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  1. Biden, world leaders and veterans mark D-Day’s 80th anniversary in France (msn.com)

    COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER, France — President Biden will join world leaders in Normandy on Thursday to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a somber setting where he plans to draw a link between the historic fight to defeat the Nazis and the modern-day battles against authoritarianism.
    “Today, in 2024, 80 years later, we see dictators once again attempting to challenge the order, attempting to march in Europe,” he told reporters Wednesday, adding that “freedom-loving nations need to rally to stand against that as we have.”
    The president, who arrived in Paris on Wednesday morning and spent the day behind closed doors, began his visit to Normandy by greeting World War II veterans who participated in the D-Day landings, including some who are more than 100 years old.
    He will also give brief remarks at the D-Day Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony, where he plans to compare World War II’s fight against tyranny to the modern-day effort to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assault on Ukraine.
    Later Thursday, Biden will join first lady Jill Biden for a wreath-laying at the Normandy American Cemetery. Finally, the Bidens will attend the International Ceremony at Omaha Beach, where several top dignitaries — including French President Emmanuel Macron — are also expected to pay tribute to the troops who helped carry out the largest naval, air and land assault ever. Despite high casualties, the operation helped establish the U.S. military as the world’s premier fighting force and deepened global alliances that have endured for eight decades.
    Despite the fanfare, Biden has kept a relatively low profile since arriving in France. He held no public events Wednesday and planned to be a spectator for most of Thursday’s memorial events, speaking only briefly to the gathered crowd.
    Biden plans to return to Normandy on Friday to give remarks directed at the American people. That speech, the White House said, will focus on “the importance of defending freedom and democracy.”

  2. Stephen looks into a newspaper exposé on President Biden’s age, Republicans are faking outrage over the President’s executive order on immigration, and the website for the Republican National Convention displayed a photo of Ho Chi Minh City instead of the host city Milwaukee

  3. My hat is off to the brave kids who participated in the D-Day operation 80 years ago. We owe to them our gratitude for enabling us to grow up in this country as it has been following the war they participated in to vanquish the evil that was Nazi Germany and its evil allies. To those who gave us this gift I offer my thanks. We can never repay our debt to you. 

  4. Let me know if I missed anyone.

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  5. Biden gave a live speech that was coherent, pertinent, and emotional.  So much for being mentally or physically incompetent.  


  6. If I wasn’t stuck in court I’d be campaigning!

    Trump’s Public schedule

    FRI – GOLF

    SAT – GOLF

    SUN – GOLF

    MON – GOLF


    WED – GOLF

  7. Let me echo Pogo’s sentiment on those who fought on D-Day.
    Love that button on the preachers lapel Pat…

  8. NYT: The shift was especially pronounced among the young, nonwhite and disengaged Democratic-leaning voters who have propelled Mr. Trump to a lead in the early polls.

    NYT: “The shift was especially pronounced among the young, nonwhite and disengaged Democratic-leaning voters who have propelled Mr. Trump to a lead in the early polls.”

  9. All of my uncles saw heavy combat but all save one were in the South Pacific.  The one was a demolitions expert in what became the Air Force but not sure where he was but in Europe somewhere.  My dad left B’ham to be a welder in the shipyard thus only getting drafted in time to miss the boat bound for what became Occupied Japan.  He’d fixed Gen Stillwell’s telephone and the war was over so Stillwell just had him sent home, no harm, no foul.

  10. This year is the eightieth since the invasion to northern France.  My father-in-law was supposed to be in the invasion of France in early June 1944, but in the south.  It was delayed until August 1944.  We talked some about his life in WWII, from landing in Northern Africa to Sicily to Italy to France and Germany.  He never talked to his daughter about the real world of combat.
    All the men I knew who were on the beaches this day so long ago are now passed.  They had terrible things in their dreams for life.  They made it home, a couple of them left the battle the same day, I even got to use the crutches one man had after I sprained an ankle.  Others made it days and months.  A few made it to Germany then home.
    All of them did not want their children and grandchildren to have to go through it again.

  11. BREAKING: Steve Bannon has been ordered to turn himself into prison on July 1. By delaying his 4-month sentence he will now be in prison almost to election day. Here’s hoping he is denied internet access!

