Thank you, Robert

Thanks for the stories.
Thanks for the tall tales.
Thanks for being brakeman on the hellbound train.
Thanks for the solar stove and Peggy’s garden.
Thanks for the water harvester.
Thanks for the Mustang Sally bassman rock.
Thanks for Joe Don the Fig.
Thanks for the picks on Buddy’s grave.
Thanks for the blue corn.
Thanks for the Shelter Boxes, Haiti bound.
Thanks for the vest which is going to be a family Heirloom.

Thanks for everything, Bob , it’s been a gas.

If ever we had a Trail Boss it is certainly CBob aka Colorado Bob

– – Craig


32 thoughts on “Thank you, Robert”

  1. Robert, me too what Sturge wrote adding

    my share of the blue corn seeds you help scatter nationwide. johnny appleseed would be jealous

    and for those delightful cartoon bears singing pax nobiscum

    and more, much more as we stroll down memory lane

  2. last night’s colbert in case you missed it

    America gifted Abrams tanks to Ukraine on their leader Volodymyr Zelensky’s birthday, the former president backed his VP Mike Pence against attacks on his handling of classified documents, and an Xbox software update set off the folks at Fox News.

  3. for the latest on george anthony devolder santos (aka congressman?)

    click here for The Daily Beast’s Roger Sollenberg on the George Santos “treasurer”: “The new treasurer—his lawyer told me that that was a mistake, that he never accepted the job, and they don’t know how those filings got there. So, it’s unclear if he even has a treasurer.”

    and click here for Congressman Dan Goldman (D-NY) reacts to the barrage of scandals continuing to surface about his Republican colleague George Santos.

    Rep. Goldman: There very well may be an indictment against George Santos


    or here for George Santos’s lies, deceit and hidden personas are racking up, and his scandals are far from over. But Santos’s serial fabrications don’t make him as much of an outlier as you might think — and it’s his own Republican Party that let this happen. Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali joins Mehdi to discuss.

    Serial liar George Santos fits right in with the modern GOP | The Mehdi Hasan Show

  4. I did it quickly but left out:
    Thanks for the music.
     Thanks for the weather and climate updates. 

    And most of all Thanks Mucho Grande should you beat this tempotary setback and come back for more.

  5. “Trump announced on his social media platform that he won the Senior Club Championship at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach last weekend, despite not playing the first round of the tournament” Palm Beach Post

  6. hip hip hurray! jamie’s back!  how’re you doing?

    love that coo.  cbob’s quite an artiste with any medium, a wide-ranging eclectic talent.

  7. how could i have overlooked this intriguing piece of art last week from the cartoonist cbob introduced us to?

    david horsey’s op ed Once upon a time, in the Land of Classified Documents … | The Seattle Times

    Let us be overly generous and assume that both Joe Biden as a departing vice president and Donald Trump as a very reluctantly departing president did not intentionally take top secret government documents with them on their way out the door. If that is the case, then that inadvertence is the only thing that is the same in the two cases.
    Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to look into how prohibited materials got into the mix of Biden’s papers. This comes as another special counsel and federal investigators continued their probe into Trump’s handling of classified documents. Or should I say mishandling?
     … it took an FBI raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort to retrieve the documents.
    That raid caused an uproar among Republicans. They were outraged, not by Trump’s behavior, but by the FBI and the Justice Department doing their job. Now that they have a majority in the House of Representatives, zealous GOP lawmakers are opening an investigation into what they are terming “the weaponization of government” — also known as law enforcement.
    Biden’s embarrassing situation has, of course, delighted the Republicans, who can now assert that the two cases are equivalent. Inattentive voters will also adopt the lazy assumption that “they all do it.” Yet, based on everything we know now, it is obvious that Biden and Trump responded to the discovery of their mistakes in dramatically different ways.
    Biden did the right thing, Trump — flagrantly — did not.

  8. Semi-sentient gopers furiously doing Rock-Scissors-Paper over who has to vote with dems over debt ceiling thing.  
    I, so disparaging of predictions, predict the “freedom carcass” and the new McCarthy
    are in for a huge surprise.
    No way would I ever “guarantee ” such a ludicrous notion but I do believe that train is comin’.

