GA Fall Out Buck Up

By Whskyjack, a Trail Mix Contributor

Goodness, did you all really believe a Democrat could win a solid Republican district?

Grow up. Politics is a rough sport. The Democrats went into the devil’s lair and grabbed old Nick by the beard. It was a good night.

But get real, come 2018 there are 435 seats up for grabs and a lot of them way more vulnerable than this one.

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I think I’ve found the cure

By Whskyjack, a Trail Mix Contributor

For what? You ask? For Trump burnout, I think me and possibly half of America are just tired of it. We are tired of his stupid tweets, his insults to our allies, his idiotic staff and Republicans trying to cover for him.

But we are also tired of all the over-the-top obsession by the media. The over-the-top reactions by liberal activists and facebook fanatics to every little rumor, slight and piece of crap uttered by some back water Republican

Really, enough already, where are the adults?

But I think I found a cure. True, it’s one of those sappy ideas that reminds you of 50’s TV.

Go out in the garden pick a hand full of strawberries and put them on a bowl of oat meal.

Then step out in the morning sun and enjoy the lilies

Or do as I did this weekend, hang around some young people. My niece’s oldest boy graduated from high school (my how fast they grow up) and the family all gathered to celebrate. There is a cluster of cousins about the same age, some younger, some older. What a marvelous group of energetic dynamic young folks. All with drive and determination, from the students to my niece, a recent college grad who is legally blind and planning to start her own business.

From what I saw our future is in good hands.

Now if we can just … never mind.

I think I’m going to go back outside and look at the lilies. They are gorgeous!


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Ketchup on Steak? What Say Ye?

By Whskyjack, a Trail Mix Contributor

A few weeks ago Donald Trump was observed eating a prime dry aged steak, burnt (well done) with ketchup

It may explain the problem for Democrats in Trump country that they don’t seem to want to use this against Trump.

Apparently they don’t see anything wrong with mistreating a perfect piece of meat by over cooking it and smothering it in ketchup. At least I’ve not heard any outcry.

Public Policy Polling did do a survey and found that Americans across the political divide expressed their distain for this behavior. It may be the only thing they agree on.

As usual very liberal types were the more clueless as they gave the greatest support to ketchup on steak (but not completely clueless as a majority still disapproved)

From James Michener’s  novel “Centennial”

Now the ritual began. At twelve-fifteen on the dot we took our places at three oilcloth-covered tables, and tumblers of ditch—bar bourbon and Platte water—were circulated. Wendell raised his glass and cried, “Gentlemen, to the open range!” All drank, and Hermann Spengler proposed, “To the Hereford.”

Waiters now came in with large baskets of French fried potatoes, which they emptied onto the middle of each table, forming golden pyramids, over which they sprinkled handfuls of salt. The doors swung open and the waiters reappeared with huge trays. Before each of us they placed a sizzling platter containing nothing but a monstrous sirloin cut from some super-steer at the Brumbaugh feed lots.

Steak and potatoes, the food of real men. Hands reached into the golden stacks to grab potatoes, and knives cut into tender steak. For the first few minutes there was not much talk, then Wendell recalled the time the club had entertained a senator from Rhode Island. The members had been most attentive to him, for on a matter of vital concern he held the crucial vote, and things looked promising until the sirloins were served.

In a quiet voice he had asked, “Could I have some catsup?”

There was a ghastly silence. To these men, putting catsup on a sirloin was like dumping cigarette ashes in holy water. No one knew what to say, but everyone was adamant that no bottle of catsup would disgrace that table, even if the supplicant was a senator commanding a vital vote.

The impasse had been broken by Wendell’s father, a steely-eyed man: “Senator, as you know, your vote is crucial to us, and there is nothing in the world we would not do for you. I think we’ve given you ample proof of that. But I would rather see horse piss sprinkled over my steak than see this table profaned by a bottle of catsup. No, Senator, you may not have catsup.”

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Is There Any Discipline In The Trump White House?

By Whskyjack, a Trail Mix Contributor

Really, can’t anybody just shut the F#@$ up, just for a few seconds?

I just read this WaPo piece:

Inside Trump’s fury: The president rages at leaks, setbacks and accusations

This is a detailed account of Trump’s weekend, right down to minutes before the piece was written. It even had conversations with his golfing partners. It is an amazing piece of reporting, or it would be any other time and about any other administration, but with these goof balls it is just another day sharing stories with the press. The Trump people’s hatred of the press is all window dressing. In fact they love to gossip with reporters. If you are a Washington reporter and you don’t have your pet Trumpista by now you need to get in a different business.

LOL, Just sayin’………………………

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Next Time

By Whskyjack, a Trail Mix Contributor

Who does or doesn’t attend the inauguration event is unimportant. However, the fact that we have a peaceful transition of power is very important. In a world where too many transitions of power end up with the execution of the losers. it is something to celebrate. Where and how you celebrate it is your choice.

Donald Trump is the legitimately elected President of this nation. He won it fair and square by the rules in place. Unlike the previous Republican president he didn’t use the court system to circumvent the rules. In that regard he is my President. Am I happy about it? No. But my happiness is irrelevant. Elections being what they are, there are winners and losers.

At least in this country the losers get to live to fight another day.

And fight we should. fortunately there are many ways to fight for the causes we believe in without violence and with respect toward those we fight. There will be plenty of time to do so later.

Right now I hope those who participate in the inauguration and those who just look on, taking in the rare spectacle of it all, have a safe and fun time. I wish I could have been there to watch HRC take the oath of office. But it was not to be. However like baseball there is always next time.

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