Sunday Serendipity, el cinco de mayo

Linda Ronstadt – Canciones de mi Padre (Songs of My Father)

These canciones were a big part of Ronstadt’s family tradition and musical roots. The title Canciones de Mi Padre refers to a booklet that the University of Arizona published in 1946 for Ronstadt’s deceased aunt, Luisa Espinel, who had been an international singer in the 1920s. The songs come from Sonora and Ronstadt included her favorites on the album. Also, Ronstadt has credited the late Mexican singer Lola Beltrán as an influence in her own singing style, and she recalls how a frequent guest to the Ronstadt home, Eduardo “Lalo” Guerrero, father of Chicano music, would often serenade her as child with these songs.


This is the first time I’ve listened to the whole album in one setting, very enjoyable.



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  1. ¡ole! y ¡bravo!

    Congrats, Jack, both on the derby win and today’s selection

  2. Parents of college students (Kenan Thompson, Mikey Day, Heidi Gardner) are interviewed about student protests and arrests on college campuses.

  3. Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like President Biden saying Japan is xenophobic.

  4. Perfect. Linda for Cinco De Mayo. Until she took that turn in her career I had no idea about her Mexican roots. What a gem!

    At 18-1 odds we give you lots of bragging rights, Jack, for winning the derby.

  5. Sounds like Pumpkin Head really went off the rails last night at Mar-A-Lago fundraiser, and both Washington Post, New York Times have audio tapes…

    • Trump escalates attacks on prosecutors, says Democrats run ‘a Gestapo administration’, calls Jack Smith “fucking asshole”, claims Democrats using “welfare” voters to rig elections — Washington Post free link
    • New York Times: Trump Calls Biden Administration the ‘Gestapo’

    More Washington Post: “Trump was fixated on criminal travails, expressing dismay & shock he was indicted and praised Rod Blagojevich at length, who was in room. At one point, he said anyone who offered to give $1 million could come up and speak to the crowd. People did it.”

    More New York Times: He insisted that Democrats use “welfare” to cheat in elections . “When you are Democrat, you start off essentially at 40 percent because you have civil service, you have the unions and you have welfare,” Mr. Trump said on Saturday. “And don’t underestimate welfare. They get welfare to vote, and then they cheat on top of that — they cheat.”

  6. I don’t think the Black or Hispanic vote is going to be such a problem for Biden.

    Trump: “I think there is a definite anti-white feeling in this country. I don’t think it would be a very tough thing to address, frankly. But I think the laws are very unfair right now.” (Time interview)

  7. I don’t think the Arab vote for Biden will be such a problem.

    Trump says if he’s elected, he’ll implement “strong ideological screening” of all immigrants to the U.S.: “If you don’t like our religion…then we don’t want you in our country.” (Time interview)

  8. But Poobah, he’s got the elite country club and trailer park white male demos wrapped up.

  9. Trump says if he’s elected, he’ll implement “strong ideological screening” of all immigrants to the U.S.: “If you don’t like our religion…then we don’t want you in our country.”

    craig, why would that be just offensive to arab/muslim voters? also might turnoff a few hindus, jews and discerning christians who don’t bow to the MAGAt demi-god.  

    example today how even people of the same faith can see things so differently:

    Shadow of war hangs over Orthodox Easter as Zelenskiy and Putin mark holiday | Ukraine | The Guardian

