Conjunctions – not the usual Ands, Ors or Buts

Look around at the alignments. At last in 2020, things are coming together.
Great conjunctions of protective vaccines meeting arms of otherwise unprotected millions, the House and Senate have a meeting of minds to let needed aid and money meet up with needy folks.

However, for the “greatest great conjunction” according to NASA, look above and marvel at the alignment International Business Times describes in their story as:

“Triple Sky Event: Don’t Miss The Great Conjunction, Solstice and Ursids Meteor Shower:
As expected, people have been waiting for Monday’s Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction for weeks. Such an event is already rare on its own, occurring only every 20 years, but NASA has called Monday’s event the “greatest great conjunction” between the two giants because it will be the closest they will be in the next 60 years.
This means that the next time that they will be as close will be in 2080. What’s more, having an alignment as close as the one on the 21st has not happened for hundreds of years.