So Long Joe, Don’t Be A Stranger

Awarding Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom today, Barack Obama summed it up:

(AP) President Barack Obama is paying tribute to Vice President Joe Biden, praising him as an “extraordinary man with an extraordinary career in public service.”

Speaking at the White House Thursday with Biden by his side, Obama says the tribute will give the Internet one last chance to joke about the “bromance” the two share.

Obama says his choice of Biden was the “best possible choice, not just for me, but for the American people.”

Obama is listing the influences in Biden’s life, from the nuns who taught him in grade school, to his Senate colleagues, to his parents, and commending the “Biden heart.”

Noting that Biden’s career is “nowhere close to finished,” Obama says his vice president will go on to have an impact domestically and internationally.


Next Time

By Whskyjack, a Trail Mix Contributor

Who does or doesn’t attend the inauguration event is unimportant. However, the fact that we have a peaceful transition of power is very important. In a world where too many transitions of power end up with the execution of the losers. it is something to celebrate. Where and how you celebrate it is your choice.

Donald Trump is the legitimately elected President of this nation. He won it fair and square by the rules in place. Unlike the previous Republican president he didn’t use the court system to circumvent the rules. In that regard he is my President. Am I happy about it? No. But my happiness is irrelevant. Elections being what they are, there are winners and losers.

At least in this country the losers get to live to fight another day.

And fight we should. fortunately there are many ways to fight for the causes we believe in without violence and with respect toward those we fight. There will be plenty of time to do so later.

Right now I hope those who participate in the inauguration and those who just look on, taking in the rare spectacle of it all, have a safe and fun time. I wish I could have been there to watch HRC take the oath of office. But it was not to be. However like baseball there is always next time.

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So Long Barack

A lanky untested junior senator and former state legislator came upon us so many years ago, presenting an unlikely scenario, not the least of which he was named in part Hussein, and yet he brought such grace and honor without scandal to our highest office that we have reason to be proud we elected him twice.

Obama’s Farewell Address tonight at 9pm ET.