Russian TV: Trump told Americans to “surrender”

Russian state TV propagandists on every channel aired multiple clips of Trump’s FOX interview with Tucker Carlson. Their main takeaway: “Donald said that America is tired of fighting Russia and should surrender.”

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  1. Analysis shows Russian and Chinese-backed efforts to sow division after Trump indictment | PBS NewsHour

    Amna Nawaz:
    In the wake of former President Donald Trump’s indictment, there’s been an explosion of foreign interference aimed at dividing the American electorate and sowing distrust in institutions.
    Laura Barron-Lopez brings us this exclusive data.
    Laura Barron-Lopez:
    New research shared first with “NewsHour” shows a covert effort by Russian- and Chinese-backed actors to interfere with American news and opinions about Trump’s arrest.
    The analysis comes from the global security and intelligence firm Soufan Center and the data science firm Limbik. Here is what they learned.
    As news of the indictment broke and Trump was arraigned, the volume of online posts about the former president spiked, going from the typical 26,000 posts every day to more than 448,000. Helping drive that engagement were automated fake accounts known as bots.
    These accounts are closely linked to the Russian and Chinese governments, operating with the tacit approval of the state. They share Russian and Chinese state media articles across multiple platforms or retweet them. And, on Twitter, they amplified support for Trump during the arraignment.
    To unpack what this means and what we can do going forward, I’m joined by two of the experts behind these findings, Colin Clarke of The Soufan Center and Zach Schwitzky of Limbik.

  2. US envoy: Balkans ‘poisoned’ by Russian disinformation – The Washington Post

    SKOPJE, North Macedonia — A U.S. special envoy on countering global disinformation says that countries in the western Balkan region have been “pretty seriously poisoned” by Russia’s influence campaigns.
    James P. Rubin, who heads the State Department’s Global Engagement Center, traveled to North Macedonia on a tour that also includes stops in Montenegro and Albania.

    “The main source of the threat in this part of the world is Russian-generated disinformation, often repeated and acting as a hub through Serbian media platforms and then repeated and promulgated here in the Western Balkans,” Rubin told a group of reporters late Tuesday in the capital, Skopje.
    “I would say that (this region) is pretty seriously poisoned by primarily Russian disinformation.”
    U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the appointment of Rubin, a 63-year-old veteran diplomat, last December, worried that disinformation campaigns engineered by Russia had intensified due to the war in Ukraine and Western support for Kyiv.
    Russian President Vladimir “Putin thought that he could take over the Ukrainian government and divide Europe. He failed in all of these aspects,” Rubin said.
    “But that doesn’t mean Russia isn’t continuing to try to spread the poison of disinformation and division … designed to divide people from each other, divide countries from each other, to divide communities from each other, to bring discord.”
    Rubin said he was working in coordination with many European governments and the European Union, and said the West is “just beginning to come to grips” with fighting back against the new threat.
    A US federal government body, the GEC says it helps allied governments identify disinformation campaigns targeting their countries, providing assistance with analytics and research, and technology support.

  3. colbert last night made fun of our (what do you mean “our”?) own homegrown bot and his demented disinformation

  4. david horsey’s op ed concludes with:

    Yes, Jones and Pearson violated decorum, but maybe in places like Tennessee and Wisconsin and Idaho and Texas, where Republicans maintain their control by anti-democratic means and ignore majority opinions favoring gun safety and reproductive freedom, decorum needs to be disrupted now and then.

    to read whole piece click ‘Decorum’ vs. doing the right thing | The Seattle Times

  5. Half a loaf. WaPo

    A federal appeals court on Wednesday temporarily blocked a decision by a judge in Texas to suspend U.S. government approval of a key abortion medication nationwide.
    The court’s decision maintains mifepristone’s availability for now, though the judges declined to pause another part of the Texas ruling that said the Food and Drug Administration wrongly expanded access to the abortion drug.

