I haue plied the Haruest, and stroke when the Yron was hotte.

“Strike while the iron is hot” — This expression is recorded in Richard Edwards’ The excellent comedie of two the moste faithfullest freendes, Damon and Pithias (circa 1566).

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

As I watch this ‘debacle’ — the American Healthcare Act — move through the House like a pig that has been slathered in grease, as the AMA, AHA, AARP oppose the legislation (haven’t heard from the NRA yet), it is often advantageous in understanding WTHIGOH to examine motive.

With that in mind:

Motive #1:  This is a dodge, a scam – an effort to draw attention away from the Trump administration’s liabilities with ties to Russia. (Covering Trump’s behind)

Motive #2:  This is a dodge, a scam – an effort by Republicans to kill any chance of the promised Obamacare repeal; so that Republicans won’t have to deal with the millions of pissed off voters that will lose coverage or even health care. (Covering their own behinds)

Motive #3:  This is an honest attempt to reform/improve Obamacare while taking credit for killing it at the same time. (Staying in office – Covering their own behinds)

Motive #4:  This is an honest attempt to stop freeloading loser Americans from suckling at the teet of the government (you know – get off of their bootstraps), while at the same time funneling billions of dollars to the top 1% of the public. (Paying the rich back for their support)

What say ye?  1, 2, 3, 4 – or perhaps there’s another motive I haven’t listed.

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Now playing: The “Apprentice – the Cabinet Series”

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

In this new series watch as President-elect Trump marches a never-ending series of Republican, conservative politicians and talking heads into the famous Trump Tower set of the “Apprentice” to vie and compete for a small number of White House and U.S. Cabinet positions to run our government.  Starting Sunday November 27th, watch as camera’s go live in the Trump boardroom where potential nominees can be seen arguing policy and pulling out all of the stops to castrate their opponents and destroy the opposition.

Emceed by the soon-to-be former governor of Indiana, watch our prospective leaders be grilled by none other than Ivanka and Eric, of the Trump family.  Sparks will fly, feelings will be hurt – but the viewing public will be tantalized by this “show of shows”.  We’ll also see continuous coverage by the major network and cable media – posting a never-ending “candidate-watch” outside the front doors of the majestic “Big Apple White House”.


Where to watch:  All of your favorite TV and cable networks, online news sources and bogs.

When to watch:  Coverage will be continuous with never-ending post-interview coverage on all of the major entertainment news networks.

Series length:    November 9th, 2016 through January 19th, 2017

Don’t forget to check your phone for ongoing show “teaser tweets” from none-other than the President-elect”

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Who will the Democrats run against in 2020?

Michael Moore recently said he believes that Trump will not last through his first term in office.

trumpwalksAmerican University professor Allan Lichtman, an individual with whom I have great respect (and predicted a Trump win), has also stated that Congress will remove Trump before his first term is over.  Lichtman, author of the “13 keys” system of Presidential predictions, has correctly predicted every winning President since 1984. 

Here’s a link to an interview with Lichtman: http://www.aol.com/article/2016/11/11/a-professor-who-called-trumps-presidency-now-says-it-wont-last/21604240/

Since Congress will be unable to control the Donald, and since the constitution does not indicate that an impeachable offense must take place while a President is in office, and given the fact that Trump is facing numerous court actions in regards to his business(es) – do you think Trump will last through his first term, or will the Democrats be running against President Pence in 2020?

Shall we discuss the debate question?

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

I’ve seen lots of posts and comments about whether or not Clinton should debate Trump.  Now, the common wisdom is that if a candidate is really ahead – they should avoid / diminish the number of debates.  After all, if you are going to win – there’s no upside to debating – only a downside – let’s say you curse at your opponent, or compare yourself to Kennedy, or perhaps misspeak about what territory Russia is controlling!

podiumFearless leader says Clinton should not debate Trump.  I’m leaning in that direction.  I thoroughly believe that the media (whatever that means) is not interested in a debate, a discussion of contrasting ideas on how to solve such major issues like immigration reform, crime in cities, overpopulated prisons, foreign trade agreements, etc. . .  Instead, a media faced with the possibility of an electorate bored with a foregone conclusion, is focused on instigating a cage fight between two septuagenarians.  We won’t see questions about how the United States should handle Syrian refugees, but rather we will see questions about who is the biggest bigot.

In an interesting post, Steve McQuinn from Quora, gives his sage advice to Clinton as to how she should approach the Presidential debates:

“My advice to Hillary:

  1. Do not ever engage Trump directly in verbal exchange, do not respond directly to his provocations. A debate is not a dialog. A shouting match of zingers and putdowns will only depress the turnout.

  2. Keep nonverbal reactions to Trump very subtle and mild. Don’t roll your eyes, just raise your eyebrows. Don’t laugh out loud, just smile wryly. Respond to Trump’s style with a deconstruction of his demagoguery, directed at the audience in terms that show Trump is disrespecting the audience.

  3. Respond to Trump’s misstatements with simple, informative corrections that not only set the record straight, they educate the audience without being condescending. Use down to earth metaphors, analogies, and stories about real people.

  4. Always speak to the audience, not to the moderators, who are mostly interested in provoking spectacle. Everything uttered should be couched as values that serve people. Everything should be a positive assertion of faith in the best of human nature.

  5. When in doubt about how to conduct yourself, ask yourself, “What would Elizabeth Warren do?”

So what say ye Trail Mixers?  Should Clinton debate or not – and what should the strategy be if she decides to?

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Methinks the Roses still smell the same!

By Dvitale300, a Trail Mix Contributor

We all need to take a deep breath about the Trump campaign. The average Trump voter tis not going to change their mind – even if there’s video of Trump shooting someone in Times Square.

What matters is not the 30% on the left (which I would surmise for many of us; a category we fall within), nor the 30% on the right; right-wing bible thumping hate mongering confederate flag waiving mysogonistic homophobes — but rather the 40% in the middle. These are the people that vote according to their pocketbooks, the possibility of a promotion, the status of their health care, whether or not they’re about to go in foreclosure — you know, the current conditions on the ground – the personality, tone and tenor of the candidate, etc.  

sleepyVoterThey are just waking up from their caves — knocking the boulders from the entrance.  Walking into the sunlight after 3 1/2 years, taking a deep breath – licking a finger and thrusting their digit firmly into the wind.

When Trump tells African Americans that if they elect him, 95% of them will support him in the future; skippity dippity do bop!  Nonsense. No one from the African American coalition will jump up screaming “Eureka”!  The press wants us to think so – they get paid according to how many people watch their blabbering.

Fodder from the far right will continue to drip, like a sickly bacteria infested honey, into the gears of this election. The Hindenburg will land successfully when Trump’s “I’m a goooooood boy now” routine falls with positive adorations on anyone who is seriously considering switching their vote.

Trump is merely trying to get back some of the Republicans who have defected from his feeble attempt to be a statesman. But more importantly, he’s trying to give them an excuse to support him.  That’s why he showed up uninvited in Louisiana, to spend a minute passing out toys to the flooded even when asked not to make the trip. He’ll get some of them back — but not merely enough to win this election.

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