Sunday Serendipity

Something different for this Sunday morning, traditional Japanese music on the Japanese flute, the Shakuhachi

From Wikipedia, “The shakuhachi is traditionally made of bamboo. It was used by the monks of the Fuke Zen of Zen Buddhism in the practice of suizen  “

Performed Kohachiro Miyata.

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. Thanks, Jack, fits right into the -4 (yes that’s MINUS four and it’s supposed to go lower before sunrise) degrees outside my window this morning.

  2. they’re back

    Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson) speaks to the media after appearing in court for his E. Jean Carroll defamation trial.

  3. Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Trump eyeing Rep. Elise Stefanik as his running mate for the 2024 presidential election.

    click here for weekend update’s Sen. Tim Scott (Devon Walker) stops by Weekend Update to discuss why he’s endorsing Donald Trump for president.

    and for more click here for Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like a new study finding that vaping while pregnant doesn’t harm the baby.

  4. in other news, more about a certain former prez turned clown from a former comedian turned prez:

    Zelenskiy slams Trump’s rhetoric on stopping the war as ‘very dangerous’ | Volodymyr Zelenskiy | The Guardian

    The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, fears that if Donald Trump returns to the White House next year he could make unilateral concessions to Russia that override Ukraine’s interests and branded the former US president’s claims he could stop the war in 24 hours as “very dangerous”.
    In an interview with the UK’s Channel 4 News, Zelenskiy said he was “stressed” that the former president “is going to make decisions on his own, without … I’m not even talking about Russia, but without both sides, without us.”
    “If he says this publicly, that’s a little scary. I’ve seen a lot, a lot of victims, but that’s really making me a bit stressed,” he said.

    “Even if his idea [for ending the war] – that no one has heard yet – doesn’t work for us, for our people, he will do anything to implement his idea anyway. And this worries me a little,” he added.

    Zelenskiy said he’d invite Trump to Ukraine – an offer he has previously declined to extend – but only if the former president comes through on his promise to stop the war.
    “Donald Trump, I invite you to Ukraine, to Kyiv. If you can stop the war during 24 hours, I think it will be enough to come,” Zelenskiy said.
    The Ukrainian leader’s comments come after the Republican presidential frontrunner has claimed he is well positioned to negotiate an end to the war that has raged without any attempt at a negotiated settlement between the two countries for almost two years.
    In September, Trump said that if re-elected president, he would resolve the war within 24 hours but declined to outline his peace plan. “If I tell you exactly, I lose all my bargaining chips. I mean, you can’t really say exactly what you’re going to do. But I would say certain things to Putin. I would say certain things to Zelenskiy,” he said.
    Trump has also said he has a good relationship with both Russian and Ukrainian leaders, and repeatedly made flattering comments about Russian president Vladimir Putin, including describing him as a “smart” political player who had taken over a “great piece of land” with only minor economic sanctions.

    slava ukraini


  5. Jack – great choice, this is one of my favorite albums.  I like to listen to this with headphones, close my eyes and let the music flow.

  6. Weirdly this music instantly made me think of the soundtrack in Jeremiah Johnson, especially whenever the Indians showed up. Wonder if there is a connection

  7. BB, thought about your past comments in re the possibly syphillic loser when those red spots on his hands showed up.  aside from the syphillis theories bandied about, many referenced “hand herpes.” 
    herpetic whitlow also presents itself with red sores on fingers.  interesting to imagine why he has it (if that’s what he has) when you see according to cleveland clinic

    Who does herpetic whitlow affect?
    Herpetic whitlow can affect anyone at any age, but the condition is most common in:
    Children who suck their thumbs.
    Healthcare workers, like dental hygienists and respiratory therapists with exposure to peoples’ mouths (oral mucosa).
    People exposed to genital herpes.
    Athletes, like wrestlers, who have close contact with others.
    People with a weakened immune system.

    How common is herpetic whitlow?
    Infection is uncommon. An estimated 2 people per 100,000 receive a herpetic whitlow diagnosis in the United States.

    so maybe the terrible toddler still sucks his thumb, but more than likely it’s due to the 3rd cause on the list, grabbing too many p-words with and without consent. no wonder melania didn’t want him in the car cause, also according to the clinic “herpetic whitlow is contagious. The condition can spread from person to person through physical contact. The condition is most contagious when you have blisters on your skin.”

  8. The problem DeSantis and Stefanik have is they don’t seem to realize that people can actually see them.  

  9. Coat hanger Sam – I like it.

    I wonder if the bad guys knew when the soundtrack was playing the flute they were about to get their asses handed to them?

  10. There were usually 2 kung-fooings per show.  You had the Little Kung-foo and then you had the BIG Kung-foo to take it to the denouement after which Caine splits on foot.
    I used to like the Jewish cowboys.  One of my favorites was Hopalong Goldberg.   He never kvetched.

  11. i filled a pot and tried to carry it between my forearms way back when.  Turns out i couldn’t be Shaolin, and the pot wasn’t even hot

    To be fair, it was with zero training

  12. I wonder who got through to him that he was not going to win or do anything?  He should have folded a long time ago, or not even tried. But, that is to a credit to his yes team, or wife.  There was an old saying “talk to him like a Dutch uncle”.  Maybe that is what happened. Too bad for the people living off his campaign funds though, now they need to make decisions about life happiness and whether to tell their neighbors why they are selling the new house, bought with the idea of media buys providing the cash for the monthly payments.

    That news cheered me up. I did a ten minute video on the storm damage and the beauty of winter storms in my little world. Two cameras, no video even though it showed REC for recording. E#RFjghhh nuts.

  13. The White boots. of fate.

    Ronni “White Boots” DeSantis.

    “These boots was made for foldin’   “

  14. Good news for Haley, now we got a race!
    Now she just has to convince a party of racists to vote for a woman of color 😬 

  15. Abort, RonDuh, abort!
    Of course, he’s already endorsing Orange Adolf.
    Nikki is not Nancy. LOL!

  16. Unless I miss my guess, Nikki, much less a pussy than Ron, will suspend her campaign Wednesday and endorse Dumbass, hoping to edge out Stefanik for VP. Screw both of them (but only with your…)

  17. Kari Lake best bet for VP.   

    His VP choosing is going to be hilarious. Who can he trust?

  18. Sturg, if you’re looking for an argument, look somewhere else. She’s certainly among the top 4 in the betting odds. I suspect Melania is talking with her lawyers about another renegotiation of the prenup as we speak. 

  19.  I shall not seek, nor will I accept the next argument on the position of second banana to the orange nimrod.   

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