Oh, For A New Symbol For Democrats!

By xrepublican, a Trail Mix Contributor

The emblem of the Democrats, the bucking donkey signifying a defiant working class, is 147 years old. No one today associates the donkey with either hard work or liberation.

The broom, the rooster and the tiger have also been emblems of Democrats. The broom is a homie symbol of yester year, now replaced by the foreign Dyson and the hard-to-symbolize Swiffer, both trademarked.

Today, 98% of Americans don’t remember the import of the rooster, if they can even tell one from a chicken. The tiger is an endangered animal that can also be a man eater. So, nope, nope, nope, and nope to those four emblems.

It is time for something new, something different, recognizable, exciting, and resonating with only positive vibes.

What do you think ? Propose a new symbol, design, color, or whatever. Use your abundant creativities.

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“Secret Santa” Orrin Hatch

That’s how journalist David Sirota refers in a tweet about the Senate Finance chairman’s tax giveaway to Trump, Bob Corker, Paul Ryan and other top GOPers.


Republicans who have large ownership stakes in real-estate-related entities stand to reap a personal windfall from the legislative language Hatch added to the final bill.

The Utah Republican is now saying it’s all some sort of coincidence, no special favors intended. So I guess he’s saying the provision was only a giveaway to the entire real estate industry, not just select members of Congress and the President. Don’t you feel better now?

Politicians enriching themselves, even if coincidental, is not the change even most Trump voters intended.