Dumb and Dumber


Michael Cohen’s testimony may not have proven that Donald Trump is guilty of any wrong doing or that Cohen himself was telling the truth. What it did prove beyond a reasonable doubt is that there is no shortage of abject stupidity in the halls of Congress especially among republicans.

The article linked above asks a valid question. How have we come to be governed by such an assortment fools and dullards? One answer lies in the over abundance of so called safe districts across the country. There are undoubtedly others factors as well.

Whatever the reason(s) gone are the days when we could call on the best and the brightest to help us decide our most pressing issues. They can no longer get elected, leaving us as a nation at the mercy of those who are suspicious of logic and reason and believe their self righteousness and ignorance are virtues.

Feel free to weigh in. What do you think has contributed to the dumbing down of our elected officials? It’s a discussion worth having.

Where’s The Outrage?!


I came across this yesterday. It is time indeed past time to label the NRA for what it is, a hate group. They should be put on a watch list. We have tolerated them and their methods for too long. Enough is enough! Call this what you will but I call it incitement.