  12. Clarence Thomas took in $4 million in gifts over the last 20 years. That’s a total haul 5.6x larger than the other 16 justices combined.

  13. sturge, my dad also went to work in the shipyards, but that didn’t keep him from being one of the war wounded — he died of asbestosis (nowadays known as mesothelioma) directly due to the exposure.

  14. “You take the lies out of him, and he’ll shrink to the size of your hat; you take the malice out of him, and he’ll disappear.”
    Mark Twain

    Was that a threat of nukes from his handler, Putin? Has Vlad abandoned him?

  15. https://www.cnn.com/2024/06/06/health/xylitol-heart-attack-stroke-wellness/index.html
    “When you eat sugar, your glucose level may go up 10% or 20% but it doesn’t go up a 1,000-fold…”
    “We gave healthy volunteers a typical drink with xylitol to see how high the levels would get and they went up 1,000-fold…”
    In 2023, the same researchers found similar results for another low-calorie sweetener called erythritol, which is used as a bulking sugar in stevia, monkfruit and keto reduced-sugar products.”
    “Additional lab and animal research presented in both papers revealed erythritol and xylitol may cause blood platelets to clot more readily. Clots can break off and travel to the heart, triggering a heart attack, or to the brain, triggering a stroke.”
    In the new study  on xylitol, “differences in platelet behavior were seen even after a person consumed a modest quantity of xylitol in a drink typical of a portion consumed in real life…”

  16. Pat, my dad escaped asbestos the hard way—after losing his right leg below the knee in a welding accident in ‘48, they transferred him to office work. He did real well at the office work.   Like a one-legged duck takes to water.

  17. Ah, mesothelioma – last of the great basic-cable class-action lawsuit solicitations
    …and xylitol!  What gum do i chew NOW?? 😭

  18. Bronc

    My uncle was a radio man who traveled that North Africa to Italy to Europe campaign.  The other two  uncles were in Europe and South Pacific and a POW.  My dad was stateside until almost the end.  When asked what he did, he always answered, “I audited it.”  

  19. Did a couple of years of toxic tort defense.  “basic-cable class-action lawsuits solicitations” is a great description.  Great gig for the plaintiffs’ attorneys. Big dollars fast and there’s literally no plausible defense if the meso is confirmed. Not to worry, Bink.  There’s always stuff out there that can serve as class action basics – talcum powder, exploding air bags, birth injuries… the list goes on.  Meso goes away when the trust funds are depleted.

    For the Belmont I’m going for long odds and cool name.  I’ve never had much luck with the favorites, so WTH?

    I envy your seafood extravaganza, Renee.  I really miss fresh seafood, particularly fresh halibut.  

    Joe did put on another good performance today.  Good speech delivered well.  Dumbass on the other hand…moron. He’s obviously not trying to go for the youth vote – they don’t know from nuclear threats.

  20. Liz Cheney on The View today:

    “There are some conservatives who are trying to make this claim that somehow Biden is a bigger risk than Trump. I disagree with a lot of Joe Biden’s policies. We can survive bad policies. We can not survive torching the Constitution.”

  21. “Meso goes away when the trust funds are depleted.”

    pogo, since no one in the family heard about the class action until after all his old records and picture of one of the johns mansville ships daddy helped build in glaveston during the war were lost, we never got his share of the trust fund.  probably a bunch of folk out there like that so the ad lives on for awhile longer. 

  22. Pat, thank you for your dad’s service and for today’s thread. Speaking of ships built in Texas, our seat-mate on our flight today was a Navy Vietnam Vet who served aboard this ship. I googled it from the name on his ball cap. We had a nice chat with him. So many stories out there if we take time to listen. 

    USS Brinkley Bass was named for Lieutenant CommanderHarry Brinkley Bass(1916–1944), who was killed in action when his plane crashed in combat during the invasion of southern Franceon 20 August 1944.[1]The destroyer was laid down by theConsolidated Steel CorporationatOrange, Texas on 20 December 1944, launched on 26 May 1945 by Mrs. Percy Bass, mother of Lt. Cmdr. Bass and commissioned on 1 October 1945.


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