Our Jobless Future [Castro Dead]

Vox.com: “The future of work in America is uncertain. What we know is that things are going to change. Technology will upend countless careers, workers across fields will be displaced, and it’s not entirely clear how many jobs will be replaced.”

Fidel Castro Dies


Andy Stern, former president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), argues that a universal basic income (UBI) is the best response to the social and economic disruption caused by technological change. UBI is a form of social security in which citizens receive an unconditional wage from the government.

Stern: I believe a UBI is a way to ease the transition, and it’s also a way to provide a floor for people — not necessarily a substitute for work, but a supplement to work that allows them to have a sense of economic security, have consumer buying power. We want to allow people to be entrepreneurs, to take risks and raise kids and do other things without turning the world into the Hunger Games.


Now playing: The “Apprentice – the Cabinet Series”

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

In this new series watch as President-elect Trump marches a never-ending series of Republican, conservative politicians and talking heads into the famous Trump Tower set of the “Apprentice” to vie and compete for a small number of White House and U.S. Cabinet positions to run our government.  Starting Sunday November 27th, watch as camera’s go live in the Trump boardroom where potential nominees can be seen arguing policy and pulling out all of the stops to castrate their opponents and destroy the opposition.

Emceed by the soon-to-be former governor of Indiana, watch our prospective leaders be grilled by none other than Ivanka and Eric, of the Trump family.  Sparks will fly, feelings will be hurt – but the viewing public will be tantalized by this “show of shows”.  We’ll also see continuous coverage by the major network and cable media – posting a never-ending “candidate-watch” outside the front doors of the majestic “Big Apple White House”.


Where to watch:  All of your favorite TV and cable networks, online news sources and bogs.

When to watch:  Coverage will be continuous with never-ending post-interview coverage on all of the major entertainment news networks.

Series length:    November 9th, 2016 through January 19th, 2017

Don’t forget to check your phone for ongoing show “teaser tweets” from none-other than the President-elect”

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The Milky Way Is Moving!

Not that politics is off limits but this holiday week seems a good time to focus elsewhere.

What’s your favorite non-politics story?

I found it interesting to learn that the Milky Way is moving, revealing a dense supercluster of galaxies never seen before. And we’re moving toward it at 50 kilometers per second. But there is no cause for alarm: At that speed it will take us 5 trillion years to get there.

milky-wayScience Magazine: “Our Milky Way and its neighboring galaxies are on the move. The whole Local Group of more than 50 galaxies is being tugged in one direction by, astronomers presume, the gravity of some enormous unseen object. Now, an international team believes they’ve found the culprit: a nearby supercluster—a collection of many hundreds of galaxies—that has never before been noticed.”


Secretary of Stateless

My hunch is that Mitt Romney or anyone else considering becoming Secretary of State under Trump will be screwed like so many who took that job only to find that foreign policy is actually being run by the West Wing. Trump’s national security appointments so far indicate that, as is usually the case, the State Department will not be the center of foreign policy making. I am thinking about Bill Rogers — Nixon and Kissinger didn’t even tell him about the opening to China. Cyrus Vance — who resigned after Carter’s failed hostage rescue. Poor pitiful Alexander Haig left in the cold by Reagan’s White House. Colin Powell fed lies by Dick Cheney.