Texas Has a Lot of Cattle and Even More Bull

House Bill 1925 would make camping in an unapproved public place a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500.”

“If the bill becomes law, it will mark the latest instance of the Republican-led state government overruling local ordinances.“

Directing the homeless to resources sounds commendable, but are resources plentiful and will this just be a way to harass folks who already have a pretty tough row to hoe? Where is the affordable housing? This is a right-to-work state, meaning wages are low. Where is the mental health assistance? Where is healthcare? Republicans squash any attempt to increase Medicaid.

Meanwhile, another place has taken a more kindly approach to what Texas legislators refer to as “camping.”

“Go ahead and vote me out,” says Schwedhelm, recounting his mindset at the time. “You want to shout at me and get angry? Go ahead. It’s important for government to listen, but the reality is these are our neighbors, so let’s help them.”

Only Serious Candidates Need Apply

At any level of government, it would be commendable if candidates actually started at the bottom and worked their way up…or at least had the chops to handle the job.

Some of the names being floated for various offices don’t seem to have any actual interest in doing the job or any idea how to do the job.   It’s very different to have a stance on an issue and the understanding and ability to work within the parameters of government to make it happen. 

Being elected is not a magic lamp where you get what you want.  It’s a job interview and now you have to do the work.

It started with electing military heroes who had had a certain skill set which included the ability to strategize and lead. 

But then came a new kind of fame and we were served unwelcome helpings of Ronald Regan and He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

What’s next on the political sideshow menu?

Kaitlyn Jenner (athlete and reality show figure) How does that qualify her to govern a state?

Dan Rodimer (pro-wrestler from NJ who lost an election in NV, so he ran (and lost) in TX this month, after holding a “Wrestle For Your Rights” event. I mention him because I doubt that this will be his last bid for election. 

Duane “The Rock” Johnson (pro-wrestler and actor, who said he would run for POTUS if the polling showed people wanted him to run) What would he do if he actually got elected? 

Matthew McConaughey (actor, possibly running for TX Governor, although nobody knows where he stands politically) Qualifications?   *Meanwhile, Beto O’Rourke is doing community action after the storm, while the guy he lost to fled the country,  and, he was knocking on doors before the state and local elections this spring, but he wasn’t even a candidate.

That doesn’t mean someone can’t be in the entertainment industry and hold elected office, it just shouldn’t be their only qualification.  No matter what you thought of their stance on issues, Al Franken and Fred Thompson were actually suited to hold office.

How can the free publicity of being a celebrity be mitigated?

ps – Thanks to Mark Cuban’s family for pumping the breaks on any ideas about a presidential run. A good man, but he can do more good as a businessman.