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D-Day: Zelensky and veteran call each other ‘hero’ (

A D-Day veteran told Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky that he is “the saviour of the people” when they met at a ceremony in France to mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings on Thursday.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced the World War Two survivor to Mr Zelensky. They hugged and posed for a picture together and both called each other a “hero”.


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  1. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy shared an emotional moment with a veteran during a D-Day ceremony in Normandy, France on Thursday. The veteran, who also met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, kissed Zelenskyy’s hand and told him he was the “saviour of the people.” Zelenskyy, who embraced the veteran and held his hand, kneeled to be at the same level as they exchanged a few words.

  2. Zelensky Shares Emotional Moment With U.S. Veteran at D-Day Ceremony – The New York Times (

    The emotional exchange was broadcast on large screens to applause from the thousands who had gathered at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, on Thursday to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings. And then it swiftly reverberated across the internet.
    An American World War II veteran in a blue cap, seated in a wheelchair with a blue blanket draped over his lap, was introduced to President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine by Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister.
    “You’re the savior of the people,” the veteran, Melvin Hurwitz, 99, of Frederick, Md., told Mr. Zelensky after pulling the Ukrainian leader into an embrace. “You bring tears to my eyes.”
    “No, no, no, you saved Europe,” Mr. Zelensky responded.
    “You’re our hero,” Mr. Hurwitz, whose identity was confirmed by a great-niece, Sarah Hurwitz Robey, said moments later, as Mr. Zelensky knelt next to him for a photograph.
    “No, you are our hero,” the president replied.
    The moment captured a worldwide audience that had cast its attention to the Normandy beaches and to the men who clambered ashore there on June 6, 1944, helping to turn the tide of World War II after five years of conflict. Those who are still living are in their late 90s or over 100 now.
    As the spotlight shone on those men, there was something remarkable about one veteran expressing similar admiration for the Ukrainian leader, who is leading the resistance to a modern-day invasion.
    Their embrace mirrored a connection that President Biden made explicit in his remarks at the ceremony, in which he cast the allied effort to repel the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an extension of the battle for freedom in Europe that unfolded on Normandy’s beaches eight decades ago.
    “We know the dark forces that these heroes fought against 80 years ago,” Mr. Biden said, addressing a crowd of thousands, including 180 surviving veterans of the D-Day operation, near the graves of 9,388 American service members.
    “They never fade,” Mr. Biden added. “Aggression and greed, the desire to dominate and control, to change borders by force — these are perennial. The struggle between dictatorship and freedom is unending.”
    Ms. Hurwitz Robey said she first learned about her great-uncle’s meeting with Mr. Zelensky from a friend who sent her the video on Thursday. She said that Mr. Hurwitz was in Normandy on behalf of the Best Defense Foundation, a nonprofit group that organizes battlefield reunions for World War II veterans.
    According to the foundation, Mr. Hurwitz was assigned to the U.S. Eighth Air Force and served as a radio gunner on a B-17, the massive bomber known as the Flying Fortress.

  3. President Biden visited France to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the former president told Fox News how much he hates drugs and smoking, and Stephen looks into the meaty details of Sen. Bob Menendez’s bribery trial.


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    The NBA Finals kick off with Game #1 between the Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks, President Biden was in Normandy today to remember our great heroes on the 80th anniversary of D-Day, Trump took to Truth Social for his own tribute, Donny is in California this weekend for a fundraiser in Beverly Hills that costs $250,000 dollars a person, he was literally foaming at the mouth in excitement, he whittled his running mate list down to four contenders, another impact of his many felony convictions is that he loses his license to carry a concealed weapon, a funeral home in Tonawanda is having some neighbor-trouble, and Guillermo gives his full report from Boston at NBA Media Day!

