A Reason to Campaign

By Jace, a Trail Mix Contributor

The history of the Obama Presidency has yet to be written and the final judgment yet to be made.

However Obama’s place in history as a campaigner is firmly in place and most would agree that as a campaigner he has few if any equals. Not only is he good at it, but from all appearances he seems to really enjoy it.

How is it then, that a Republican Senate with a tenuous hold on their majority could possibly believe that a full scale stonewall of Obama’s Supreme Court nominee could have any benefit to them politically? I guess that when your approval rating is somewhat south of Small Pox you have nothing to lose.

I can’t remember a president in my lifetime who has been handed the cover to be so partisan in such a presidential way — by campaigning for his right to appoint a Supreme Court justice, while at the same time making clear that the only way to avoid this impasse is to elect Democrats in general, and a Democrat in particular to the presidency.

No one is better suited to make that case than is President Obama.

For Obama and Democrats, at least in this instance, Republican obstruction may just be the gift that keeps on giving.