Every Where I Go People Are Asking: Are The Fox Channel, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity Russian Assets?

Fox Channel: “Lights, Camera, BULLSHIT. “

Fox delenda est.


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  1. sturge to the rescue!  thanks for the thread and especially for the topic.

    my answer to those asking people around you:

    that faux bunch are for sure the “ass” part of the russian assets question and are at least mother’s useful idiots. maybe some are even in her “tools”-box.

  2. and madmax ms marjorie also sounds like a fellow traveler (see vid at 8 minutes in on stephen’s monologue)

    The former president visited the site of a toxic spill in Ohio, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks red and blue states should separate in a national divorce.

    BTW, echoing last thread topic, stephen explained his announcement last night that he was giving up peanut M&Ms for lent. good choice.

  3. Everywhere I go people are asking: Is Taylor Green REALLY that stupid or is she just a great actor?

  4. yes and her stupid coach was a former prez whose other students include a bunch of looney morons in the house.

  5. UN expected to endorse demand for Russia to leave Ukraine | United Nations | The Guardian

    The 193-strong UN general assembly is expected by a massive majority on Thursday to endorse a broad resolution demanding Russia unconditionally and immediately withdraw from Ukraine’s territory, but China, South Africa, India and many countries in the global south are likely to continue to abstain, underlining their alienation from what they regarded as the west’s war.
    The resolution has been the subject of weeks of negotiations and has required Ukraine’s allies in the G7 to persuade Kyiv not to press for very specific wider demands and risk seeing some of the countries that have previously voted for Ukraine’s sovereignty peeling off.
    The last time the UN general assembly voted on the issue 143 countries backed Ukraine and only five supported Russia. Ukraine has been warned the number may slip to 135 in Thursday’s vote, marking the first anniversary of the war’s start, but Ukraine and its allies have been involved in last minute high-level lobbying of countries such as Pakistan and India.
    In the debate which opened on Wednesday, Belarus tabled an amendment excising any criticism of Russia.

  6. Happy Winter to my family and friends in California.  Blizzard warnings for LA hills.  Love it.  Bitch about not having a cool day and no water.  Dig out the water now and store in barrels.

  7. Soooooo……..If Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy came back from the past and took a look around would he then condemn the GOP for their flagrant and unamerican support of Russia……would he hold in his hand a LIST?

  8. Donald Trump spent four years demolishing rail safety protections at the expense of the health and safety of average Americans. His trip to East Palestine, Ohio today is pure political theatre & a sad attempt to mask his failures as a President. We won’t let him.


  9. I’d like to see an “after” photograph of the piles of his unopened and discarded bottled water when people find out about the 10-plus year storage leading to the plastic’s leeching into the water……that will be a photo to reckon with.

  10. I hate war. Today a transwoman from Nevada, who went to Ukraine as a medic was shot.  She is alive and will be okay, for today.  She lost part of her hand.  She will be back in the trenches soon. I did not include links to her being cared for under fire, no need to show that stuff.

  11. I have one Twitter person that I have been in contact with ever since the Hillary run who has been captured by the idea of “The Fourth Turning” (Crisis).  If you have read Generations, it refers to the final stage in a cycle before a new cycle begins and is always a major upheavel i.e. wars/plagues etc.  

    For the US, these times would be


    Civil War

    Great Depression

    and now the Russian/Ukrainian War

    The believers think that WW III is just on the horizon and that Biden is unable to handle it, and they are looking all over the QANON possibilities.  This includes siding with Russia.  

    Neil Howe’s previous book was The Fourth Turning.  His latest due out in July is “The Fourth Turning is Here


  12. The original description for the book The Fourth Turning


    I’m not quite sure where the above puts Canada, NATO and the world’s other democracies.

  13. Fox and fiends (not a typo)  do seem intent on tearing America apart.  What’s in it for them?  They are useful tools of the Russian state, and useless to our democracy.

  14. Jamie – I know a couple of preppers in the Midwest who are about 70.  An actual bunker full of rations and ammo.  Not how I would want to spend my golden years.  It must be a terrible place, the inside of minds like that.

    ps – The upheaval (turning) always leads to something better. Gotta pop a zit to clear out the pus.

    Speaking of pus, the J6 footage that Comrade Kevin turned over to Comrade Carlson, new evacuation routes for members of Congress will need to be devised, if that’s even possible.    Who does Comrade Kevin think will stop the next hoard of insurrectionists from taking him out?

  15. “… preppers in the Midwest who are about 70.  An actual bunker full of rations and ammo.”

