Sunday Serendipity

Two piano pieces for Black History month, from two 20th century, African American women composers, Florence Price, the teacher and Margaret Bonds her pupil.

Reading their Wikipedia biographies, reminds me of how hard it was for both Blacks and women to compose serious music.

The pianist is Samantha Ege, an interesting person in her own right.

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. HansandFranz at WaPo posted this:
    M A G A
    (M)y (A)ss (G)ot (A)way
    with it
    im definitely stealing that. 

  2. Fox sure was falling all over itself for Orange Adolf this morning.  All of the other contenders are just auditioning for VP because “he is a TV genius.” 

    That said, Nikki Haley (female, Indian descent, South Carolinian) checks all of the boxes. Sadly, I think he will be the nominee, again.

    Go, Chiefs!

    Is the Good Year blimp still a thing?

  3. BiD

    I’m a firm believer in multiple news sources, but simply can’t handle Faux spews for more than about 30 seconds.  You are made of sterner stuff.


  4. not too far-fetched that the GY blimp might be taken for another spy ship according to this 2019 report:

    That time the Goodyear blimb hunted Nazi subs – We Are The Mighty

    Ah, football. Nothing’s sweeter than getting everyone together to drink beer, eat hot dogs, watch sports, and look at corporate slogans painted on a 250-foot weapon of war that floats over them just like it floated over Nazi and Japanese submarines before bombing them into Davy Jones’ depths.
    Yeah, that’s right — the Goodyear Blimp used to be a bona fide badass.
    See, during World War II, America actually still had a pretty robust blimp program. While the rest of the world pretty much abandoned airships after the Hindenburg disaster, the U.S. was able to press forward since it had the bulk of the world’s accessible helium.
    And press forward it did. While the more ambitious projects, like experimental, flying aircraft carriers, were shelved in the 1930s, America had 10 operating blimps in the U.S. Navy when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and they were quickly sent to patrol the U.S. coasts, watching for submarines.
    The K-class blimps were 250-foot long sacks of helium that carried a control car with the crew inside. A fully staffed crew was 10 men, which included a pilot, gunners, and anti-submarine warriors.
    Yeah, blimps were there to kills subs. The K-class blimps, which accounted for 40 percent of the pre-war fleet and over 80 percent of airships built during the war, usually sported a .50-cal. or two for self-defense and four 350-pound depth charges. They could also be used to lay mines and carry cargo more quickly than their sea-bound brethren and could deploy paratroopers. In fact, the Marine Corps parachute schools in World War II included jumping out of blimps in Lakehurst, New Jersey.
    The ability to spot and attack submarines while able to fly out of attack range made airships valuable on convoy duty, where they would hunt enemy subs and report the locations to escort ships. When appropriate, they’d drop their own depth charges against the subs, but re-arming required landing on a carrier, so it was best to not waste limited ammo.

  5. Faux and Joe?

    Fox, White House at odds over traditional pre-Super Bowl interview with President Biden – CBS Los Angeles (

    It doesn’t look like the traditional pre-Super Bowl interview with the president will be happening this year, as dueling statements from Fox Corporation and the White House stirred confusion Friday. 
    On Friday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tweeted that the president “was looking forward to an interview with Fox Soul to discuss the Super Bowl, the State of the Union, and critical issues impacting the everyday lives of Black Americans,” but that the White House had “been informed that Fox Corp has asked for the interview to be cancelled.”
    Hours later, Fox, which is broadcasting Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, suggested the interview would take place after all. 
    “After the White House reached out to FOX Soul Thursday evening, there was some initial confusion,” the Fox Corporation said in a statement. “FOX Soul looks forward to interviewing the president for Super Bowl Sunday.”
    However, in response to a question from CBS News, a White House official said Friday night the interview had not been rescheduled. 
    “As we said earlier, we had arranged an interview with FOX Sports host Mike Hill and Vivica A. Fox with the president ahead of the Super Bowl, and Fox Corp had the interview cancelled,” the White House official said. “FOX has since put out a statement indicating the interview was rescheduled, which is inaccurate.”

  6. atta boy, george

    ABC host busts GOP Oversight chair: Will you be investigating Jared Kushner too? – Raw Story – Celebrating 18 Years of Independent Journalism

    ABC host George Stephanopoulos asked Republican House Oversight Chair James Comer (KY) if he would investigate Saudi funds provided to former President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.
    The New York Times and The Washington Post reported that Kushner secured over $2 billion, mainly from Sauri Arabia, after Trump left office.
    Stephanopoulos wondered if Comer would take time out of his investigation of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, to probe Kushner’s foreign business dealings.
    “It’s clear that you’re going to be looking at Hunter Biden,” the host said. “I want to put up a front-page story from the Washington Post detailing Jared Kushner’s ties to the Saudis.”
    “We know that former President Trump has also received funds related to the Saudis’ golf tour,” he added. “Will you be investigating that as well?”

  7. Ok, 3 unidentified objects shot down, isn’t this the time for super intelligent science guy, Jeff Goldblum to identify them as from outer space and sound the alarm we are about to be invaded. Don’t laugh, that is what they always do and they are always wrong. Then the ones who laugh the loudest die a horrible death.

  8. Time to be creative – small cylinder, about the size of a Bug.  Hmm. No word if it has a balloon attached, or propellers or something to propel it.  They did say it was not directional, or capable of adjusting its position, meaning it was in a straight line. The last one at twenty thousand feet was a definite flight hazard, it also disappeared between Montana and Lake Huron.  Hmm perhaps it can adjust altitude not compass direction?
    How about it being a stage from a rocket, that would give it the boost to go places?  Mini kim has not fired any candles lately.  Perhaps China has been sending up things?
    Could they have been in orbit and then dropped down to skim over locations such as North America?  It would need some propulsion system to do it, but after use would not be needed.
    Could they have been aircraft mounted then fired out, like a rocket or bullet?  That would be a good possibility.  Avoid rocket launch on Earth, avoid attention and give the thing some direction and umpf.

  9. BB I am no expert (i.e. don’ know shit) re orbiting objects re-entering the atmosphere, but from what I’ve seen they come in hot. No slow dropping out of orbit.  And I don’t think those aircraft mounted launches would go unnoticed.

  10. Jamie – I only had Faux on because it’s Super Bowl Sunday and they were on the field. I thought it was part if the pre-game show.  I quickly discovered it was their Sunday morning cartoon, and I changed the channel after a few minutes.

  11. Round, white balloon 
    Silver, cylinder 
    Octagon with strings 
    All different – Probably  a lot of stuff we’ve missed in the past, and now we are just noticing things.   What are we missing on the ground, at sea, etc.?


    “When US startup Make Sunsets released two weather balloons into the skies above Mexico’s Baja California peninsula last year, it kicked up a fierce debate about one of the world’s most controversial climate solutions.”

    “The plan was for the balloons, filled with helium and a small amount of sulfur dioxide, to float high into the stratosphere. There they would burst, dispersing their load of sun-reflecting sulfur dioxide particles and cool the Earth, just a tiny bit.”

    “It is not clear if any particles were actually released or even if the balloons made it to the stratosphere. But Make Sunsets’ experiment is significant for crossing a threshold when it comes to a hotly-debated climate solution: solar geoengineering.”


    “Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear in 2021 signed a law allowing the use of a “newborn safety device” for the anonymous surrendering of infants less than 30 days old at a participating staffed police station, staffed fire station, or a staffed hospital.”

    “The child is the 24th baby to be placed inside one of the organization’s baby boxes nationwide, according to Kelsey.”

    No birth certificate. Do they check records for any child born in the state within 30 days? Do they issue a new certificate of some sort?

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