    Orthodox Easter services in Ukraine and Russia have taken on a political tone, as Volodymyr Zelenskiy asserted that God had a “Ukrainian flag on his shoulder” and Vladimir Putin attended a church service led by a staunch supporter of Moscow’s invasion.
    Noting that Ukraine had now been fighting Russia for 802 days, Zelenskiy called on Ukrainians to pray for each other and the soldiers on the frontline. “And we believe: God has a chevron with the Ukrainian flag on his shoulder,” said the president, dressed in a traditional embroidered Ukrainian vyshyvanka shirt and khaki trousers. “So with such an ally, life will definitely win over death.”
    Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter this weekend, while most western churches observed the holiday on 31 March.
    In Moscow, Putin attended an Easter service led by the head of the country’s Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, a supporter of the Russian president.
    Video of the service showed Putin, dressed in a dark suit and joined by Moscow’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, crossing himself several times during the service in Moscow’s gold-domed Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.
    The patriarch prayed for the protection of the “sacred borders” of Russia and expressed hope that God would halt the “internecine strife” between Russia and Ukraine, the Tass state news agency reported.
    In his Easter message, Putin did not explicitly mention the war or what Russia refers to as a “special military operation”. Instead he thanked Kirill for “fruitful cooperation in the current difficult period, when it is so important for us to unite our efforts for the steady development and strengthening of the fatherland”.
    Under Kirill’s watch the church has cracked down on internal dissent, with one priest facing expulsion for refusing to call on God to guide Russia to victory over Ukraine and another suspended for presiding over memorial services at the grave of Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader who died in an Arctic prison in February.
    Since Moscow launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, tens of thousands have been killed and millions more driven from their homes. In both Russia and Ukraine, leaders have sought to use religion and the church to rally society behind the war effort.
    In a video message published on Sunday from Kyiv’s Saint Sophia Cathedral, where an exhibition features religious icons painted on ammunition boxes, Zelenskiy, who is Jewish, called on Ukrainians to pray for the safe return of soldiers celebrating Easter in the trenches. He also called on Ukrainians to pray for the land and people, whose spirit “cannot be broken” and who he said would see Ukraine free one day.
    “Ukrainians kneel only in prayer,” said Zelenskiy. “And never before invaders and occupiers.”

  10. I am trying to remember how Cinco de Mayo was “celebrated” way back when, early Seventies, in Denver.  Mostly a bar thing similar to a special happy hour.  Congratulations to whoever did come up with it though. A money maker.  I can just enjoy any magat putting on a Cinco de Mayo party.  Don’t want any Mexicans coming to the U.S., but want to pretend it is good to drink to a minor event.

  11. When I see or think about magats it makes me definitely anti-white.  No 3 ways about it.   
    Yeah, I been listening to white people bitch and moan my whole damn life and as far as I’m concerned they can stick a pair of socks in it.
    Oh they’re going to let black people
    into OUR [public] SCHOOLS!
    (Open up thousands of private church schools begging for taxpayer funding)

    Oh, they’re going to let black people into OUR [public] swimming pools!
    (Shut them all down immediately)

    Oh, they’re going to let black people VOTE!
    (Make it impossible for them to vote)

    White People’s ass.

    Plaid Power!

  12. Pat, very true: “also might turnoff a few hindus, jews and discerning christians who don’t bow to the MAGAt demi-god”

    My focus is on all this talk about Gaza protests driving down Biden’s Arab support, particularly in Michigan. Wait until they hear this and how he’s going to send them to detention camps.

  13. Great selection Jack! Hope you’re still basking in your Derby victory yesterday. 

    Linda Ronstadt’s albums were the others besides Joni’s that I wore out by listening to over and over. I didn’t have much money to spend on records, therefore my investments were meaningful and purposeful.

  14. New ABC poll: Once again Biden leads likely voters by same margin as 2020. Every time likely voters are measured, when they’re tied among all adults or registered voters, Biden is ahead outside the margin of error among likely voters. He handily won Electoral College last time with 3.8 point popular vote lead. Sure looks like that’s where we are now. 

  15. From the Almanac

    On May 5, 1945, six civilians were killed near Bly, Oregon, when they discovered one of the balloon bombs in Fremont National Forest, becoming the only fatalities from Axis action in the continental U.S. during the war.[51] Reverend Archie Mitchell and his pregnant wife Elsie (age 26) drove up Gearhart Mountain that day with five of their Sunday schoolstudents for a picnic. While Archie was parking the car, Elsie and the children discovered a balloon and carriage, loaded with an anti-personnel bomb, on the ground. A large explosion occurred; the four boys (Edward Engen, 13; Jay Gifford, 13; Dick Patzke, 14; and Sherman Shoemaker, 11) were killed instantly, while Elsie and Joan Patzke (13) died from their wounds shortly afterwards.[52] An Army investigation concluded that the bomb had likely been kicked or dropped, and that it had lain undisturbed for about one month before the incident.[28] The U.S. press blackout was lifted on May 22 so the public could be warned of the balloon threat.[53]
    A memorial, the Mitchell Monument, was built in 1950 at the site of the explosion,[54] and the surrounding Mitchell Recreation Area was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003.[51] A ponderosa pine near the site bears scars on its trunk from the bomb’s shrapnel. In 1987, a group of Japanese women involved in Fu-Go production as schoolgirls delivered 1,000 paper cranes to the victims’ families as a symbol of peace and healing, and six cherry trees were planted at the site on the incident’s 50th anniversary in 1995.[55]