    The court said a preliminary review suggests that a statute of limitations barred a challenge to the FDA’s approval of the abortion drug in 2000. However, it left in place parts of the ruling that targeted the loosening of restrictions by the FDA in recent years. These included a 2016 move to allow the drug to be used through 10 weeks of pregnancy instead of the initial seven weeks. It also included the FDA’s decision this year to further ease access to mifepristone by allowing retail pharmacies to dispense the pills.

    Haven’t read the opinion but sounds like the chickenshits on the 5th Circuit dodged the biggest issue in the case – whether the Hypocritic Alliance Group had standing to bring the suit.

  6. Leaker of U.S. secret documents worked on military base, friend says – The Washington Post

    The man behind a massive leak of U.S. government secrets that has exposed spying on allies, revealed the grim prospects for Ukraine’s war with Russia and ignited diplomatic fires for the White House is a young, charismatic gun enthusiast who shared highly classified documents with a group of far-flung acquaintances searching for companionship amid the isolation of the pandemic.
    United by their mutual love of guns, military gear and God, the group of roughly two dozenmostly men and boys — formed an invitation-only clubhouse in 2020 on Discord, an online platform popular with gamers. But they paid little attention last year when the man some call “OG” posted a message laden with strange acronyms and jargon. The words were unfamiliar, and few people read the long note, one of the members explained. But he revered OG, the elder leader of their tiny tribe, who claimed to know secrets that the government withheld from ordinary people.
    The young member read OG’s message closely, and the hundreds more that he said followed on a regular basis for months. They were, he recalled, what appeared to be near-verbatim transcripts of classified intelligence documents that OG indicated he had brought home from his job on a “military base,” which the member declined to identify. OG claimed he spent at least some of his day inside a secure facility that prohibited cellphones and other electronic devices, which could be used to document the secret information housed on government computer networks or spooling out from printers. He annotated some of the hand-typed documents, the member said, translating arcane intel-speak for the uninitiated, such as explaining that“NOFORN” meant the information in the document was so sensitive it must not be shared with foreign nationals.
    OG told the group he toiled for hours writing up the classified documents to share with his companions in the Discord server he controlled. The gathering spot had been a pandemic refuge, particularly for teen gamers locked in their houses and cut off from their real-world friends. The members swapped memes, offensive jokes and idle chitchat. They watched movies together, joked around and prayed. But OG also lectured them about world affairs and secretive government operations. He wanted to “keep us in the loop,” the member said, and seemed to think that his insider knowledge would offer the others protection from the troubled world around them.
    “He’s a smart person. He knew what he was doing when he posted these documents, of course. These weren’t accidental leaks of any kind,” the member said.
    The transcribed documents OG posted traversed a range of sensitive subjects that only people who had undergone months-long background checks would be authorized to see. There were top-secret reports about the whereabouts and movements of high-ranking political leaders and tactical updates on military forces, the member said. Geopolitical analysis. Insights into foreign governments’ efforts to interfere with elections. “If you could think it, it was in those documents.”

  7. after the depo is over, how fast he’ll high tail it back to FL so that he’s under protection from extradition by duh sanitless: less than a NY minute

    Trump arrives in New York ahead of second deposition in AG’s lawsuit – The Washington Post

    NEW YORK — Donald Trump is in New York for a second round of questioning in a $250 million lawsuit brought by Attorney General Letitia James over his business dealings, the former president said in a social media post early Thursday.

  8. The Road goes ever on and on
    Out from the door where it began.
    Now far agead the road has gone
    And I must follow if I can.
    Pursuing it with eager feet 
    Until it meets some larger way.
    Where many paths and errands meet
    And whither then?  I cannot say.

  9. Certainly no “Lords of Flatbush”

    Book of the Day: LORDS OF DISCIPLINE, by Pat Conroy.

  10. Nancy Mace was, if I remember right, the first female graduate of The Citadel.   The year before there was another female cadet admitted, but the Lords of Discipline hounded her out of there mercilessly.  No telling how many tax dollars they spent fighting the admission of female cadets.   But…..It is a state supported college so of course eventually they lost the legal fight.   Bumper Sticker:   “Save the Males”.  After hounding the first young lady out, the next year they faced a new challenge.  Nancy Mace.    Long story short:  Nancy Mace, graduate of The Citadel.  
    It was depressing to see her run as a republican.  I still have hope for her as a politician, but that gop is a pretty heavy albatross.   And damned smelly, I’d wager.

