Czech Republic, as the Donbas region braced for a major Russian offensive.

  7. KGB agent Puttie lost another fighter jet only it was up near the Finnish border.  Not much left of it, ie not repairable. One tweet thought the pilots crashed it so they would not have to go to fight Finland or Ukraine.

  8. Yeah…  April 18th is Patriots Day in Massachusetts.  It’s also the day that the Boston Marathon is run.
    This year they’ve decided to ban any Russian participants….   good on them!

  9. patd, I’m sure they have a million of ’em.  We get plenty of obviously scammy ones via email and text, but this was teh most authentic looking one I’ve seen yet.

  10. Yeah, time to get working on them. 
    Maybe tomorrow.
    I have so many little things that all require a separate form
    I sold two properties, that is 2 forms for each
    I have 2 other properties that I carried the note on so each has 2 forms for interest income and capital gains.
    A schedule C with 2 additional forms, maybe three. 
    SFB’s attempt to put the 1040 on a post card means I also have 2 forms in addition to the 1040.
    The good thing is I bought the large manila envelopes cheap in bulk at Costco several yeas ago.
    It is going to get simpler next year.
    Which is good as I fear I am becoming simpler too.

  11. Pogo
    For some reason  yesterday my yahoo email account got hit with 5 or 6 scam emails. A rare event as Yahoo has been good at blocking spam.
    They do look good.
    The problem I have is sometimes Bank of America and my medical system will use third parties and it is hard to tell them from spam.
    I had this problem when Sherry died, I got an email that seemed out of the blue but was from a BOA sub. I initially responded to it and they wanted me to do everything on line. It then occurred to me I hadn’t initiated contact so I insisted that they mail me the forms. They refused.
    I ended up going to a local bank branch office and setting for 2 hours

  12. Russia- the North Korea of Eurasia

    Actually that’s an unfair comparison- to North Korea!

  13. Food for Thought –
    23 million chickens culled because of Bird Flu , watch the price of eggs. 
    ‘Vast majority’ of California’s Sierra snowpack could be gone by mid-to-late April
    Prince Edward Island > News
    Ukraine war ignites protests in Peru as inflation anger goes global
    Drought drastically cuts irrigation season for Idaho farmers
    Water cuts hit Arizona and the farmers are complaining

  14. Rice for Millions Put at Risk as Fertilizer Prices Hammer Peru

    Association says growers are facing a surge in prices of urea

    Rice woes are part of inflation concerns behind social unrest

    The global fertilizer squeeze exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is imperiling rice production in Peru, where the seed is a staple for tens of millions of people.
    Prices of the crop nutrient urea have surged almost fourfold amid supply scarcities, adding to cost inflation for growers, according to the Peruvian Association of Rice Producers.


  15. Every farmer in the world is facing these soaring costs for diesel, and fertilizer. 
    Plug in the drought  here on everything West of  I-35 ,  it’s a witches brew  of hunger , the “Green Revolution” as we knew it is dead as a boot. 

  16. Now back to endless hours , and breathless reporting on the lives of very rich people over coming their  problems. 

  17. Biden: Three Republicans who voted to confirm Jackson ‘deserve enormous credit’ | The Hill

    “Not withstanding the harassment and attacks in the hearings, I always believed that a bipartisan vote was possible,” Biden said at an event with Jackson to celebrate her confirmation. “And I hope I don’t get them in trouble, and I mean it sincerely, but I want to thank three Republicans who voted for Judge Jackson.”
    Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Mitt Romney (R-Utah) were the lone three Republicans to back Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court, giving her a bipartisan majority in the final vote.
    “Sen. Collins is a woman of integrity. Sen. Murkowski the same way in Alaska, up for reelection. And Mitt Romney, whose dad stood up like he did. His dad stood up and made these decisions on civil rights,” Biden continued, referencing the late Michigan Gov. George Romney (R). “They deserve enormous credit for setting aside partisanship and making the carefully considered judgment based on the judge’s character, qualifications and independence.”

  18. Patd –
    That PB head line is very telling.  NPR says there are around 8 more in the dock .
    All of them above him on that food chain. 

  19. Alex Jones Accused of ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Scheme to Hide Money From Sandy Hook Families

    InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones talks a lot about preparing for the apocalypse, selling his fans all manner of ways to stock their bunkers ahead of the end of the world. But now plaintiffs for Sandy Hook families suing Jones allege that he’s “doomsday prepped” his own business ahead of hefty legal judgments, illicitly moving money out of InfoWars into shell companies to avoid paying his victims.
    In a court motion filed Wednesday in Texas, the families claim that he has concealed InfoWars’ assets to make the company appear to be nearly bankrupt. The families were joined in the motion by another man suing Jones for falsely accusing him of carrying out the 2018 Parkland shooting. The filing was first posted online by Courthouse News.
    InfoWars didn’t respond to a request for comment.