  4. from u-boats then to nuclear subs now slinking along our coasts, things never seem to change that much

    Russia nuclear-powered submarine to visit Cuba amid rising tensions with US | Russia | The Guardian

    A Russian nuclear-powered submarine – which will not be carrying nuclear weapons – will visit Havana next week, Cuba’s communist authorities have announced, amid rising tensions with the US over the war in Ukraine.
    The nuclear submarine Kazan and three other Russian naval vessels, including the missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov, an oil tanker and a salvage tug, will dock in the Cuban capital from 12-17 June, Cuba’s ministry of the revolutionary armed forces said in a statement.
    “None of the vessels is carrying nuclear weapons, so their stopover in our country does not represent a threat to the region,” the ministry said.
    The announcement came a day after US officials said that Washington had been tracking Russian warships and aircraft that were expected to arrive in the Caribbean for a military exercise. They said the exercise would be part of a broader Russian response to US support for Ukraine.
    The US officials said that the Russian military presence was notable but not concerning. However, it comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested that Moscow could take “asymmetrical steps” elsewhere in the world in response to President Joe Biden’s decision to allow Ukraine to use US-provided weapons to strike inside Russia to protect Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city.
    The unusual deployment of the Russian military so close to the US – particularly the powerful submarine – comes amid major tensions over the war in Ukraine, where the western-backed government is fighting a Russian invasion. The Russian vessels’ visit to Cuba will also overlap with Biden’s visit to the G7 leaders summit in Italy.
    Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel met with Putin last month for the annual 9 May military parade on Red Square outside the Kremlin.
    During the cold war, Cuba was an important client state for the Soviet Union. The deployment of Soviet nuclear missile sites on the island triggered the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, when Washington and Moscow came close to war.
    Relations between Russia and Cuba have become closer since a 2022 meeting between Diaz-Canel and Putin.
    During the Russian fleet’s arrival at the port of Havana, 21 salvoes will be fired from one of the ships as a salute to the nation, which will be reciprocated by an artillery battery from Cuba’s revolutionary armed forces, the foreign ministry said.

  5. I enjoy the authentic patriotism that comes forth on D-Day. Perhaps being so close to Memorial Day, it takes on a more somber tone these days as the last of the greatest generation live their waning years. The Vietnam Vets too, we see them in their caps and pins, an opportunity for us to ask about their service and thank them. They’re ready to talk now.

  6. Attribution: 80th Anniversary of D-Day by Bruce Plante,

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  8. That Zelensky moment with vet was special. Glad Biden doing another D-Day speech today, this trip looks great despite the bogus RNC video editing fraud falsely alleging he had trouble sitting down.


    US economy adds more jobs than expected in May. Labor market added 272,000 jobs, significantly more than the 180,000 expected by economists.

  10. Ivy – Growing up the WWI vets were the old and dying. Later it was the WWII vets old and dying. Then the Korean vets, now it is us the Vietnam era vets.  When we were in Vietnam we were also in Germany to keep Berlin and stop the russian advance (NATO). We were in Korea to keep South Korea safe.  We were all over South-East Asia (SEATO).  I was reminded a couple days ago that I was among the last trained for Vietnam, those USAF after me trained for Europe and fighting russians.
    Although a lot of words are said about active duty and veterans, we are still a tiny number of Americans. The LGBTQ community is a larger percentage, 10% to 6%.

  11. Bronc

    My son just turned 61 and he was in that group that followed you serving first in Germany and then the middle east.



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  13. I cannot believe anyone would vote for SFB.    He is the worst president ever.

  14. Blue Bronc, the Vet yesterday seemed pleased to be asked about his service and especially his ship. They are having a big reunion that they are preparing for. 
    When I was very young I met a veteran of the Spanish American War. He set me on my way to appreciate the stories. 
    Thanks for your shares. 

  15. That Zelensky moment with vet was special.

    We can’t let them lose.
    Slava Ukraine 🌻

  16. Mary Trump wrote about her father Fred, Jr. as the only member of the family who enlisted in the armed forces. They all thought he was a loser for it.

  17. I think Hunter might be the rare case for defendant testifying. The evidence of a technical crime committed is so overwhelming, but could be overcome by sympathetic testimony persuading nullification. Jury could say sure he’s guilty but piling on a drug addict who did no harm is just unfair.

  18. Usually, the charge against Hunter is only used as an add-on charge in connection with a gun felony.  The gun was never used.  Certainly, jury nullification is a strong possibility.


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