Trump Tuesday

Like it or not, it is likely today’s news will be all about Donald Trump sweeping Super Tuesday. Hillary will too, but everyone expects that she has already won the nomination.

Will Rubio win anything? And if he loses his home state of Florida on March 15th how does he remain viable? If Kasich doesn’t win his home state of Ohio March 22 he has said he will be gone.

_85478328_gettyimages-487396244If Cruz wins his home state of Texas today he stays in. Meaning that the Republican race ends up Trump vs Cruz? What is an intelligent Republican voter to do?

Watching Trump’s wife, Melania, on CNN last night I see something coming from their camp, an effort to diffuse and tame his beastly image. For instance, she criticized his choice to repeat that horrible word at one of his rallies. Also beginning to see him walk back some of his foolishness, in his own weird way.

Call it the “Just Kidding” pivot. ‘Hey folks I was just sounding like a dumb ass to get dumb ass votes.’ Kinda like when Reagan said trees cause pollution, and lots of other dumb stuff.

reagan-mooseStill don’t know whether Reagan believed the nutty things he said or if he was just taunting Democrats into self destructive distraction. Suspect the latter.

Dems can hope that Trump is as crazy as he sounds. But what if he isn’t, and there is a fox in there somewhere?

Wouldn’t be the first time that liberal Democrats were fooled and beaten by cynical anti-intellectualism.

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Hillary, What Now?

20160228_143351The only downside to the Clinton campaign putting down the Sanders threat is that now six months of sitting on her party’s lead lie ahead. The Clintons have some history of stumbling when on top, while surging when challenged. But more than that, how to stay relevant for such a long period without competition, as the Republican contest dominates the news?

Clinton’s carefully worded and teleprompted victory speech in South Carolina Saturday night, congratulating Sanders on a hard-fought race (implying it’s over), declaring that her campaign now goes national and directly targeting Trump’s words, seemed very much designed to be a nomination victory turn, not just celebrating a single state win. I just wonder if she would be better off pretending this is still a competitive nomination battle for a while longer. Now her future primary wins will be deemed uneventful and anti-climatic.

Or, maybe buyer’s remorse sets in and and gives Sanders a bit of a boost.

This calls for extreme creativity. Democrat and Republican bosses both are living in a dream world, not understanding that their traditional models are imploding. Which explains Trump and Sanders.

Independents outnumber affiliated voters. Soon, the percentage of voters self-identifying as independent will outnumber Democrats and Republicans combined. The first party that figures this out and how to deal with it will prevail. Trump is closest to doing that in this cycle. Bernie almost did, but failed.


Oh, how to explain the mechanics of the infinite temporal flux?

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor
I know: Back to the Future. It’s like Back to the Future

Dr. Who 10th Doctor (David Tenant)

I think we have time travelers in our midst. While digging through some folders in my file cabinet, many very old and untouched for years, I came across this sheet of what feels like plastic wrap. On it is something like a printout, which is this strange report. I would not have believed it except how would anyone in 1968 think anyone with a name like Trump be the leader of the United States. The routing information seems to indicate this went to an agency with a name of National Transform Time Agency (NTTA).   Why it is in my file for LGBT Lesbian Party Invitations 1999 is hard to fathom. I am now wondering about the nice woman who just sailed into the marina.

47820611.cachedWashington D.C. National Transform Time Agency, Beltsville, MD

July 4, 1968

Re: visit to July 4, 2018

As Supreme Dictator and Know It All, Trump has allowed only white males who have pledged their right and left testicals (colloquially known as a “balls”) to his dinner table. Although this will render the men sterile, they have acknowledged a predilection towards being worthless anyway. Women are not invited to this event as The Donald has dictated no cu**s in his world (which tends to make him seem a little strange).

For the Supreme Dictator if you want something to happen, gold makes it happen. Except gold which has been in any location where Spanish is spoken. Los Angeles of course. Anywhere in Texas.  Most of the suburbs of Atlanta. Pretty much most of the United States outside of North Dakota. Okay, you need old gold and not the cigarettes. Preferably very old gold which was not in the U.S. before the country became the Protectorate of The Donald.

Due to having a problem with the old Constitution, The Donald changed it to name him as Supreme Leader of the United State of Freedomia and he would write the new version as he wanted sometime in the future. Such a bold move was met by voters saying they were tired of politicians being political and compromisers. They wanted someone who would stand up to compromisers. Now with The Donald in charge they do not have to worry about compromising. As Supreme Dictator he will now let you live your miserable life in pain and want. Congratulations, you voted for your hell.

Without having to deal with old weaklings, after challenging Roberts to a duel to the death with hair coloring, he now owned the Supreme Court. He decided that as Supreme Dictator there was no need for a court of any kind. He would decide if you were a good enough white male or to be exported because you are not. He tells you what you need to know, and that makes it alright with his supporters. There are no known non-supporters left. But there are a lot of non-white people making bricks in the area south of Texas and California. A big wall project is underway.

For some reason the Supreme Dictator forgot to close the northern border which has become an outbound highway full of non-supporters. Most other countries of the world have agreed to take in these refugees. All the good spots in the Caribbean are filled as are South America, Central America, Cuba, Mexico and Australia.

This phase of the testing is complete. The next phase is being prepared and should commence once I have my brain reconfigured to human thought. Listening to those weird people made me upset.

downloadfileOBTW: The National LGBT headquarters has successfully located to the Virgin Islands. Party Hearty. I met with my counterpart at NTTA and we had a great time she is looking forward to coming to the office sometime with me.


Hillary’s Next Win; Whither Bernie?

2016-02-22-1456172662-1597066-BernieSanders-thumbIt is not whether, but by how much does Hillary win the South Carolina primary today, and whither Bernie? The next collection of states on Super Tuesday present few opportunities for Sanders. It now seems he has become, and perhaps always was, a protest candidate for voters who would rather cast at windmills.

WHITHER: “To what place or state?” (Websters dictionary)


The Art of the Deal

By Mudcat, a Trail Mix Contributor

If Trump is elected, I’m putting the odds at 3-1 that Christie is our new AG. I would put the odds at 100-1, but Trump could easily screw him. I can’t think of any other political reason for the proud ex-prosecutor to endorse anybody at this stage.