    BiD, you sure those underground facilities aren’t bomb shelters their parents built in the early 50s? lots of them are still around and have been converted to storm shelters.

    it’s common and advisable in tornado alley states to have such a safety sanctuary stocked with water, food and a lot of batteries.  the guns might come in handy depending on how crazy one’s RW neighbors are.

  16. “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”― Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night

  17. One of the things about screwing with the algorithm is I get some frwnj YouTube channels showing up in the recommended.  More than a few are about building your own bomb/survival shelter.  Some out in the middle of whatever forest is around, some right in town as part of a rebuild of an existing house.  They are really ready for the war.  None have shown anything that has offensive capabilities, and most are just a single entrance thing.  Very sad.  I have seen glimpses of gun storage, but very few talk about that for some reason.  Maybe I need to tweak my searches to get deeper into the hole.

  18. Jamie,
    You might want to point out that as bad as they think Biden is, he is the best one out there right now. It is not a time for on the job training. 
    Also, the war in Ukraine is just a small brushfire war as the tribes gather for the final event. Yesterday China made it’s first open push to dominate Asia a land mass from Kiev to Tokyo. They offered to become Russia’s protector in their war with Ukraine. Given Russia’s obvious weakness, China would become the dominate partner. 

    Like it or not we are seeing the forces of oppression gathering in mutual support. 

    I could go on but I’m scaring my silly little self, and I’m starting to sound like a 1920’s pulp Sci fi story.

  19. Craig 
    They have a lot in common, both are comfortable using force to achieve their political ends. 

  20. PatD – Nope. They sold their place on the outskirts of town and bought land out further and built and stockpiled stuff.   It’s sad.  They are close friends of a relative who has seen the set up and is impressed. I have not seen it, but met them a few times before they moved. They are hardline, right-wingers.  I was chided for not eating meat by the husband.   Vegetarianism is a problem for him; damned liberals.
    In other news, I have my grandparents’ nuclear preparedness pamphlet, complete with forward by some guy named McNamara.

  21. It must be the new tea I’m drinking, I seem to be channeling my inner Churchill today.
    I had better get back on coffee tomorrow

  22. Jack, Vonnegut.  Love him.
    As far as Dumbass is concerned, I want to see pictures of the semis full of water he talked about yesterday.  Not that I don’t believe him, but …  OK, I don’t believe him.  They should have arrived by now.
    Update – things are never what they appear.  Dumbass donated 9 pallets of water – 6 with his name on them (total of 18,000 bottles).  2 Fellas Moving of Oklahoma delivered13 pallets of water, 9 of which were donated by Former President Dumbass. Rourke (of 2 Fellas) estimates that’s roughly 18,000 bottles. 2 Fellas Moving Company also raised $6,000 in Oklahoma to donate to East Palestine. Dumbass also stopped at McDonald’s to pick up dinner for the flight home and bought Mickey D’s for East Palestine fire fighters. Oh, and he also passed out MAGA caps and Goya beans. His generosity knows no bounds. (Do I need to insert ~~~ here, or does everyone here know that?)

    BTW, the fuel used by a B737 is 750 gallons/hour (+/-). The nearest major airport to East Palestine is either Pittsburgh or Youngstown – either one is a 2 1/2 hour flight from Mar-a-Lago. that’s 5 hours flying or 3,750 gallons of jet fuel for that little photo op for Dumbass. At $4 per gallon, that cost $15,000. The water he had delivered (@18000 bottles – 2000 bottles per pallet – would cost $3771 delivered from Sam’s. Of course that would never do. “Premium” spring water can cost as much as $894 per pallet at Amazon, with free delivery, so the outside cost of water delivered by 2 Fellas would be $11,622, with Dumbass’s share of it at $8,094. (probably $54000 at one of Dumbass’ resorts). Factor in the cost of staff for the plane, airport fees, 2 Fellas costs, etc. and he could have just ordered on Amazon and done a stupid spot on Truth Social and gotten much more water to East Palestine residents than he did through his stunt. What a nice guy.

  23. Isolating yourself with a large supply of valuable stuff in the coming Armagedón? Sounds like a good way to commit suicide as the local war lord comes knocking.
    Ya know one thing about reading Sci Fi, is you get all these marvelous ideas. But you always need to remember it is always just fiction.

  24. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-02-21/dutch-premier-pokes-china-while-praising-century-of-america

    “I cannot see how this will be China’s century,” Rutte said in the article for Dutch newspaper NRC published late Monday. “The 21st century will be the century of democracy and thus the century of America.”

