Trump’s Palace Guard

Secret Service prevarication about purged data suggests rebuttable presumption of complicity in a conspiracy to kidnap Pence on Jan. 6 before he could certify Biden’s election.

Sure seems like Pence thought so when he refused to let Secret Service take him away from the Capitol, saying to his lead agent, “I’m not getting in the car. I trust you, Tim, but you’re not driving. If I get in that vehicle, you guys are taking off. I’m not getting in the car”.

Meanwhile… Bannon lawyer’s opening statement yesterday really stupid, said Steve was confused about dates for complying with congressional subpoena. Using your client’s state of mind as a defense means you have to put him on the stand to prove it. Prosecutors would love to cross examine that crap. As my moot court professor said about openings: “Never write the jury a check you can’t cash”


Happy Dictator Day?

Watch out for July 18th, seems it’s a time for tyrants to make moves of consequence. According to On This Day in

64 Great Fire of Rome begins under the Emperor Nero

1925 Adolf Hitler publishes Mein Kampf (original title was the catchy “Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice”)

1936 Spanish Civil War: General Francisco Franco issues manifesto and leads an uprising in the Spanish army stationed in Morocco

2012 Kim Jong-un is officially appointed Supreme Leader of North Korea and given the rank of Marshal in the Korean People’s Army