  11. Yep, Pogo, 5th Circuit (full of Trump appointees) still holds its place as the worst appeals court in the land. But says a lot that even these right wing fanatics couldn’t fully go along with the lower court judge’s bonkers ruling.

  12. Poobah, good to see they at least understand that a 6 year statute of limitations on challenging an FDA approval can’t just be ignored.  I might take a look at the district court opinion and see if Kacsmaryk’s order addressed that.

  13. If this goes to SCOTUS, won’t they just tie it up with Roe, and poof go the abortion meds?    If they are successful, they will go after birth control pills…but not Viagra.   

    If Mifp is spared, women in many states still don’t have access. Any new drugs are off the table, if any are in R&D.

    Yet, Republicans don’t do a thing about protecting women from abuse, domestic or otherwise; they don’t want to fund healthcare or child care; they want to destroy public education in an attempt to dumb down the electorate. Republicans are willing to destroy democracy to stay in control. They are forgetting that we are all supposed to be on the same team. They are not uniters, they are dividers.

    If Orange Adolf is the Republican nominee, the opposition ads will all have clips of him giving glowing reviews of Poo-tin and Xi. Not exactly a pro-America,  pro-democracy stance.  His position on Ukraine is parroted by some Republicans.  Do any of them have access to the leaked docs?  Do any of them have ties to anyone who had access? 

  14. IMHO Kaczmaryk and the Associations performed incredible feats of legal contortion to find associational, organizational or third party standing, ultimately basing their standing on a number of attenuated bases, including “diversionary injury” based on FDA’s lack of requiring reporting of all adverse events and diverting funds that would be used for advocacy and for education of their members to compensate for lack of information – whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. He also found that the associations of doctors could sue on behalf of their patients who had suffered injury from the approval of the drug and on their own behalf for injury to their practices. He also relied on a 1976 opinion that protected women from having to bring suit on their own behalf, allowing a third party to bring the suit, to avoid the resulting embarrassment bringing a suit would entail. The opinion is littered with very brief citations to quotes as short as six word (on first, very brief review), which tends to distract from, rather than support, the Court’s analysis. It’s an exercise in cherry picking quotes that appear to support a ruling that they do not support.
    The 5th sort of went down Kaczmaryk’s alley and found there was standing.

  15. BiD,
    SCOTUS didn’t do a Poof there goes abortion in Dobbs.  They ruled that there is no constitutional right to abortion (or privacy) and left regulation of abortion to the states. Everything else you said is correct.

  16. It now appears the current leak of classified documents has a person who did it.  He might as well get used to having a structured life for a long while.  The arrest is imminent.

  17. I’d say so, Ms. Bronc – if I know his name (and they’ve already been to his home looking for him) an arrest can’t be too far out.
    Spring Break – ”
    Fort Lauderdale was inundated with a third of its annual rainfall within hours”  (WaPo) 

    I’ve done Spring Break at the beach in the rain before, and I’d rather be in Cleveland.