  16. A million to speak? So much for “free” speech. Did Diaper Don also install pay toilets? 

    It’s not surprising that he used the word “Gestapo” yesterday.   It’s a word expected to be heard at a Nazi rally.

    Dems need to get the word out, in the right way, to each demographic.  Please be less terrible at messaging. 

    My neighborhood has largely become Indian over the last 25 years, working at tech firms in the area.  They tend to be very conservative.  (Look at the popularity of Modi in India, who is pushing for a Hindu state. There is religious divisiveness in India, so it’s nothing new.)   Some run for office, and all I’ve seen are Republicans.  

    There is an Islamic center and a beautiful Hindu temple within two miles of me, and another Islamic center on the way to the grocery store. There are Sikhs here as well.  
    How is tRUMPsky’s hate going to play with them?  I honestly don’t know if they’ll believe it’s possible here.  

    Please be less terrible at messaging, Dems!

  17. Madam Puppy Killer really seems to think she’s going to tough it out to make it disappear.
    Thats 3 “Amazings”… that she’d actually shoot a 14 month old puppy in the face; Two that she’d be so stupid as to think that telling about it would give her some kind of Strong Woman Cred; and three that she would be so ignorant as to think that all she’d have to do to get past it is act like a tough guy.   

  18. her career might have survived those cheek implants, but not puppy killing
    maybe the dentist is hiring

  19. Madam Puppy Killer really seems to think she’s going to tough it out to make it disappear.

    thanks for watching and reporting so I didn’t have to. I just couldn’t.

  20. not just shorter speeches, but please write for him shorter punchier sound-bite sentences.  LESS WORDS in each sentence better than less sentences in each speech to cut down (1) stumbles & misstatements (2) listener boredom and most important (3) attract media attention.

    Biden’s general election strategy: Less is more (

    WASHINGTON — As President Joe Biden ramps up his re-election effort, his campaign is also scaling back how much he says on the trail, part of a larger new strategy to hone a sharper message he’ll take into the general election, according to Biden aides.
    The less-is-more approach aims for quality over quantity when it comes to the president’s public appearances, aides said.
    “There’s a strategic advantage at this point in the race to boiling down your message to the three or four most salient, compelling arguments for why President Biden should be re-elected,” said TJ Ducklo, the Biden campaign’s senior adviser for communications. “That will often translate to the stump [speech] being whittled down to its sharpest, most dynamic form. That’s what you’re seeing.”
    The approach also has the appearance of a strategy aimed at minimizing the potential for Biden to make mistakes in a razor-close election. Some of Biden’s verbal missteps have occurred when he’s talking at length, veers off the prepared text or answers a reporter’s question when that wasn’t part of the plan.
    Shorter, crisper remarks from Biden are part of his campaign’s broader strategy of having him appear more in smaller settings that the president’s aides believe serve him better than large, traditional rallies with voters.
    The president has in recent weeks made notable efforts at brevity, in both official and campaign events. Biden’s remarks this past week on the campus protests over the war in the Gaza Strip were just four minutes long. His high-profile speech on abortion rights in Florida last week was just 14 minutes long. And his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner lasted just 10 minutes — half as long as the year before.
    The Biden campaign has not yet built a speechwriting team, and most of the president’s public appearances continue to be in official settings. Mike Donilon, one of the Biden’s closest advisers who earlier this year shifted from his West Wing role to the campaign, has been regularly traveling with Biden as his events increasingly take a political turn.
    Biden aides say they hope to refine a more compact stump speech for the president to use as the pace and intensity of the campaign builds later this summer.
    “We’re evolving in the way that a campaign should,” one campaign official said.
    One former campaign official said the campaign — and Biden himself — felt the abridged stump speech resonated with voters and didn’t need more. The brevity of it “also had the benefit of him getting comfortable with the delivery, and then coming off better,” the former official said.
    Even so, the official added, a briefer stump speech is no guarantee that Biden avoids mistakes, given sometimes shorter prepared remarks only invite the president to go beyond the written text.