  20. Idaho experts predict water shortages in southern Idaho

    BOISE, Idaho (AP) — More than half of Idaho is in a severe drought, and an Idaho water expert says that’s likely to worsen in the coming months. Idaho Department of Water Resources hydrologist David Hoekema told the Idaho Water Resource Board at a meeting last week that water shortages are expected in every basin in southern Idaho.
    Hoekema says a wet fall and record-breaking snowfall in December has been followed by three months of little precipitation and a declining snowpack. Streamflow forecasts range from 20% to 70% below average. The weekly U.S. Drought Monitor map shows the bottom two-thirds of the state in a drought.


  21. When guys at NASA with PHD’s start chaining themselves to bank doors, we’re entering a whole new world of debate. 
    But sadly , our time is a blending of the “Wizard of Oz”, and “Twister” .
     Where Margert Hamilton on her bicycle , and that flying cow  are all mixed into a whirling fog of dust , bit coins, grifters, leaves,  greed, ignorance, and fear. 
    And it’s 2022 , and none of us has a jet pack. 

  22. The “Jetsons” promised me a Jet Pack , and frankly I’m mildly pissed about that, I took the effort to live this long , so where’s my fucking Jet Pack ? 

  23. Maria was a chance to show the world a new way forward on powering our lives. 
    But Federal Law , and a blind fool  tossing paper towels let that all slip by. 
    Puerto Rico  was perfect lab to show the way forward. 
    Federal Law says you can’t use it’s money to build back better, 
     which is insane on it’s face.  

  24. https://gothamist.com/news/dc-based-dark-money-nonprofit-funds-campaign-against-malliotakis

    “A national organization is financing a $1 million campaign for a coalition of New York City Democrats set to mobilize volunteers and run attack ads to unseat U.S. Rep. Nicole Malliotakis…”

    “The organization is being funded by a larger national group called Unrig Our Economy. Fresh off the heels of the successful unionizing effort at the Amazon facility in Staten Island, organizers said they will seek to convert that momentum into votes against Republicans…”

  25. Just one more clip of Ms. Hamilton  with Toto in that wicker basket on the back of her bike.  And that theme song , as she pumped those pedals. 

  26. Oh, for cryin’ out loud……Santa Claus is now running against Sarah Palin for that office in Alaska.

  27. And one other bitter pill –
    NATO stands up to Russia on the bodies of Ukrainians. 
    I read that several days ago. 
    This war has already killed 5 people in Peru , and it will kill untold more in places we cannot yet know. 
    Putin tossed a match into the magizine. 
    This idea of trying to “contain it”  is a fools folly , better to get those jets  , and rockets  now than later. 
    Now would be a good time for the US Navy  to surface in Black Sea.

  28. incredible playlist for you Mr. S, funky beats and smooth rhythms, 1.5 hours, Jack and BiD might enjoy, also

  29. Rattle his cage , stop being afraid , show him force .  Surface our subs in the Black Sea one day , and our subs in the Arctic the next. 
    Give him some fear. 

  30. This idea of tip toe  is dead as Stalin.  This is one of the shittiest armies in the history of warfare. 
    Kill em’  and Putin dies .

  31. And we all though a simple germ would set the pace of our time. 
    Not so this is the age of Bullies  from school boards to Russians. And the banning of books, so white kids don’t “feel bad”.  

  32. She broke out in Europe  playing a fiddle with a repeater in side.  Wearing ice skates frozen in ice blocks , when they melted , it was the of her show. 
    That was nearly 40 years ago.

  33. I had for gotten about her until last week.
    Do your self  a  favor. She is one of the great artistic minds of our times.  trust me she is magic. 

  34. OM – There was a documentary on about her and women making sound/movie tracks.  I remember hearing “O, Superman” on MTV.  

    Bink – Nice playlist.


  35. Blue –
    Her novice  is unlike no other.  No wonder we forgot her for 40 years, this is what we do , we swim though the cream to chew on a shoe.

  36. The very last thing  …..
    They have dated human foot prints in the White Sands National Monument  dating between 21,000 and 23,000 years ago.  There are little kids feet in this mud, 
    This over turns the idea of the population of the New World by 10 centuries.  The entire “Land Bridge Theory ”  is yet another dead boot.  It was all solid ice at that time . no one was doing any walking into the New World. 

  37. They “Coasted” by boat.  More food than you could eat , fresh water flowing into the sea.  No giant bears , or cats to eat your ass.  This find explains all the older dates  in South America. 
    They just paddled  into the New World.  A lot faster than walking. 

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