  18. Pentagon leaks: US air national guardsman, 21, identified as suspect | Pentagon leaks 2023 | The Guardian

    The man believed to be responsible for the leak of hundreds of US defence documents that have laid bare military secrets and upset Washington’s relations with key allies is reported to be a 21-year-old air national guardsman based in Massachusetts.
    Jack Teixeira was the leader of an online chat group who uploaded hundreds of photographs of secret and top secret documents, according to the New York Times. The online group called itself Thug Shaker Central, made up of 20 to 30 young men and teenagers who shared their love of guns, racist memes and video games.
    The FBI, which is conducting a hunt for the leaker, did not confirm his identity, but Joe Biden said in Ireland on Thursday that US authorities were close to catching the person responsible..
    Despite Biden’s optimistic assessment of the investigation, federal authorities had reportedly not approached an important witness, a teenage member of the internet group that the leaker managed. The teenager talked to the investigative journalism organisation Bellingcat at the weekend, and in more detail to the Washington Post on Wednesday.
    He described the leaker, referred to by the initials OG, as a charismatic leader who managed the group, which chatted on a server called Thug Shaker Central. The Post viewed a video of a man identified as OG at a shooting range with a large rifle.
    “He yells a series of racial and antisemitic slurs into the camera, then fires several rounds at a target,” the report said. OG told fellow members of the same internet group that he worked on a military base, which was not named in the report, where his job involved viewing large amounts of classified information.
    According to the teenage member of the group interviewed by the Post, OG “had a dark view of the government”, portraying the government, and particularly law enforcement and the intelligence agencies, as a repressive force. He ranted about “government overreach”.
    The Post said details were confirmed anonymously by other members of the group, and that it had viewed a total of 300 photographs of classified documents, three times the number previously thought to be circulating.
    The teenage group member told the Post that OG “seemed very confused and lost as to what to do”. “He’s fully aware of what’s happening and what the consequences may be,” he said. “He’s just not sure on how to go about solving this situation … He seems pretty distraught about it.”
    In his final message to his fellow group members, OG told them to “keep low and delete any information that could possibly relate to him”, including any copies of the classified documents.

    Jack Teixeira

    Jack Teixeira is reportedly a member of Massachusetts air national guard

  19. From WaPo:

    Suspected leaker of top secret Pentagon documents arrested

    Officials say Jack Teixeira, a National Guard technology support staffer, is suspected of mishandling U.S. military security secrets

    The jig is up, dude.

  20. I was going to say time for “Frontier Justice” but I don’t really mean it. Frontier Justice was swift but it wasn’t very just. 

  21. Another traitor in custody.  Hopes for another some day soon.
    I saw several questions about how someone so young could be in a trusted position.  He is/was in the U.S. military. You may be as young as seventeen to enlist. You are trained to be an adult and capable of leading others. You are also background inspected, all military are, if you fail a simple background, usually court cases and civilian arrests, you are given a thank you but explain yourself, it accepted you stay in.  Depending on the clearance level you may have to give some information and it is investigated or a lot of information and a lot is investigated.  Also there may not be anything to investigate.  This airman was only eighteen so not much, and online usage may not have been investigated too deeply. 
    In the military you can be in a field that requires a Top Secret with SSBI, but unlike someone in their forties, they might not have a history.  I was twenty-two when I had my first TS.  But, back then the investigation went back to “birth”, I think twenty years (now fifteen). Later on I had investigations that did go way back.  So far back that my life in Detroit from when I was in my single digits to the time of my last visit was asked about.  Detroit and Windsor Ontario Canada were a bridge/tunnel apart.  We would pop over for lunch or dinner.  It was a common trip, about twenty some miles from my house. Because there was no way to account for every visit a change was incorporated in the investigations to allow someone like me to be okayed if everything else checked out.
    This young man, twenty-one now, may not have been completely investigated.  I am sure there are already changes going on in how to investigate dark web life.
    So what we have so far is: 1) young enlistee with little to background investigate; 2) in a position of trust; 3) classified material in his control without controls of the material; 4) slow investigation once the breech has been identified; 5) Newspapers doing leg work (pay a little for online media, I also get paper delivery); 6) Kick in the ass for diplomacy and face; 7) many nations wondering WTH; 8) russia KGB/GRU/FSB/SVR and whatever has more information from another traitor.  Their investments, I wonder how much this man received in his gaming income form them, continue to pay off.

  22. “Nobody loves me but my mother, and she might be jivin’ too……”
    –B.B. King


    “The Judicial Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act contains several provisions aimed specifically at the Supreme Court. It would create a binding requirement for judges in the Supreme Court to adhere to the court’s Code of Conduct. The Supreme Court is the only court in the country that isn’t bound by the ethics guidelines, and court watchdogs say that all nine judges are culpable of some kind of oversight.”

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