    “Rutte’s remarks come days after his visit to Ukraine, and add to the sense that the US and its European allies are losing patience with China over its closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

    “The Netherlands — home to chip machine giant ASML Holding NV — has agreed to join the US effort to further restrict exports of chip technology to China. Last week, ASML accused a former China-based employee of stealing confidential information, the second such breach in less than a year.”

    “If we let Putin have his way, we can seriously doubt whether he will stop at Ukraine,” Rutte said.

  25. https://gothamist.com/news/rep-george-santos-wants-an-ar-15-style-rifle-to-be-the-national-gun-of-the-united-states

    “In one of his first legislative acts as a new member of Congress, Rep. George Santos has backed a bill to make an AR-15 style rifle – a weapon used in some of the deadliest mass shootings of the past decade – the “National Gun of the United States.”

    “Santos co-sponsored the bill, along with prime sponsor Alabama Congress member Barry Moore and two other Republican colleagues: Rep. Andrew Clyde, a gun store owner from Georgia; and Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, who ran a gun-themed restaurant called Shooters Grill.”

    Republicans are idiots and monsters.

    Folks with kids or grandkids in school, or who enjoy going to the market or parade without fear of a hail of bullets from an assault rifle should remember the critters who wrote this bill, and those who will support it.

  26. Well time to crawl up in the attic and trace electrical circuits. This house was built in 1950. One circuit for the whole kitchen. So if I try to use my counter top convection oven, the microwave and my extra large refrigerator all at the same time, we trip the breaker. I wired in 2 new circuits and now I need to unwire some of the old one. That means getting up in the attic.
    I’m too old for this shit.
    Later, Jack

  27. Ok one last Mother night quote. that book is still in a box. I need to reread it, again. 
    Well add “build another bookshelf” to the list of things that need to be done before they drag me off to the home.
    “All people are insane. They will do anything at any time, and God help anybody who looks for reasons.”― Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night

  28. https://www.christianpost.com/voices/the-russian-orthodox-church-is-complicit-in-the-war-with-ukraine.html

    “While other Christian organizations have spoken out boldly against Putin’s war, the ROC has remained silent — and complicit. Their moral error is so egregious that the World Council of Churches has no real choice. Just as other global organizations have barred Russian participation, so should the Russian Orthodox Church be expelled from membership.”

    “…the state’s security apparatus, the KGB, penetrated all the levels and structures within the Orthodox Church.”

    “Patriarch Kirill, the current ROC primate in Moscow, likes to be photographed with Putin, who has been unstinting in showing him his favor. Both seem to believe in the value of reuniting church and state. Putin makes a great show of kissing an icon in the church, and in return, he receives loud approval of his regime from ROC leadership.”

    “The current Russian-Ukrainian war has fully revealed this horrible compact between Putin and Kirill.”

    “Various parties have called on Kirill to speak out against the unprovoked invasion. His previous silence implied he already tacitly supported the mad President Putin’s intentions toward Ukraine. Still, his more recent comments confirmed that he not only supports Putin but also has his own motivations to justify the murderous aggression actively.”

    “Kirill has now explicitly cast the conflict as “a culture war — a holy war — between religious traditionalism and liberalism.”

    Despite what the chicken-fried Taliban in this country thinks it would like, the above is exactly why church and state should be separate.

  29. Jack, we have the same catch phrase – I use it all the time.  Last time was going into the crawl space to replace the water filter – an utter pain in the ass that could have been avoided with a piece of pressure treated 2×6, 4 tapcons and 2 stainless wood screws – but no.  If I didn’t hate plumbing and crawl spaces so much I’d rip the bastard down and reinstall it.

  30. Y’know if you stop and think about it, driving a vehicle down the road at 70mph is a totally insane thing for a monkey to be doing.  

  31. for a a vonnegut of a different color try TIMEQUAKE….there’s a lot innit about his brother.   

  32. Does someone have a 5th amendment assertion tracker going for Dumbass? WaPo.

    A federal judge [U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson of Washington] on Thursday ordered that former president Donald Trump and FBI Director Christopher Wray can be questioned under oath by attorneys for two former senior FBI employees [Peter Strzok and Lisa Page] who allege in separate [but consolidated] lawsuits that they were illegally targeted for retribution after the FBI investigated Russia’s interference in the 2020 presidential election.
    * * *

    Strzok seeks reinstatement and back pay … and Page alleges officials unlawfully released a trove of politically charged text messages she exchanged with Strzok, with whom she was having an affair.

    This story will be updated.

    Should be interesting to see how Chris Wray handles this. We can predict how Dumbass will, the  past being the future and all.

  33. https://www.cnn.com/2023/02/23/europe/russia-ukraine-yevgeny-prigozhin-wagner-campaign-intl-cmd/index.html

    (Terrible picture warning.)