  9. “new McCarthy”

    sturge, is that as in the 2nd coming of joe mccarthy?  another term for the current era in critterville could be “mccarthy 2.0” 


    “have you no sense of decency, sirs?”

  10. Welcome back jamie.  I had never heard of a laparoscopic cholecystectomy until I became General Counsel of our little community hospital – now more like a regional medical center tied into the state’s biggest health care system – most of which occurred after my departure. I digress.  I quickly found out that it was the most frequently scheduled procedure in our OR and that the general and thoracic surgeons who performed it were the most wealthy surgeons on staff.
    Bob, I echo Sturg’s thanks – and wish you the best. And BTW, get your ass back here if you don’t mind and the stars align to allow that.

  11. So thankful for the power company linesmen that restored our power in the middle of the night so that I can comment on this thread.
    CBob… I will never forget when you returned here in a disguise and then made me guess who you were.  At first, I thought you were MadMustard.  But when I realized who you really were… I was so happy I started to cry.  I too echo Sturg….  thanks for everything!

  12. C’Bob –   Thanks for those guitar pick earrings from your Tornado Gallery. 
      It looks like your art and wisdom are spread around the world like the blue corn seed.

  13. Bill Barr asked Italian officials to discredit Russia probe — they responded with evidence linking Trump to crimes (

    A new report from the New York Times details how former Attorney General Bill Barr’s efforts to discredit the probe into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian agents completely floundered.
    One particularly telling section of the Times’ story involves a trip that Barr made to Italy in order to push officials in that country for evidence that the Russia investigation was part of an elaborate setup designed to damage former President Donald Trump politically.
    The Italian officials responded by offering evidence of wrongdoing of a very different sort.
    “Italian officials… unexpectedly offered a potentially explosive tip linking Mr. Trump to certain suspected financial crimes,” the Times reports. “Mr. Barr and [former special counsel John] Durham decided that the tip was too serious and credible to ignore. But rather than assign it to another prosecutor, Mr. Barr had Mr. Durham investigate the matter himself.”

  14. I was digging through some old files looking for some forgotten graphics Mrs Jack created.
    Found this

  15. Thank you, Bob, for the Twisted Pine. Met Hank and he remembered you fondly. Asked how I knew you. I said, Secret Society. 

  16. A post from “The Shinbone Star”:

    A while back, my friend in South Carolina, by the nom-de-plume of “Sturgeone”, asked if I had a leather vest left over from a past life. I regretted telling him it was all gone. Well I was wrong , I found one in a box, so Friday night I let him know I would pass it along . I made this one on Flint Ave. in Lubbock, in the early 90’s. It’s made from a very fat old elk hide. I just washed to get it ready to send to him.  Hot water and Ivory followed by lot’s of pulling on it as it dries out. Then a heavy dose of Carnauba Cream to restore the waxes and oils .  Over the weekend, Sturgeone had the good fortune to rescue a Red Tail Hawk. Looks like that old fat elk is going to a good home in South Carolina.

  17. Guys! This is liz “little sister” Thank you for all your kind words to Colorado Bob! He is doing ok considering his circumstances. We have him in a place that’s close to our house so that is nice.
    He had a hard talk with the hospice nurse and she kind of lined out what will start happening with him which was hard for him but needed to know. He probably has a couple of months slowly declining. We have had some good talks and a few laughs. 
    I was able to go up at lunch today. He was doing pretty good all fixed in his bed and clean and warm. He’s bitching about the food lol which I take is a good sign.
    I plan to take my computer up on Saturday and show and read to him your messages! He’s really looking forward to that. His mind is clear and that’s a big blessing. 

  18. Liz
    Does Bob need a computer to get on line? If so let me know. Any way I can help.

  19. hey guys, liz here colorado bob took a turn last friday and will not be with us much longer.
    yesterday you could tell he was “done” – he spoke so kindly of you all. thank you for loving an ole man, colorado bob … 

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