A Good Wine Needs No Bush

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
(As You Like It, Epilogue / wrathofgrapes.com)

By Blue Bronc, Trail Mix Contributor

The news that George tvi Bush, or Bush II, has been officially pulled from an undisclosed location says it all for the Bush III wannabe. Loudly we now can see how bad the campaign is going. With great ears (many cartoonists have been eagerly awaiting this adventure) sticking out from the supporting structure of the great void, he is ripe to get back on the trail he is.

Although G. tvi Bush has campaigned for his sibling before, it was without the fanfare we see going on to South Carolina. It was Colorado, and it was not to fundraise for the Colorado Dems, that I last heard the goofball went (youngsters, go look up goofball in the google book). And, outside of a few media reports that was it. I heard he has appeared elsewhere but I am not bothering to search for where. It agitates me with a profound hate just to hear, see or think of the guy.

One sentence I read concerning the “debate”, or from other reports it sounded like a free for all cage match, was that JobBush used the free advice I offered and got a stick under the Trump armor. Good. Too bad he did not use his big stick, perchance he does not have a big stick. He could have used a Rubio and sandwiched him instead. The clowns provide little entertainment for me.

This election is full of tricks, stunts and idiocy, so much so our beloved Three Stooges would have been out of business during this long, long year. The media must be changing their collective drawers every hour, or at least you would think so from how they are writing, interviewing, contemplating, guessing and outright making stuff up, just to entertain us. They are putting in overtime on the fully useless information.

I can easily envision Mark Twain sitting at his table writing. Oil lamp providing a soft light on his paper, his pen scratching words and wit, a wisp of cigar smoke providing inspiration. Too bad we do not have him with us. We do have a few gems, Alexandra Petri being one familiar to Trail Mix commentariat. Beside Trail Mix there are many blogs with concerned bloggers bloggitying the night away, well worth finding them. I have not seen the Capitol Steps lately. They are a must for those seeking insider information into politics. They do their act every Friday and Saturday at the Ronnie Reagan Building amphitheater, Federal Triangle Metro stop. Maybe when the weather is better a Trail Mix night with the Capitol Steps would be interesting.