Hillary Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri: “One of my proudest moments with [Hillary Clinton] is her standing up with courage and with clarity in Steve Bannon’s own words and Donald Trump’s own words the platform that they gave to white supremacists, white nationalists. And it is a very, very important moment in our history as a country and I think as his presidency goes forward I am going to be very glad to be part of the campaign that tried to stop this.”

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway: “We flipped over 200 counties that President Obama won, and Donald Trump just won. You think that’s because of what you said, or that people aren’t ready for a woman president? Really? How come it’s just Hillary Clinton? She doesn’t connect with people. How about they have nothing in common with her? How about you had no economic message?”

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Corporate Blackmail Welfare

What an expensive PR stunt for Mr. Trump. His VP-elect/Indiana Gov. Mike Pence rigs a deal for taxpayers to pay off Carrier to stay in his state.

Is this the latest new normal? Corporations blackmailing government for welfare.

Bernie got this one right:

“In essence, United Technologies [Carrier’s parent] took Trump hostage and won. And that should send a shock wave of fear through all workers across the country.” — VT. Sen. Bernie Sanders (Washington Post)


Saving Democracy One Hashtag At A Time

By SJWNY, a Trail Mix Contributor

Listening to the radio, the report given was sourced from the President-Elect’s tweets. #SweetJesusHelpUsWhatHaveWeBecome

Tweets are the perfect answer to someone who wants to both control the message & the messenger. #MuteIfImPissed #BlockIfImAngry

ThisĀ  seems petty to some but the media holds uber responsibility to this mentally ill unfit man’s success. #Access #FaceTime

hash-tagAt first this man was treated as a joke, horrible though he may be, a passing fancy, nothing to see here. #Lololol

As crowds grew, the Press got “penned” yet said man got time on this/that show, access open. #ThrowYourColleaguesUnderTheBus

Election night comes, predictions swirl down the commode. Uh-Oh. The worst scenario is reality. #IBetterMakeNicey #Access

Stream of media types beckoned to The Tower. Newsflash: if you were called, if you went, eff your integrity. #Enabler

Twitter was instrumental in the Arab Spring, Occupy, Wiunion. It was the tyrant’s foe, the people’s friend. #KissThatGoodbye

Our Government, Our Democracy reduced to 140 characters or less. The people’s foe, the tyrant’s friend. #Resist

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resist-t-shirts-men-s-premium-t-shirtOK I tried. Donald Trump is an anomaly, an anathema, an outlier in all of American history. We cannot abide this lunatic. Despite my efforts to accept our constitutional choice, this just cannot stand. What tripped my wire? His tweet lying about the popular vote, that millions of illegals account for his massive loss of a majority vote. All we can do is resist, and here we will do that from now on. Bide your time. Stick to your principles.