True the vote? My ass!

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

It’s not who votes that counts, but rather who counts the votes.

Seldom has a political party adopted this philosophy with more relish than the modern GOP, in the cases of the vote suppressors that have sprung up in many states. Who votes (or not) is important. Very important.

voterids1New regulations designed to keep people from voting have fallen from the sky like so many dry leaves from a tree. Ostensibly, if you listen to the promoters of these schemes, to protect us from the tidal wave of voter fraud that has swept the nation. (There may be as many as two or three cases prosecuted every election cycle.) Obviously the life of the Republic hangs in the balance. God save us!

Restrictive voter ID requirements, reduced early voting periods, reduced polling places, and purged voter rolls, all combine to disenfranchise millions.

I have said on this site before that there is no larger or more fundamental issue that receives less attention than voter suppression. Any candidate for any office that is worth their salt should make this ‘crime’ a cornerstone of their campaign.

Alas, not holding my breath.


A Political Ponzie Scheme?

No one enjoys the Bernie show more than me, but it is getting to the point that his campaign seems more like a political Ponzi scheme than a credible bid for the Democratic nomination, taking money from donors in order to run a campaign that is going nowhere other than to raise more money from other donors to pay the bills funded by other donors.

Sanders could always remain on stage by morphing his campaign committee into a vehicle for advocating his issues and supporting other candidates.

It’s great to have a message that a lot of people want to hear, but isn’t it becoming obvious he can’t get nominated? Perhaps the New York primary offers him a chance to change this scenario, but if he gets get clobbered, what then?

credit: CheapShot by Sunil Adam
credit: CheapShot by Sunil Adam


Open auditions are being held for the hottest show on Broadway — but whites need not apply.

Already the hottest ticket in town, rap-based musical “Hamilton” put out a casting call, seeking “NON-WHITE men and women” to audition for its Broadway run and touring companies. — NY Post

‘Hamilton’ Quota Mongers Open Auditions To Whites — Daily Caller


The ‘Damn You’re Good’ Patsi Bale Cox Award Goes To …

By OldSeaHag, a Trail Mix Contributor

patsiPatsi Bale Cox was a talented author and renowned entertainment journalist, a devoted mother and grandmother — full of spunk, spicy humor, and a self-described original bitch for all seasons. She was also our good friend. Patsi was Trail Mix’s most fervent feminist, a devoted Hillary supporter and much like Hillary she didn’t back down in the face of a debate. It energized her.

These primaries surely would have kept Patsi busy fighting the good fight against the double standards imposed on Hillary and the rampant misogyny of the other candidates. This award won’t be restrained to an annual event, but shall be bestowed whenever we are so inspired by individuals who exemplify Patsi’s indomitable spirit.  

The first “Damn You’re Good” Patsi Bale Cox Award goes to Jamie for her dedication and persistence in battling and exposing the injustices of sexism. Damn you’re good Jamie. We thank you and surely Patsi does too.


Garth Brooks on Patsi: “Whatever was wrong right now, Patsi knew how to fix it, and I never knew her to be wrong. She gave you reason with an attitude. She gave you reason with drive. You felt like you could go out and slay a nation after talking with her because she laid it down.”

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And more: Patsi Bale Cox, Music Journalist, Dies at 66

alumni_-_cox__patsi_bale2My Take (Craig):
I will never forget the day Patsi flamed me something awful for whatever I had said on TV or written that offended her, I don’t remember what it was, but her missive was so well wriiten and forcefully put I just had to set aside bruised ego, respond and say, keep it up woman, I need your voice. (KGC, I think we had a similar experience.) And we are all so grateful Patsi obliged us for so many years until her untimely death. I feel the same way about Jamie, so I am pleased OSH wrote this post for us. — Craig