Mudcat Speaks

Democratic strategist and Trail Mix contributor David ‘Mudcat’ Saunders talks to SiriusXM host Matt Boyle on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily:

When Boyle asked for his theory of how Trump won the election, Saunders replied sarcastically, “You need to watch the news! The racists and the Russians got together and fixed the thing is what happened.”

“I was watching Rachel Maddow last night, and Jen Palmieri was on there saying all that, and Rachel – quite frankly I love the girl; she’s a fisherwoman and a good friend and a good chick – but I mean it’s ridiculous, some of these arguments that’s coming out about racism,” he said.

He told Boyle his old party was lost in the wilderness, in part because Donald Trump stole some of their strongest issues to defeat Hillary Clinton.

“Greed’s a powerful thing, and in a capitalistic society, greed over time is going to move to the front,” he said. “If you look, about every hundred years or so, the greed gets out of control. In the nineteenth century, it was Andrew Jackson that stepped up and fought it. In the early twentieth century, it was Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, who stepped up and fought it. Now you’ve got Donald Trump, and it is my greatest hope – I think the most important thing that he can do – is restore economic fairness. It doesn’t exist now in America.”

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Get Real Democrats

Democrats have a choice. Waste your time blaming the Russians, misogynists, racists, whatever — or figure out why you lost voters who chose Obama twice and then abruptly switched to Trump.

Here’s a county that did just that. Basically those voters decided Dems hate them. Figure out a way to change that or sit on your postage stamp of principle and live in defeat.

CNN: How Trump ended Democrats’ 144-year winning streak in one county.

Perhaps Chuck and Nancy should go spend a week in that county. They might learn something.

I mean, really, I spent my last year trying to get Democrats to pay attention to these folks. But Dem bosses called us racists for daring to defend them, drove us out. So many counties lost jobs, replaced by meth labs, and Dems just call them racists for voting against them.

Dems just lost a county they’ve won for 144 years. Can’t someone go find out what went wrong?


Come Home Trail Mixers

A few of our friends here appear to be staying away. We miss you. Yes, I dissed Hillary Clinton and her failed campaign. But that’s just me. Surely you know I’ve never meant this to be a home for views that reflect only my own. Anyone can contribute a post, or publish a comment from any point of view. All I ask is that I be allowed to do the same without assumptions that my view rules the site. So even if you don’t like what some say here come on back and share. We miss you.