A Horse To Remember

By Jamie44, a Trail Mix Contributor

Observing Man o’ War centennial at Kentucky Derby 143

I will let you all read the whole article about this magnificent animal, but here is the opening paragraph:

It’s a curious fact of American racing history that its greatest Thoroughbred legend, Man o’ War, didn’t contest the nation’s most celebrated race, the Kentucky Derby. But in 2017, as we celebrate the centennial of Man o’ War’s birth, the blood of “Big Red” pulses through the veins, however distantly, of every single horse in Derby 143.

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A personal note from Craig: “Man-O-War (Big Red) was something of an obsession for me growing up. He won 20 of 21 races. ‘Man o’ War’ by Page Cooper and Roger Treat was one of my favorite books. This painting of him, along with my family crests, have always been on my mantle wherever I live.”