    “It has to count as one of the strangest PR campaigns in memory: using a pile of corpses to make your case to the powers that be.”

    “That’s what Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Russian mercenary group Wagner, appears to have done this week in an unusual public appeal for ammunition for his fighters in Ukraine. And in the process, he has cast a harsh light on his open feud with Russia’s military leadership on the eve of the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.”

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has become a remote and isolated leader since the Covid-19 pandemic, has no clear successor, and some political insiders speculated that some opportunistic upstart – a Prigozhin, for instance – might sense a potential opening or chance to build a power base independent of Putin.”

    “Not everything Prigozhin says can be taken completely at face value. This is the man, after all, who helped bankroll one of Russia’s most notorious disinformation campaigns. And the complaints about ammunition starvation leave unanswered myriad questions about the precise nature of the relationship of Wagner to the Russian military, how its formations are supplied with equipment, and who ultimately exercises command and control over its forces.”

    “And one of the unanswered questions remains how, exactly, Prigozhin manages to operate openly, when mercenary activity is technically proscribed by Russian law. The New America report says groups such as Wagner are part of a “cartel-like structure” that intertwines them with the Kremlin, Russia’s power ministries, large state-owned companies, and Putin himself.”

  34. “driving a vehicle down the road at 70mph is a totally insane“
    i do 65 in a 70 and if you don’t like it, go ahead and pass

  35. The speed itself is not relevant to the point which is that monkeys (us) in cars going any speed is simply insane.  We are very ambitious monkeys. lol

  36. One year ago, today, the majority of news-media talking heads were asserting that Putin wouldn’t invade Ukraine and that his military build-up was a bluff
    Slava Ukraine

  37. I also thought it wasn’t going to happen. Just seemed to be so counterproductive to what putin seemed at the time to be after.

  38. Now that I passed the speed limit in age I find myself actually looking at the speedometer.  Wonderful youth was to avoid seeing, a form of ignorance.  I am still better than my father.  I was more blind than I am, he would drive on the highways without his glasses.  Yup, combined with his age it came down that no one would ride with him.  Some of us consumed relaxers, usually bourbon, to even get in the back seat.
    Tonight’s project is to create at least two and hopefully three dinner meals, these are not one person size though.  Tonight the Kielbasa sausage and cabbage is cooking.  Next up is vegetable beef soup.  And, the finale will be stuffed cabbage leaves with . . . oops do not have the filling.  Looks like that will be tomorrow.  The concept, and I think it is good, is to freeze what I am not eating this week.  Each recipe is good for four to six servings.  I can take the frozen packs to my boat and not have to cook dinners there.

  39. Has anyone ever dug into Fluffy’s background and connections, I mean, beyond the frozen dinners?  

  40. https://www.thestreet.com/investing/cryptocurrency/bankman-fried-flooded-politicians-with-millions-of-dollars-from-ftx-clients-prosecutors-say
    The Jon Stewart live on YouTube was really interesting.  This is one the topics. 

    “…an illegal straw donor scheme to flood millions of dollars in donations to both political parties, Democratic and Republican.”

    …“try to purchase influence over cryptocurrency regulation in Washington, D.C. by steering tens of millions of dollars of illegal campaign contributions to both Democrats and Republicans.”

    “Bankman-Fried didn’t want to be publicly branded as donating money to Republicans, court documents show. He decided to keep contributions to Republicans “dark.”

    “… an internal Alameda spreadsheet noted over $100 million in political contributions, even though FEC records reflect no political contributions by Alameda for the 2022 midterm elections to candidates or PACs.”

  41. https://www.cnn.com/2023/02/23/us/ohio-train-derailment-east-palestine-townhall-takeaways/index.html

    “The company plans to take a series of measures moving forward to minimize the long-term impacts of chemicals on the land and groundwater, including ripping up the tracks where the train derailed and removing soil underneath, CEO Shaw said.”

    It sounds like BS, too. They say they’ve removed 8.3 metric tons of soil already. Doubtful, since they are just now talking about tipping up the tracks. Governor DeWine was invited by a resident to stay there for cleanup since he seems to think it’s safe to be there for a few hours over a couple of weeks. Prove it and stay for the cleanup. It’s not safe.

    Which they weren’t going to do, and which they should’ve started doing two weeks ago. Yeah, there were toxic chemicals and more were emitted from burning them off, but they tried to make all of that petroleum a month-issue. It’s not. It’s in the main water supply, not just private wells. It’s in the soil.

    The railroad should have to pay to relocate every person impacted by their negligence, which was ushered in by tRUMPsky-era deregulation.

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