Pictures are memories preserved for the future

A project which has been on hold for a decade or so is finally under way.  Scanning to digital storage thousands of 35mm slides, printed pictures, negatives and assorted other forms of pictures has started.  Mine go back at about sixty-five years. 

A scanner which can do the work is a necessity.  I used to have one, but that was in 1999 or 2000 and it is long gone.  At the time many scanners came with holders for slides and negatives, but as the digital photographic grew, the need to scan film decreased.  I bought one of the few scanners available today.

So many memories are captured in those slides and negatives.  Many very good memories waiting to be visited.  And, those pictures are so important to revive long ago views.

When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.

 “Live your life in a manner so that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.” – Native American Proverb

During our lifetimes we say goodbye to many people, family, friends and those we only know by name and fame.  This is natural and normal.  Death takes all of us at some time in our lives.

Those of us who have seen a lot of loops around the Sun start noticing the increase of “names” as we keep living our lives.  The slope of life makes sure of this.  The longer the slope the more names we recognize with the R.I.P. after them.  Of course, this does have some limits, if you have completed almost one hundred loops, there are very few close friends left around to celebrate another year of breathing.

Now is the time for Baby Boomers to start popping up daisies in the fields.  We were a large bulge in the expansion of population following WWII.  We also had a great number of names who had fame.  Some, like Soupy Sales, were of a previous generation.  Some, such as John Belushi, are of the Baby Boomer generation.  We mourned their passing a while ago.

Now we are starting to see the end of the last generation leaving us and an increasing number of our own generation too.  Just by having a large number of Boomers means we are going to see a lot of names in the obituaries and even the front page, and it will increase for years after us early ones have left the playing field.

I salute the very last of the Greatest Generation, my mother, the Silent Generation, and the first wave of the Baby Boomer Generation.  Long may you live.

I don’t care if they respect me, so long as they fear me.

— Caligula

August 9, 1974 Nixon resigns.

We kept the newspapers and put them in special bags to keep them for posterity.  The shock and the importance of the event was so hard to believe.  There was nothing to reference in our lives for this event.

Those newspapers moved around the country with us, always a reminder of a tremendous event.  If only we knew to keep more than one copy of each newspaper.

This week has shaken many of us more than watching Tricky Dick waving his stupid fingers as he entered the helicopter.

As close to a disaster Nixon had brought us, it is nothing like what the idiot and imbecile is doing.  He directed an attack on the Congress, the Vice President and the Speaker of the House.  He had tried to cause damage if not death to the people who are supposed to be in place for succession of the government.

The Executive Branch put together an attack on the Legislative Branch of the U.S. government.  The only reason the coup d’état failed is because the idiot failed to create a usable military unit which could capture or kill the Congress and the Vice President.  Due to his narcissistic brain he could not pass command to someone, such as a former general named Flynn, who could create a unit capable of taking over the Capitol building.

I am not saving the newspapers now.  Going forward the Internet will record what is happening.

The new impeachment is a real one.  This time it is to impeach a president who tried to  become a dictator.

There is a list of things Im not allowed to discuss at the dinner table!

I am extraordinarily passionate about the Black Death, which is not something most people are into. – – Mira Grant

After WWII America went on a great buying and building spree.  The pent up demand for new cars, new clothes, new radios and the new fangled television sets blew up all sorts of economic plans.  All that also had everybody wanting to get out of the parents house or apartment and get their own.  Most of the world was damaged and relied on the U.S. to supply the basics of life.  There were babies to be born and schools to be built.  The economic growth was fantastic.

As the rest of the world recovered they too joined in the economic wonderment of the post war life.  Most not all though.  The Soviet Union went on its own path.  As did Communist China.  But Japan and Korea set a pace that was great.

What will we see after enough people are vaccinated?  What number will be “enough people”? Will there be war to “capture” vaccine for a country?

I need a couple of new refrigerators, but I will wait for President Biden to sort through the rubble of what SFB caused to international trade before committing.  I just bought a new truck and new computer (a lot of separate parts to build one).  The prices are good right now because of the lack of competition for those. I might sell my house as I do have a retirement home I am rebuilding and can move into it. But, I probably will wait to do that.

We can be assured that any recovery will take years to happen as it will take years to achieve a large enough immunity to make it safe to get out and about. I have seen several happy talk (bs talk) about how fast the U.S. will reover once there is a vaccine. It will take years to vaccinate enough people. Back when the polio vaccine was brought to the public we had pancake breakfasts where the vaccine was given out. We cannot do that with this as we have to take care that infected people do not spread the virus. It will take time.

The Last Great White Whale

Is the orange narcissist the last hope for a white America? Maybe for some (forty-two percent). We have already moved to the non-white majority in several areas of the country and approaching with great speed for the nation as a whole. This does not sit well with a lot of people.

The reaction has been building for several years. White supremacists have killed many Americans during the last decade in an attempt to foment a revolution putting them back in power. They do not see themselves in power anymore. They have to share that power with co-workers who are not white and male. The jobs they had are in China, or Vietnam or Ghana.

Their concept of religion is woman as a breeder, similar to cattle, and the male being in charge – of everything. They cover their world by hijacking a religious name, but only as a general topping. They do not adhere to the religious teachings, quite the opposite in many situations.

At this time white males dominate all political power structures so that is not the goal. It is pushing non-white people back into the shadows. It is pushing LGBTQ people back in the closet. It is to put women back in girdles and petticoats, cooking dinner for the man of the house. Power is only good if there is someone under you.

What has to happen is the Democrats must find a way to bring jobs to areas of the country where the old Industrial Age jobs have moved away or shrank to floor sweepers under the robots. The people who feel powerless because they think their jobs are being stolen have to be provided with decent living, which includes new generation jobs.