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  1. jack, thanks, it does fit the day.

    question though:  does A minor oboe and strings eventually grow up to be and reach bassoon and piano majority?


  2. The hosts of Fox & Friends (Mikey Day, Heidi Gardner, Bowen Yang) discuss the news that Fox News is being sued for lying to viewers about the 2020 election.


    and click here for snl’s weekend update

  3. Now that the gqp has spoken what they really feel about Trans people, anyone wonder why we have trust issues with them?  Genocide is generally not a nice thing to do, but those f- are at that point.  The other day a Colorado state representative had to take to the floor to inform the Colorado gqp that Trans people do exist, whether they like it or not.
    Why us now?  Not now, we have always been under attack.  It is the former GOP ridding itself of any adult supervision and going full facist and Nazi, that is what is happening. 
    Do we Trans people go about in fear?  Hell yeah. Do we hide? Some do. Some cannot. When I was running for office in Colorado I would occasionally have lunch with the city chief of police.  Part of it was to keep up on any issues and my campaign events, so he could assign uniformed and undercover to try to ensure my safety.  One time we were talking about a report the FBI released showing hate crimes and other crimes by category, race, religion LGBT, etc.  There were notes about how women were more likely to be killed than men, the breakouts by category.  And there was one in particular about odds of a Transgender woman being killed walking down the street at one hundred times what a male would be killed.  I asked him what he thought my odds of being killed were at.  He was silent, looking at me, and finally said, “off the charts”.  Encouraging as anything I had ever hear, including in the military. 

  4. wonder if the 19 congresscritters who were seeking pardons from the loser plus their co-conspirators are on any of those security tapes that the tucker will be skewing and spinning.  will they also be requesting them at their court appearances?

  5. listening to jack’s oboist reminded me of an old band tale i was warned about when choosing what to play that reed players died younger than other instrumentalists on average.  never verified this but the american lung assn did have this to say about Inhale Air, Exhale Music | American Lung Association.  good article if you happen to be such a musician. 

    in particular this (and the video they included) was fascinating:

      One study conducted by the University of Zurich studied the effects of playing the didgeridoo by  patients with moderate obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. The study participants took lessons for four months. While the sleep quality did not improve, those who practiced playing the didgeridoo an average of 5.9 days a week experienced less daytime sleepiness and their partners reported less sleep disturbance. Consider this the motivation you need to start your own didgeridoo duo!

  6. …college buddy could circular-breathe, was very good at didgeridoo, drum circles were had

  7. voila!

    Members of the Twin Cities Metro Pipe Band perform jigs with a didgeridoo player, as well as drummers and dancers at the 2006 Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Recorded 9/24/06.

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