The Last Great White Whale

Is the orange narcissist the last hope for a white America? Maybe for some (forty-two percent). We have already moved to the non-white majority in several areas of the country and approaching with great speed for the nation as a whole. This does not sit well with a lot of people.

The reaction has been building for several years. White supremacists have killed many Americans during the last decade in an attempt to foment a revolution putting them back in power. They do not see themselves in power anymore. They have to share that power with co-workers who are not white and male. The jobs they had are in China, or Vietnam or Ghana.

Their concept of religion is woman as a breeder, similar to cattle, and the male being in charge – of everything. They cover their world by hijacking a religious name, but only as a general topping. They do not adhere to the religious teachings, quite the opposite in many situations.

At this time white males dominate all political power structures so that is not the goal. It is pushing non-white people back into the shadows. It is pushing LGBTQ people back in the closet. It is to put women back in girdles and petticoats, cooking dinner for the man of the house. Power is only good if there is someone under you.

What has to happen is the Democrats must find a way to bring jobs to areas of the country where the old Industrial Age jobs have moved away or shrank to floor sweepers under the robots. The people who feel powerless because they think their jobs are being stolen have to be provided with decent living, which includes new generation jobs.