If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another*

*Roseanne Roseannadanna: “It just goes to show ya, it’s always something.”

Attribution: One More Thing to Worry About by Jeff Koterba


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  1. Forget the worms, what about all those storms?

    The largest solar storm in decades is slamming into the Earth : NPR

    Planet Earth is getting rocked by the biggest solar storm in decades.
    Late Friday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared that the Earth was experiencing a G5, or “Extreme,” geomagnetic storm. This is the first G5 storm to hit the planet since 2003.
    NOAA warns several waves of flares will slam into the Earth over the next few hours and days, potentially disrupting communications and navigation, triggering power outages and damaging satellites. The 2003 eventbriefly knocked out power in part of Sweden and damaged electrical transformers in South Africa.
    Depending on the orientation of the storm’s magnetic field it could induce unexpected electrical currents in long-distance power lines — those currents could cause safety systems to flip, triggering temporary power outages in some areas.
    The storm is also likely to disrupt the ionosphere, a section of Earth’s atmosphere filled with charged particles. Some long-distance radio transmissions use the ionosphere to “bounce” signals around the globe, and those signals will likely be disrupted. The particles may also refract and otherwise scramble signals from the global positioning system, according to Rob Steenburgh, a space scientist with NOAA. Those effects can linger for a few days after the storm.
    Steenburgh says it’s unclear just how bad the disruptions will be. While we are more dependent than ever on GPS, there are also more satellites in orbit. Moreover, the anomalies from the storm are constantly shifting through the ionosphere like ripples in a pool. “Outages, with any luck, should not be prolonged,” Steenburgh says.
    The radiation from the storm could have other undesirable effects. At high altitudes, it could damage satellites, while at low altitudes, it’s likely to increase atmospheric drag, causing some satellites to sink toward the Earth.
    The changes to orbits wreak havoc, warns Tuija Pulkkinen, chair of the department of climate and space sciences at the University of Michigan. Since the last solar maximum, companies such as SpaceX have launched thousands of satellites into low Earth orbit. Those satellites will now see their orbits unexpectedly changed.


    add to that all those tornadoes and floods storming the country to say nothing of the havoc generated by that Stormy trial in NYC.

  2. fallon on more storms swirling around us

    Jimmy addresses the latest news, like Trump incorrectly using the word “ambidextrous” and asking big oil executives for $1 billion in campaign cash and a passenger napping in the overhead bins on a Southwest flight.

  3. Ah, Roseanne….. How did the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players come up with so much more funny stuff than any crew since then?   Every week with the killer material.   Mind boggler

  4. Axios Scoop: Trump campaign considering Nikki Haley for VP

    I love it when these folks who used to publicly hate Trump get considered. We get to see their attack quotes all over again.

    One of Nikki’s best: “When we’re talking about rape we’re not talking about inflation”

  5. If she were to accept, her supporters and the protest vote would sit on their hands.  

    Orange Adolf is toxic and she knows she has a chance after a second Biden administration.  There won’t be an opportunity for anyone if tRUMPsky were to get elected.   

    ps – I hope they wouldn’t be foolish enough to think he would still have legal trouble while prez and Nikki would have to step in. That’s not going to happen. If everyone isn’t completely aware that tRUMPsky will turn on them, too, then they’ve succumbed to KoolAid poisoning. It’s. A. Cult.

  6. Way I see it, she CAN’T accept. Plus, he still might drop out…….or something. 

    If she accepted, he’d be rubbing her nose in sewage every step of the way, and still lose.

  7. https://www.salon.com/2024/05/10/katie-britt-is-back-at-it-pushing-a-bill-to-launch-a-pregnancy-tracking-database/
    “Katie Britt is back at it, pushing a bill to launch a pregnancy tracking federal database”
    Wait, I thought they wanted everything pushed back to the states, but now they want a federal database? 

    “Alabama Senator Katie Britt, who gained national attention after her controversial response to President Joe Biden’s state of the union, proposed a sweeping set of legislation, which would enable child support payments to begin during pregnancy and establish a national clearinghouse of pregnancy care providers, except those which provide abortion-related services.”
    “The “More Opportunities for Moms to Succeed,” or MOMS Act, which garnered co-sponsors including Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), creates specific carve-outs barring an entity that “performs, induces, refers for, or counsels in favor of abortions” from receiving funding or placement on a new Pregnancy.gov website, including swaths of OB-GYN services and sexual health clinics across the country.”
    This should drive men to the polls; child support starting in pregnancy!

  8. Svengoolie Monster Movie of the Week
    ”The House of Frankenstein”
    After escaping from prison, the evil Dr. Niemann (Boris Karloff) and his hunchbacked assistant, Daniel (J. Carrol Naish), plot their revenge against those who imprisoned them. For this, they recruit the powerful Wolf Man (Lon Chaney), Frankenstein’s monster (Glenn Strange) and even Dracula himself (John Carradine). Niemann pursues those who wrong him, sending each monster out to do his dirty work. But his control on the monsters is weak at best and may prove to be his downfall.

  9. If Noem hadn’t shot herself in the foot by talking about her penchant for shooting dogs, and goats, and horses, she’d have been a lock for VP on the crazy/evil/fascist ticket.


    Biden’s campaign has opened more than 200 offices with 500 staffers in battleground states, and more on the way. 

    Trump campaign won’t say what they’ve got, but we do know the RNC has closed all of its Hispanic outreach offices and fired 60 veteran staffers in charge of field work for suspicions they aren’t sufficiently loyal to Trump (they have to say Trump won in 2020 to be rehired).


  11. Pat,
    of course there are tornados and severe thunderstorms, It’s May. 
    Given the mindless panic going on around here, (People keeping their kids out of school because the weather forecast of a tornado watch.) Those parasitic brain worms are much more common than we realize.

  12. Craig,
    do you give and risk jail time or not give and risk retaliation?
    Being a mega corporation these days ain’t easy.

  13. I think the risk of fines and incarceration for being a CEO is not high if you follow the law, support Dems, and don’t try to be on the side of dictators and madmen.

  14. Good discussion. Not much to contribute of value today, except to say Donald Trump is a lying sack of shit; I don’t believe a single shit-stirring word of his in any direction.  

  15. Over in the dark world of twit, one idiot, we are sure it is not a bot or russian, showed a picture from Korean War of a Jeep full of combat troops with the meme statement about why there are no Millennials or Gen X doing this.  What a tunnel into the deep cesspool that one is. First Gen X is now out of enlisting age. Millennials are almost the same now.  Gen Z and Gen Alpha are now the men and women facing danger.  They enlist, offering everything, up to their lives, for the U.S., and the world. I absolutely hate the far right anti-American magats.

  16. If ever there was a time for a tsunami on the Jersey shore, it was today.

  17. If she accepted, he’d be rubbing her nose in sewage every step of the way, and still lose.

    Soooo, where’s the down side?

  18. Spring in East Bumfuck –  LP and I had to move a washer/dryer over-under to our place in Oakland MD and bring a fridge back. (BTW I’m too old for this shit). Anyway, woke up to cloudy but dry, drove toward Oakland and the skies cleared. While putting the W/D in the house and putting the fridge in the truck it got overcast  10 minutes into the hour and a half drive back it started raining a bit, then went through light and VERY heavy downpours  Got onto route 50, 10 minutes from home. Rain stopped, we unloaded the fridge. Literally, today in EB (just like everywhere else I’ve lived – from Alabama to Maine), if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.

  19. “I’ve written a 3min song”
    ”well Sam Hell boy that’s 30sec too long”

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