The Big Liar

Best jobs record ever! (No.) Finished the wall! (No.) Won in 2020! (No.) Killed Nord Stream 2! (No.) Ended the caliphate in 3 weeks! (No.) Saved Minneapolis! (No.) Stopped NATO from vanishing! (No.)

Fact check: Donald Trump delivers wildly dishonest speech at CPAC

Here is a fact check of 23 of the false claims Trump made. (And that’s far from the total.): CNN Politics

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12 thoughts on “The Big Liar”

  1. same old same old windbag loser guy.
    but, craig, you left out the “F” for Big [effing] Liar in the thread title

  2. so bozo won the cpac straw poll.  don’t forget sen. rant appall won it in 2015 and his rep. daddy run (even more appalling) won it in 2010.  

  3. Trump and big lies are like Wuhan and Covid 19. He released them, but now they are self perpetuating pathogens that spread independently of him. 

  4. With the circus leaving town the other circus is working on how to: 1. create a budget; 2. get enough anti-American representatives to agree not to destroy America by not voting for debt ceiling; 3. keep the frwnj cult from destroying any hope of retaining the House and regain the Senate; 4. keep the orange idiot from mucking up the processes of the House.
    And (never start a paragraph with “And”) the best is that President Biden goes around the world being a real president, exerting presidential bully pulpit, defying any and all attacks by the circus cult members.


    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    “…CPAC, will host its second event in Europe under the motto “Together we are strong,”…

    “This year’s event, taking place May 4-5, will “focus on the liberals’ nightmare: the international coalescence of national forces,” organizers wrote.”

    “The burgeoning alliance with Orban has led some U.S. commentators to warn of American conservatives allegedly embracing anti-democratic tactics.”

    “Currently serving his fourth consecutive term, Orban has prompted a backlash in the European Union for his taking control of Hungary‘s media and democratic institutions under what he calls an “illiberal democracy.”

    “In an address opening the CPAC Hungary conference last year, Orban called Hungary “the bastion of conservative Christian values in Europe,” and urged U.S. conservatives to defeat “the dominance of progressive liberals in public life” as he said he had done in Hungary.”

    “After being invited to speak at CPAC’s main conference in Dallas last August, Orban received a standing ovation, and told attendees that “we must take back the institutions in Washington and Brussels. We must find friends and allies in one another.”

    There’s more than a hint of Mussolini in the air.

  6. Sorry, very busy patch. (Which I hate BTW).
    BiD, Mussoliniish smells are everywhere. WV is trying to outdo every RWNJ guvnuh and legislature in the US of A, and they just may get there.

    CPAC, whaddafuggingjoke.  Dumbass can’t fill a room at CPAC?  And he’s the hand’s down favorite for the repugnican presidential nomination for president in 2024?  God help us.

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