Here will be an old abusing of God’s patience and the king’s English.

The Merry Wives of Windsor, Shakespeare  

Something not talked about, mainly because SFB is being covered, is that in many locations around the country the virus is still on the up slope of the bell curve.  In many areas, including where I live, this is approaching the highest risk of infection period.  I do not want to go outside for more than picking up the newspaper and mail or a quick drive to the liquor store for more critical supplies.

   No walks right now, unless the weather is cold, wet and very windy.  I am in the high risk category for being old, having a compromised immune system, pneumonia a couple times and other issues.  Am I afraid?  No.  I am looking at risk, at the odds, at what things I can do to minimize infection with this beastie.

  We live in a very different world then we did in January.  This world is nasty.  It might not kill everyone, but it is doing serious damage to some.  Health decisions will be made now that were not on the table a month or two ago.

  We are essentially in an economic depression.  As many, or more, people are out of work and businesses shut down as during the Great Depression. The people of these United States will be making a decision about the direction of America this fall. 

Do we go to a dictatorship, the Constitution be damned? Or do we clean out the dregs of republicanism and move to a more modern form of being a republic?

  Will we be more like Finland than Russia?  There is a stark difference between them. One is almost a dictatorship, the other is run by women and is capitalistic. Do we get an FDR or a Putin?

Steamed Broccoli or Seared Asparagus?

When you go to a restaurant the menu often gives you a choice between two or more items. The vegetables, the bread, the starch even how the protein is handled, braised, fried or blackened .  Choices go to buying a car, it comes in ninety-nine colors or your custom color.  Well, it seems there is a diversion brewing, in Republican minds at least, that the Congress can censure the orange guy instead of impeachment.

What does censuring do?  Nothing really.  It is like have a teacher in an elementary school writing a note saying you wrote on the restroom wall.  And, the school is in some state you never have visited.  It is a footnote to your life that no one sees or bothers with.

What does impeachment do?  A lot.  Your name is forever forced to live next to BJ Clinton. Even if you are one who has sex with a pro while your wife is feeding a baby.  Impeachment is the Grand grand jury of the House. People with serious thought and questions who will decide if you get to go to trial in the Senate. 

Just being considered for impeachment adds your name to the list of people like Nixon.  But, in this case Nixon is being rehabilitated because the lout in the White House is so much worse.  Yet, the very same people pushing censure are defending self-admitted crimes.  The guy admits to criminal activity and the greedy old perverts are prostrating themselves to do some serious boot licking. 

Give me impeachment AND censure!

‘War is Hell’

— William T Sherman

I have been trying to think of what our issues are by age bracket. Having done a bit of reading about the generations and how we interact or fail to interact left me thinking about the current mess America is in. I don’t have the perfect answer, in fact my thinking may be so far out of reality it may only be good for causing a discussion about how weird my brain is.

Probably the most important division between my generation and that of the dictator wannabe, Biden and Warren, is that we are steeped in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, with Western Asia (Iraq and Afghanistan) to top it off. We grew up with tales of WWI and II. Many of us with varying degrees of other countries. For instance, my relatives fought the Soviets in Finland 1939 through 1944. Other relatives fought the Germans in WWI and WWII. Other cousins of mine are Vietnam veterans.

We fought the Cold War in many ways. Some of us up close and personal, others taught how to duck and cover. It affects us to this day whether we want to admit it or not.

All of this influences my thinking about global conflict. Harris and Kobluchar are the children of Vietnam era parents. The younger candidates of only the Bush Wars.

All know of the attacks on America that occurred eighteen years ago, the anniversary we just observed (one which the idiot made into his own fantasy world). They understand the global conditions of intertwined commerce. Not the America makes what the world eats and drives commerce fifty and sixty years ago.

In a way I would have preferred to not have a possible Russian agent running our country. I do have the feeling that Putin may not have influence in the strange world that stupid lives in.

How does this influence our preferences of candidates? I think we have poll results which show my generation more than the younger generations. My children are approaching middle aged. My grandchildren are almost of voting age. They only know a world of chaos and hate by the current president. How do we teach them that there used to be more rational representation in the Congress and the White House? I say we teach them starting now by not installing grandmother or grandfather (great-grandmother or great-grandfather) in either institution.

Marvin The Martian Says Hello

Be careful about this sudden move to public attack over “anti-Semitic”.  SFB and his cult are also supporters of the Saudi attack on humanity.  These soulless beings will use any twist to appear to be leading.  Antifa as the terrorists when it is the white supremacists/naziis/kkk who are killing people in America.  Hate against peace.  Always going to hate.  Never to peace.

Silos or Sewage Pits?

By Blue Bronc, a Trail Mix Contributor

I decided to watch some republican lite MSNBC.  I combined that with a bit of a read of the political section of WashPo, and a bit of online news sites.  There is so much happening that it is hard to separate major focal points and links between. 

I think a reporter would be good to create silos (not my favorite model) of the corruption, the actors involved and the links if any between them.  Generally silos are considered to prevent organizations from sharing data and creating inefficiencies. But, under the deliberate chaos of the simpleton administration the various actions are combined like a pile of spaghetti causing all to lose track of what is going on. By breaking out the various crimes, actions and actors we have a clear view of all of the individual issues.

Looking at the guy and his government shutdown as one silo, the actors are WH players, McConnell and Speaker Pelosi.  The silo contains national and international economies; federal employees, contractors, and local businesses (eateries, fuel stations, trains, clothes cleaners etc); federal agencies.  What does it link to?  Mueller, yes if his investigation runs out of money.  Maybe contracts to something about border security.

But overall there are few solid links to anything beyond the WH and Congress because the shutdown was an isolated action. Beginning and ending the shutdown does not change what the Russians have done or are doing. It does not affect court cases such as the Cohen’s.

Another silo could be money laundering by Trump Jr. Another would be emoluments cases by the illegitimate president. There are many other actions which if separated from the scrum we would see them and who is involved.