  21. I saw it on the twitter; there and here’s where I get all my news since the ceiling fell in and I the cancelled cable.

  22. Puppy Killer.
    There were a shitload of girls like her and Palin in high school—they’re all old, bitter, and ugly now.  Norm’s on her way and Palin is just about there.

  23. So here we have it:

    Pussy Grabber and Puppy Killer.  

    Go ahead and pick her, Scump;
    I D-Double Dog-Cat DARE you.

  24. You KNOW he wants to pick her; you just KNOW he does. He’s DYING to pick her.  It’s eating at his insides.  

    Ooooooh it’s making him DROOL.

    lol, oh great jumpin jeebus on a trampoline.

  25. Carlson could be his perfect guy.  Unlike Pence, Carlson would not flinch nor hesitate one micro mega-milli-nanosecond to smear his own feces all over the constitution.  
    And, you think maybe Carlson carried a message to the Russian and maybe brought one back?

    Can’t think of anything the Gabbard has to offer. Dime-a-dozen educated floozy. Mouth on—thoughts off.

  26. gabbard ticks all the boxes but never underestimate their contempt for women

  27. Was thinking about how prosecution might start the day in the morning. Think I would put the 11 hush-money checks Trump signed in front of the jury. His maniacal looking signature always catches my eye.

  28. I think Chump instinctively knows that there’s not a one of those republican women who wouldn’t chop him off at the knees the first chance they got.  

    I can’t see that schmuck trusting a woman. Any woman.

    Democrats have women of substance….smart thinking women who actually care about the average Joes out here and who whenever they had that chance, would do th right thing for us. GOP? Just look at ‘em. See, that’s an ugly buncha people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing something decent
    Hell, Tucks might already be the guy for all I know.

    But it do not matter cause whoever the hell he picks soon will be known only as The Loser’s Loser.

  29. I’m glad we’ve stopped shipments to Israel.  When Netanyahu says he intends to attack Rafa with or without a ceasefire, it’s time to stop supporting his attempts to stay in office and out of jail.  Netanyahu said he’ll attack even if there is a ceasefire.  WTF?   Ceasefire, hostage release, two-states, monitoring by someone (not just us).    
    Who will pay to rebuild areas destroyed by arms made in the US, but deployed by Israel?
    Bink – That tribute album is meh compared to the original. Paramore was pretty good, but Lorde was surprisingly awful.  I’ve barely checked it out, as it’s my Taylor Swift era . My Talking Heads era lasted from February of 2020 through the end of 2023.  They had a good run and I was only about thirty-five years late.

    Speaking of which, the Tony Awards will air in June, and “Here Lies Live,” the musical about Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, has been nominated for several awards.  Hopefully, some of the cast will be available to perform since it closed.  It was frightening how close we could be to it happening here.  
    From wiki:
    “At 7:15 p.m. on September 23, 1972, President Ferdinand Marcos announced on television that he had placed the Philippines under martial law…”
    “Marcos’ signed Proclamation No. 1081 on September 21, 1972, marking the beginning of a fourteen-year period of one-man rule which effectively lasted until Marcos was exiled from the country on February 25, 1986.[4][5] Proclamation No. 1081 was formally lifted on January 17, 1981, although Marcos retained essentially all of his powers as dictator until he was ousted in February 1986.”
    “Increasing unrest springing from the economic collapse of the Philippines in the years after the assassination of Senator Benigno Aquino in 1983 came to a head in February 1986, when the EDSA People Power Revolution succeeded in unseating the Marcoses from Malacañang Palace.”
    And now, BongBong Marcos is in power.  How things move on.  Maybe Cruella Noem will be able to move on from being a confirmed puppy killer. 

