So Long Bob

Our friend and legend CBob, formerly known as Colorado Bob, has passed.

Re-posting Sturgeon’s recent tribute, which nailed it.

Thank You Robert

Thanks for the stories.
Thanks for the tall tales.
Thanks for being brakeman on the hellbound train.
Thanks for the solar stove and Peggy’s garden.
Thanks for the water harvester.
Thanks for the Mustang Sally bassman rock.
Thanks for Joe Don the Fig.
Thanks for the picks on Buddy’s grave.
Thanks for the blue corn.
Thanks for the Shelter Boxes, Haiti bound.
Thanks for the vest which is going to be a family Heirloom.

Thanks for everything, Bob , it’s been a gas.

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48 thoughts on “So Long Bob”

  1. Bob, you showed us that sharp elbows often come with sharp minds. Thanks for the years of challenging us. I’ll have what Sturg is having and I’ll take mine neat. 

  2. I remember when, about ten years back, we thought CBob had passed on, only to re-surface.  He was a man of many talents and stories who brightened many a page along The Trail.

  3. Well, he got a beautiful full-moon to float on up to.
    Condolences to friends (you) and family

  4. Woke at midnight to spend the rest of the night in tears.  CBob was a good man and friend who created the Coo and bears.  Dutton, make it a long pour.

  5. robert, it’s been a long ride here on the trail. seems like only yesterday when we saddled up. 

  6. yet our world stupidly goes on and politicians swap flag pins for AR15s

    Gun-Nut GOP Lawmakers Commemorate Gun Violence Survivors’ Awareness Week With AR-15 Paraphernalia | Vanity Fair

    Throughout the week—which happens to be Gun Violence Survivors’ Awareness Week—various far-right lawmakers, including the newly elected representatives George Santos and Anna Paulina Luna, have shown up in Congress sporting AR-15 pins on their lapels, in the place where congresspeople usually display American flags. Why? To own the libs, or something. After days of questions re: who was passing these offensive pieces of paraphernalia out, Representative Andrew Clyde, who was also seen wearing one on Wednesday while criticizing gun restrictions, revealed himself, saying: “I’m Congressman Andrew Clyde for Georgia’s 9th District. I hear that this little pin I’ve been giving out on the House floor has been triggering some of my Democrat colleagues. I give it out to remind people of the Second Amendment of the Constitution and how important it is in preserving our liberties. If I missed you on the House floor, please stop by my office in Cannon, I have plenty more to give out.”

  7. The interconnection of Google and YouTube is tight.  Yesterday evening I clicked on a search result and just now I had an ad show up on YouTube for that same company.  Some day there will be a judgement of these things.

  8. sturge, ask away but if it’s anything techie i refer you to fearless leader.  they don’t call me Ms Luddite of nineteen-ought-two for nothing.  

  9. “…seems like everyone under 30 gives all their personal info to China via the TikTok app and people are afraid of a balloon in the sky, not the phone in their hands 😬

    bink, you and marlette, great minds think alike

  10. Pat id just like to delete my comment at 2:08 AM about Larry Simmons and the tornado gallery…..possible?
    I have to work now so ill check later to see if It’s do-able

  11. sturge, your comment posted above at 2:08 a.m. can be deletes by clicking edit and then trash. 

    however if you mean a comment you posted on facebook, please ask those on the trail who do FB.  like flatus I avoid it, tiktok  and twitter (except copying from news articles for here) due to security concerns.

  12. I’ve checked out the obituary online, it gives only name and age.  He will always be so much more than that.  

    They have a link to plant a commemorative tree in a national forest.   I’m trying to think of the best way to do something to honor him. Ideas?

  13. audience on maher lastnight sounds a tad fake and taped

    Bill tackles Trump’s latest Truth Social trolling and his 2024 competitors in his Real Time monologue.

  14. I saw Pogo’s email early this morning…  was just too heartbroken to come here until now.
    ColoradoBob….   CBob…  I love you… will miss you… and will always consider you my friend.

  15. I have so many fond memories of CBob and will miss him. We met up in Lubbock with him on September 19, 2010 and had a long conversation. He was a fascinating man!
    Here is to one of his celebrated causes.     

  16. Thank you Jamie, not sure it is possible for me to correct the link. It was a jpeg local to my iPad, it did show up in the edit window. It looks like this WP construction will only accept content from external sources.
    Anyways, it was an image from a t-shirt purchased from CBob for the Downtown Art Market in Lubbock.  I still wear it, he called it the DAM shirt.

  17. It’s good to see all the old regulars gathering to salute CBob.  Hope you will all stick around as you’ve been missed.


  18. It’s a bit of a respite to visit the trail to honor a friend and to see more friends again. 

  19. Stepping away from the political stuff and social media experts on balloon technology for a while.  I am happy to say American humour is starting to pour out regarding a big balloon floating over the U.S.  Meme’s abound, such as a picture of a balloon with a typical Chinese take out box hanging under the balloon by a string.  Comedy skits are out such as a couple of Texas good ol’ boys talking about the balloon, whether or not it can be returned to China if they shoot it down or if they get to sell it on ebay (this one was approved of by my far right cousin).  Yup, makes me a lot happier that not everything is serious in America.

  20. The balloon is fresh fodder for tonight’s SNL, but it’s still serious business.  
    Snooping; seeing how far the device will go to snoop; seeing how long it can snoop before we do something about it.
    This is about Taiwan, our presence in the Philippines, and our new base in Guam.  It’s not nothing.  

  21. The ISS will be over DFW in about 15 minutes, which made me question our satellites.  Reports say we didn’t notice the balloon until last Wednesday, when it was over Montana?  How did we detect it then?  How did it get so far?  What about the balloon reported to be floating somewhere over Mexico or Central America?  

  22. I am going to add another bit of drivel to the Chinese slow motion spy series.  Sometimes you need to “calibrate” your optics.  Say you have a new super duper double secret spy satellite and it is not working exactly as planned. In fact it is like that American space telescope that cannot focus in space (another story).  What you need is something to just go along taking pictures at some specific altitude.  Then you can match those to what your stupid bird is looking at.  Once you know what is wrong you can adjust the focus of the bird and all will be well in your spy world.
    Sending a big ol’ balloon seems like the right idea. . .eh?  Maybe it is a bit obvious and the people you are taking vacation pictures of do not like it.  And, they spit on the lens.  Then they break your camera.  Welcome to America.

  23. bId – the balloon was most likely seen when it was inflated.  It was spotted by civilians when it was over Montana. The thing was tracked by DoD from its source.  There is nothing going into any altitude that is not spotted. DoD did not talk about it because that is what DoD does.  Once the balloon was noticed by the public and talked about did it become a media sensation.

    The southern balloon is a reason that I think the Chinese spy satellite grid is not functioning correctly. A country would normally not send multiple spy balloons around the world unless there was a significant failure with another part of its spy system. It is a very obvious, even blatant, invasion of multiple countries sovereignty.

  24. CNN – “China has expressed its “strong dissatisfaction and protest” against the decision, accusing the US of “overreacting” and “seriously violating international practice.”

    Uh, yeah, and how would China react if we sent them a balloon bouquet?

    So, is this just the Chinese government saying they are ~shocked and appalled~ when they knew we would down it at some point?  Are they trying to provoke something a la “99 Red Balloons”?  Psy-ops?  A warning about our increased presence in that part of the world? Or, hopefully, what BB posted?

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