Get Real Democrats

Democrats have a choice. Waste your time blaming the Russians, misogynists, racists, whatever — or figure out why you lost voters who chose Obama twice and then abruptly switched to Trump.

Here’s a county that did just that. Basically those voters decided Dems hate them. Figure out a way to change that or sit on your postage stamp of principle and live in defeat.

CNN: How Trump ended Democrats’ 144-year winning streak in one county.

Perhaps Chuck and Nancy should go spend a week in that county. They might learn something.

I mean, really, I spent my last year trying to get Democrats to pay attention to these folks. But Dem bosses called us racists for daring to defend them, drove us out. So many counties lost jobs, replaced by meth labs, and Dems just call them racists for voting against them.

Dems just lost a county they’ve won for 144 years. Can’t someone go find out what went wrong?

Come Home Trail Mixers

A few of our friends here appear to be staying away. We miss you. Yes, I dissed Hillary Clinton and her failed campaign. But that’s just me. Surely you know I’ve never meant this to be a home for views that reflect only my own. Anyone can contribute a post, or publish a comment from any point of view. All I ask is that I be allowed to do the same without assumptions that my view rules the site. So even if you don’t like what some say here come on back and share. We miss you.

God Speed Annie and John

It was my first paying job in presidential politics, going to Alabama for John Glenn. 1984. We got his only double digits in that primary campaign season. Would have won the state, but Gary Hart’s New Hampshire success made him the only anybody-but-Mondale candidate.

His wife Anna (he always called her Annie) was among the finest humans I ever met in politics (other than Elizabeth Edwards and Rosalynn Carter).

I’ll always remember the day we scheduled “Annie” to spend the day campaigning for her husband traveling around Alabama in a motor home. He kissed her good bye that morning and told me, “You get her back safely to me tonight.”

That I did, and I later learned that was the only time in the campaign they had been apart so long. When they reunited that evening you could feel the love.

Thinking of “Annie” tonight.

So Long Joe

I am saddened these are the days to send off Joe Biden. Tributes to him yesterday in the Senate, from both parties, were moving. But still, I wish he had gone further. The guy is real, approachable and authentic amidst so many phonies. Many times I’ve experienced memorable encounters with Biden, from covering his presidential campaigns to hanging out in airports, and I cherish them all. Like the day our flight was horribly delayed and I took a shot at sitting next to him to chat.

We talked about the Supreme Court, and his pivotal role in the Robert Bork hearings, which I had covered. He said, “We dodged a bullet on that one, but took so many more.”

Yep, he got that right.

The Clinton/DNC mafia forced him aside in 2016, a sad and disgusting truth that will someday be told.

Those arrogant fools ridiculed hum as a joke. But the joke is on them.

Would Joe Biden have lost the entire Rust Belt?