    “For Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to make history, he first needed to rewrite his nation’s. His dictator father plundered billions of dollars from state coffers and stood accused of grievous human-rights violations until his ouster in 1986. Bongbong’s rise to the Philippine presidency in 2022 was owed to whitewashing this family legacy through clever manipulation of social media.”

    There were older Filipinos in the audience at the musical (I saw it six times) who were crying as they relived the Marcos years and the peaceful, Power People Revolution that got rid of Marcos. 

    “The People Power Revolution, also known as the EDSA Revolution or the February Revolution, was a series of popular demonstrations in the Philippines, mostly in Metro Manila, from February 22 to 25, 1986. There was a sustained campaign of civil resistance against regime violence and electoral fraud.”

    The timeline section of the PPR is really interesting, as it pertains to voter fraud/election interference by the Marcos regime.

  30. JD Vance seems crazy and mean; he’d do what Mike Pence would not.   Tucker is the same, but more weasel-like (apologies to weasels).  

    Tim Scott would also do exactly what he was told to do, but he seems too needy, his base won’t like it, and I doubt that he carries much weight with the demographic Adolf needs help romancing.

    There isn’t a so-called Republican woman (it’s just MAGAts now) who can mitigate the damage done by tRUMPsky’s SCOTUS overturning Roe.

    Dems need to win, and win big up and down the ticket.  MAGAts plan to lie, cheat and steal for every, single office.   The bigger the win by Dems, the harder it is for MAGAts  to, well, to be  MAGAts.

  31. His maniacal looking signature always catches my eye.

    looks like he failed the polygraph


    “Israel has ordered the closure of Al Jazeera in the country, a move the Qatar-based news network called a “criminal act.”

    ”Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a post on X: “The government headed by me unanimously decided: the incitement channel Al Jazeera will be closed in Israel.”

    Hmm, that sounds like something tRUMPsky would post; the government, headed by me, unanimously decided…(but it would be in all caps).

  33. Graphologist on Trump’s signature

    Donald Trump’s signature has absolutely no curves, only angles. Curves in handwriting show softness, nurturing and a maternal nature. Angles show a writer who is feeling angry, determined, fearful, competitive or challenged. When a script is completely devoid of curves, the writer lacks empathy and craves power, prestige and admiration. Besides the bigheadedness that shows in this script, there is something else that is rather over-sized—the “p” in “Trump.” This large phallic symbol shouts, “Me … big hunk of man.”


  34. The sooner you fall behind, the more time you’ll have to catch up. —Stephen Wright

  35. Yeah, that’s no signature, that could say “Anteater” for all we know.   

  36. Handwriting really is telling. When I was in high school, I read a book about becoming more confident by changing your handwriting.  My letters slanted backwards, to the left, almost laying down.  The intention involved with the reason I wanted to change my handwriting did actually help, as the letters worked themselves upright. 

    Adolf using a Sharpie to change the track of a hurricane is just effing psychotic.

    Oh, Willard.
    ”The Utah Republican asked the top diplomat why “the PR has been so awful” against Israel since the beginning of the 7 October conflict.”
    It wasn’t, but after Israel started firing wide and killing huge numbers of civilians, displacing folks, and stopping aid from getting to them, good will toward Israel eroded.   That’s not just bad “PR.”
    “Mr Blinken said that part of the reason for that dynamic was a changing media environment, where people no longer all read from the same authoritative news sources and instead learn about current events on chaotic social media feeds.”
    “Now of course we’re on an intravenous feed of information with new impulses, inputs every millisecond,” Mr Blinken said. “And of course the way this has played out on social media has dominated the narrative. You have a social media ecosystem, environment in which context, history, facts get lost and the emotion, the impact of images dominate. We can’t discount that, but I think it also has a very very challenging effect on the narrative.”
    Yep, it’s hard to control the narrative when you don’t control the flow of information.  And, yeah, it’s on Hamas to hand over the hostages, but continuing to kill and starve civilians is never going to be good “PR,” either  

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