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  1. Supposedly I share a birthday with Caesar, so I’m laying low today.

    Legal experts I respect, such as former Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, say Trump indictment in the Stormy case could come today or tomorrow. That’s because several criteria for a decision have been met: today is primary witness Michael Cohen’s last day of grand jury testimony, Trump lawyers have already had their obligatory meeting to persuade prosecutors not to indict, and target Donald Trump has been offered and has rejected testifying.

  2. The former president used a campaign speech in Iowa to punch back at his former VP over blame for the insurrection. Elsewhere, Florida’s governor fielded literal softball questions in an interview on Fox News, and Stephen looks into the strange tale of a big, old clam.

  3. Too funny. And what, will they have to ban reruns of Tootsie?

    State legislatures across the country are trying to ban drag in certain settings. First they have to define it.


  4. When i was attending the local public school, every now and then the parents would put on a “show” in the auditorium to raise money for the football team…..it was called “The Womanless Wedding”and it was mainly men dressed as the women characters.   Like Shakespeare, I guess.

  5. Craig:  

    Too funny. And what, will they have to ban reruns of Tootsie?

    Someone should do a full film festival in protest:

    Mrs. Doubtfire

    Priscilla Queen of the Desert

    To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

    Kinky Boots


    La Cage Aux Folles (The Birdcage)

    Torch Song Trilogy

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Some Like It Hot


    The Rocky Horror Picture Show


    Albert Nobbs


    The Crying Game

    M. Butterfly

    And this list is only the most well-known ones.


  6. It’s hard to say that the Ides of March is my favorite day of the year, but it’s up there. But ol’ Julius could have better taken his own advice about Gaius Cassius Longinus – Caesar’s DeSantis.
    The Ides always reminds me that it’s one month before the deadline for Mrs. P and my biggest fight of the year.
    Heard that the DeSantis drag show Gestapo pulled the liquor license for the Miami Hyatt for staging a drag show. Hyatt has the money to cost Florida millions in attorney’s fees. Good management of government assets, Ron.

  7. Link for the last sentence above. Problem is, that wasn’t illegal when the violation leading to the license revocation occurred – in December. And can you say Fist and Fourteenth Amendment violation? I knew you could.

    *Correction. The FL Department of Business and Professional Regulation had warned the Hyatt that if it hosted a show with explicit sexual content and kids were present it would face sanctions. Perhaps the Miami Herald should publish the entire text of Jacobellis v. Ohio so the people in FL who think they can suppress speech can read it. But FL will argue that Ashcraft v. ACLU allows their actions. This could make for some disastrous law. Regardless, I think the distinction between drag shows and hard core porn somehow escapes them.

  8. Oh, eek.  I set my taxes aside.  I’m going to have to hire someone for the first time, ever.  Pogo – We have until the 18th, this year.

  9. Many asses in this russian asset game.   Asses galore.   A veritable plethora.     

    I know of one ass who is bound for the shifting arabian desert sands.

    I hope that while there he’s forced to spend more time with his family.

  10. Jamie, In the modern Republican Party version of Will’s J. Caesar the repugs have cast DeSantis as Cassius. Now he doesn’t have any lean and hungry look either, unless Dumbass is the standard.  Compared to him Desantis looks downright anorexic.

  11. Sturge, hair is overrated.

    And BID, I’ll take the extra 3 days and be grateful for them.

  12. When you see a lot of service trucks with fancy paint jobs you know the ‘conomy is cooking.    

  13. The Founding Fathers all dressed in drag, Catholic priests still do.  Not judging, just sayin’ 🤷‍♂️ 

  14. DOJ perfect conviction rate holds: Guilty verdict today on SIX COUNTS against high-level Capitol riot defendants Josh Doolin and Michael Perkins

    Jury now deliberating another case, against 6 Proud Boys

  15. Good.  Lock ’em up.  Anyone know who the goober with the white hat and shades with the look of happiness on his face was? He’s in the right foreground of one of the stock photos they show in MSNBC whenever they reference 1/6 but I can’t find a pic of him in Google images.

  16. Randy does it again, but he’s definitely illegal in Florida.  Dick Van Dyke would be so proud and Mary Poppins is always practically perfect in every way.


  17. jamie, bet there’ll be a lot of folks in longworth house office bldg whistling/humming “hey there, georgy girl” as they pass by 1117.   maybe even a few critters in the chamber too.

  18. patd – Oh yeah, there be lots of “Georgie Gurl” going on. 
    You remind me that I have not been down to the Congressional offices in years.  Due to my position I avoided Congress critters and offices, unless invited.  It was weird, I was a little old GS cube farm gopher (walk through office of cubes and you see heads popping up) but due to my political connections in Congress and the WH I was forced to live by top level executive ethics rules.  No going to lunch with friends, no parties, etc.  So, I did not drop in and say “Hi” for many years. I should be something to do when the weather warms up a bit.  And, a few of RR hits playing.

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