The Midgely deMerit Medal


By PatD, a Trail Mix Contributor

Trail Mixers, it is time to mint a new mixer award: the “worst whatever of the week” award.  Let it be known far and wide as the Midgely deMerit Medal.  I hereby propose the first recipient rightfully should be the man for whom this medal is named:

Thomas Midgely was a renowned chemist and inventor who held over 100 patents in his lifetime, but he’s most notorious for two chemicals which wreaked untold havoc on the environment: leaded gasoline and Freon, the first CFC. During his lifetime, Midgley was met with great praise, but his legacy has become tarnished since the full effects of his inventions are now understood. Millions have been affected by him, to the point of death, and many more are still suffering to this day. Even planet earth itself.

Once a week, hopefully, a suitable submission will find its way to our fearless leader for posting forthwith.

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Democracy is a Beautiful Thing

By Sjwny, a Trail Mix Contributor

handsSenator Sanders drew 11,400 people to his rally at the University at Buffalo Alumni Center Monday night. 8,000 inside; the remainder standing outside in a cold rain for hours. I listened to the speech on my local NPR station. The crowd reaction was strong to every point made by the Senator.

Secretary Clinton spoke at the Pierce Arrow Museum last Friday. Hundreds attended; in fact, the Buffalo Fire Marshall had to stop letting people in because the building had reached capacity.

Senator Cruz is scheduled to speak in Buffalo this Thursday. A small (but very dedicated) group is reaching out to the Kasich campaign to schedule a stop.

Next Monday, April 18th, Mr Trump will be holding his final New York State rally at the First Niagara Center, which is about 11 minutes from where I live. The building holds 18,690 people. I expect there will be many more than that attending; outdoor screens should be in use.

I welcome them all. Kudos to any Candidate who inspires, reaches out & remembers that he/she works for us. Kudos to every Citizen who participates in any way. Democracy is a beautiful thing & it is in full bloom. I love this stuff.

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Congrats to SpaceX

SpaceX rocket landing at sea
SpaceX rocket landing at sea

A Big Boost For Reusable Rockets a “revolutionary step was accomplished on Friday when another SpaceX Falcon rocket dispatched a cargo ship to the International Space Station, then turned around and landed on a platform gently bobbing in the Atlantic Ocean.”

“And they said it couldn’t be done (at least no one has ever done it) until, of course, you did it,” former NASA space shuttle manager Wayne Hale wrote in a congratulatory note to SpaceX on Twitter.