Triple-A Tourists, Thugs and Terrorists Tours

Get your tickets now for 2024. Transportation optional followed by free food and accommodations in comfy confinement. Congressional visits allowed on weekends.


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  1. Maxwell Frost: Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 coverage makes ‘people feel like they can do it again’ | The Hill

    Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.) says Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s sympathetic coverage this week of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack increases the risk for future violence because it creates a space “where people feel like they can do it again.”
    In a clip from an interview on Showtime’s “The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth” shared exclusively with The Hill on Friday, the first-term lawmaker said that what Carlson has done with the 41,000 hours of surveillance footage that Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) gave him is “really dangerous.” 
    “It creates a problem where if there’s not real accountability with people being sympathizers towards the insurrection, it puts us in a position where people feel like they can do it again,” Frost said. 
    Frost also criticized the new GOP probe of the House select committee that investigated the insurrection during the past session of Congress. Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.), who is leading the House Republican investigation, has promised to hold hearings on the matter. 
    Frost said House Democrats want to work on issues such as affordable housing, gun violence and climate change, but the GOP has prioritized investigations over addressing such issues. 
    “The things that they brought up during the midterms — inflation, cost of living increasing, etcetera — they’re not working on it now,” Frost said. 
    “The Circus” will air on Sunday at 8 p.m. on Showtime.

  2. relevant perhaps?

    the hill:

    Monkeys in modern-day Thai forests create stone artifacts uncannily similar to those crafted by early humans — challenging the established narrative of human cultural evolution. 
    A new study published on Friday in Science Advances suggests the possibility that a critical hallmark of human tool use happened by accident — potentially blurring the line between tool use by early humans and our primate relatives. 
    The Thai monkeys produced stone artifacts “indistinguishable from what we see at the beginning of the [human] archeological record — what we see as the onset of being human,” said Lydia Luncz of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, a co-author on the study. 
    “People were not happy with monkeys being able to create those artifacts,” she added. “And somewhere in the records of macaque and early hominid tools, there must be a difference. But right now, the diagnostic criteria we’re using can’t find one.”
    The Planck study was controversial in part because it brushed against broader, entrenched debates over nothing less than what it means to be human.
    “Tool use plays an enormous role in this. We’re so successful at it that we’re destroying our planet — and that all started with a stone tool.”

  3. Josh Tyrangiel and John McWhorter join Bill Maher to discuss the loyalty of Trump’s base and why fake news feels good.

  4. BTW the thread title’s “Triple-A” does NOT refer to your friendly auto travel group but to the American Association of A**holes also known as the ruling republicans in the house of representatives.

  5. exempli gratia

    Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene demands access to DC jail, cites concerns about Jan. 6 detainee treatment (

    She also stated that the Committee on Oversight and Accountability is investigating the DC Department of Corrections, DC Central Detention Facility and the DC Central Treatment Facility.  
    “The Committee is concerned by reports that January 6 detainees are facing a unique form of mistreatment due to their politics and beliefs, representing potential several human rights abuses,” she wrote. “Eyewitness accounts of conditions at the DC Jail Facilities-particularly regarding the treatment of January 6 detainees-paint a picture of despair, hopelessness, and a severe abuse of justice.”
    Greene, who has visited the jail before, claimed January 6 detainees have been abused and neglected; forced to use clogged toilets, and not given access to haircuts and workforce development programs, among other things.
    She’s requesting the District turn over all documents and communication regarding complaints made by January 6 defendants, as well as inspection information from October of 2021, COVID policies in the facilities and more.
    “It talks about the two worlds we live in,” said Ronald Moten, an activist in DC.
    Moten said there’s no question the conditions inside the DC jail aren’t great, but he questions Greene’s motives.
    “I was in the jail myself, so I know the conditions. The conditions have always been horrific,” he said. “It’s ironic, people can find things wrong when it’s for a certain group of people, in this case pretty much some white people who committed treason in our community. And, even killed a police officer. But, you don’t care about the 99% of black people who are in prison.”
    Moten pointed out that Greene prayed outside of the jail for January 6 detainees. But, didn’t pray for anyone else detained.
    “She came to the prison and just prayed for a certain group of people, like the other 99.99% of people in the jail didn’t need to be prayed forSo I even question her real motives, even her beliefs,” he said.
    He’d like to see justice sought for everyone currently incarcerated. Not just a select group of people.

  6. Proud of Orlando man Rep. Frost, he’s a rising star and so far it seems he doesn’t believe in his own hype, a key to longevity on the Washington scene

  7. Jeffrey Epstein Dropped Trump After Realizing He Was ‘Crook’: Brother (

    Jeffrey Epstein said in an unaired interview that he distanced himself from former President Donald Trump after realizing Trump was “a crook,” according to his brother, Mark Epstein.
    Mark Epstein told Insider he viewed a clip of the interview, conducted by Trump’s former White House advisor Steve Bannon, after his brother forwarded it to him in the spring of 2019.
    At the time, Bannon was conducting filmed interviews with the now-dead pedophile financier. Bannon sent Jeffrey Epstein a Dropbox link to a clip, which he forwarded to his brother. The link is no longer active, according to Mark.
    “Jeffrey showed me the link to one of these interviews,” Mark Epstein said. “And in that interview, Jeffrey said he stopped hanging out with Trump when he realized Trump was a crook.”

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