Only five months to G.O.d.V.

Note the small “d” is for democracy, not for

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  1. speaking of dumb, who’s the guy who pre-posted about the verdict?  or could it have been planted by putie’s pals?

    Judge in Trump case notifies lawyers about social media post claiming knowledge of jury verdict (

    The judge in Donald Trump’s Manhattan hush money case notified lawyers on both sides about a social media post alleging that one of the jurors who convicted the former president may have spoken about the verdict two days before it was rendered.
    New York State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan’s letter, sent both to Trump’s primary defense lawyer Todd Blanche and Manhattan District Attorney Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass, is brief – and essentially notifies them of a comment posted to the Facebook page of the New York state court system.
    The judge’s letter did not comment on the veracity of the post.
    “Today, the Court became aware of a comment that was posted on the Unified Court System’s public Facebook page and which I now bring to your attention. In the comment, the user, ‘Michael Anderson,’ states: ‘My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted. Thank you folks for all your hard work!!!!”
    The posting also included a party emoji and a heart emoji, suggesting that the purported poster was happy with the verdict.
    “The comment, now labeled as one week old, responded to a routine UCS notice, posted on May 29, 2024, regarding oral arguments” in an unrelated case in the court’s Appellate Division, Merchan wrote.
    The Manhattan jury voted unanimously on May 31 – two days after that – to convict the former president of falsifying business records to hide a hush money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Trump is the first former U.S. president convicted of a crime.
    In his letter, Merchan did not comment on the veracity of the posting or say whether he believes Anderson is a relative of one of the jurors or even a real person. He also did not say whether his description of the posting as “one week old” meant it was actually posted after the verdict, which came down on a Thursday, a week and a day before his letter. And Merchan did not say if court officials were taking any steps to address or investigate it.
    Some journalists and former prosecutors immediately shot down the premise that the poster was related to a juror and had heard information about a pending verdict.
    MSNBC legal correspondent Katie Phang posted on X, formerly Twitter, that someone identifying himself as Michael Anderson admitted to being “a professional sh*tposter,” or someone who likes to use social media posts to cause trouble, “derail discussions or cause the biggest reaction with the least effort.”
    Former federal prosecutor Joyce White Vance said Merchan was “smart to advise the parties” about the issue now.
    “If it’s someone posting with no basis for it as it appears, the record will be clear … & if there’s something to it, good to get it out & do justice,” Vance posted on X.
    “Why does a clear record matter? Because Trump will raise this on appeal to argue for reversal,” Vance wrote. “Now, both sides have notice of this issue & there’s an opportunity to get all of the details & facts out so that if there is nothing to this, it won’t affect the appeal.”
    Some Trump supporters immediately circulated news of the posting to claim, without evidence, that Trump didn’t receive a fair trial.
    Right-wing agitator Laura Loomer included a screenshot of Merchan’s letter in a post on X, formerly Twitter, saying that the news means Trump “could now be entitled to a mistrial because the jury pool was tainted and compromised.”
    Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, a staunch Trump supporter, wrote on X that the incident suggested that, “The fix was in from the beginning” for Trump. Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee described it as “Mistrial fodder” on X.

  2. and speaking of the convicted doing jail time

    Prison in America is a taxpayer-funded criminal mentorship program. It doesn’t incentivize people to stay out of trouble after they get out – it actually does the opposite.

  3. Be interesting to see whether the court’s (or FBI) IT folks can track down “Michael Anderson”. Ms. Bronc, what do you say about that?  

  4. DNC targets Trump campaign rally with ‘convicted white-collar crook’ billboard | Donald Trump | The Guardian

    The ad, paid for by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), is the latest indication that the party is ready to become more aggressive in capitalising on last month’s guilty verdict in New York.
    “Trump was a disaster for Nevada’s economy,” says the billboard, which will be displayed in Las Vegas, where Trump is due to speak on Sunday. “Now he’s back. A convicted white-collar crook. Coddling billionaires, leaving workers behind.”

  5. Race Time 6:15 EDT



    Seize the Grey |8-1 – Jamie

    Resilience | 10-1 – Stugeone, Bronc

    Mystik Dan |  5-1 – Patd, Jack

    Wine Steward |  15-1 – Pogo, Craig

    Antiquarian |  12-1

    Dornoch | 15-1 – Ivy Green

    Protective |  20-1

    Honor Marie|  12-1

    Sierra Leone | 9-5 – Renee

    Mindframe | 7-2

  6. Just noticed that while I was out of town Nikki won DC primary this week with 63% of the vote to Pumpkin Head’s 33%, got 19 delegates. (Btw, she still hasn’t told her 100+ delegates to vote for him)

  7. Thanks, Jamie, for corralling us for the Belmont. 
    In Nashville for CMA Fest. Going to the Grand ‘Ol Opry. May miss seeing the actual race but will look out for results. Congrats in advance to our winner, if we have one. 

  8. This is a remarkable parting shot…

    Retiring federal judge issues a stark warning about the Supreme Court

    Judge David Tatel writes that he stepped down from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in January in part because he was tired of having his work reviewed “by a Supreme Court that seemed to hold in such low regard the principles to which I’ve dedicated my life.”

    Free link…



  9. neither could he pass muster for even the lowest level classified intelligence at this time.  can’t see how once he’s officially the GOP nominee, the spooks will share info as usual to the candidate.

  10. …getting FoxNews pushed down my throat by the news-aggregator, holy **** if Murdoch and spawn ain’t trying to start a civil war on behalf of Putin 😬 
    Deport him

    (it’s annual willfully-ignorant anti-Pride month over there to compliment their standard daily race-baiting)

  11. FoxNews: We Report (Shit That Doesn’t Effect You), You (Don’t Have the Critical Thinking Skills to) Decide. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 

  12. Depending upon people being smart enough to recognize evil propaganda when they see it is not working.   That’s a real pain in the ass. 

  13. It’s all Fox all the time & neighbors have many orange idiot flags.  Can y’all hear my eyes rolling?

  14. …point is that the trumpies in all of our lives are being hypnotized by sophisticated means (influenced by foreign agents), and at some point one should have compassion for the junkie and go after the pusher, eh?

  15. Thanks for the mazel tovs. Didn’t see that horse coming. Wish I had seen the race. 

    Great night at the Grand Ole Opry. Lorrie Morgan honored for 40 years as a Grand Ole Opry member. Don Schlitz performed and wowed the house. Much more, including Josh Turner wearing an Alabama tee shirt.  Night y’all.


    “The daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin rarely make public appearances, but this week they took part in panels at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.”
    “Tikhonova, who is a tech executive, made a video appearance on Thursday at a forum about ensuring the “technological sovereignty” of the military-industrial complex. She was listed in the forum’s list of speakers as the general director of the National Intellectual Development Foundation (NIDF).”

    Do you suppose Poo-tin or Orange Adolf was the better parent? 

    Up all night with a thunderstorm.

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