Trouble on the Trail

A message received late last night about our Trail friend Old Man (aka CBob):

Hi All! I am Colorado Bob’s little sister. He asked that I let you guys know where he has been the last week.
He has not been feeling good for several months and last Friday called 911. He spent several days in the hospital and sadly they have told him he is in liver failure. We have called in hospice and taking things one day at a time. He has a good attitude considering the situation. If you would like to reach out to him via email, I will be happy to print them and take to him. His email is Thank You

Correction of his address was later sent by CBob’s “little sister:”

Robert’s email is


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  1. two acapella versions of james taylor’s “that lonesome road”

    click here for taylor himself singing it with Tanglewood Festival chorus

    Walk down that lonesome road all by yourself,
    Don’t turn your head back over your shoulder.
    And only stop to rest yourself when the silver moon is shining high above the trees.
    If I had stopped to listen once or twice, if I had closed my mouth and opened my eyes.
    If I had cooled my head and warmed my heart, I’d not be on this road tonight.
    Carry on, never mind feeling sorry for yourself.
    It doesn’t save you from your troubled mind.
    Walk down that lonesome road all by yourself,
    Don’t turn your head back over your shoulder.
    And only stop to rest yourself when the silver moon is shining high above the trees.

  2. op ed from one of CBob’s fav cartoonists

    Playacting at leadership | The Seattle Times

    Cosplay is a favorite activity among the fans of comic books and superhero movies who frequent Comicons, the big festivals of comic art hosted in many cities each year. If the term is new to you, imagine dressing up in the costume of your favorite character from a comic book, graphic novel, fantasy story or movie and acting the part in a public venue. That is cosplay.
    And cosplay is what most of the Republicans in Congress are doing right now. Right-wing gadflies, such as Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene – not to mention Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy – are posing as serious political leaders and pretending to care about things like the federal deficit. This is not a new thing. For years, Republicans have been acting the part of fiscal hawks whenever Democrats hold the White House. Of course, they abandon the charade once one of their own becomes president.
    Now that a Democrat is in the White House once more, the GOP majority in the House is refusing to raise the debt ceiling unless spending is reined in – including spending on Social Security and Medicare. The debt ceiling is an artificial limit that must be increased periodically to make sure the United States is able to faithfully pay debts already incurred by past spending. If the debt ceiling is not raised, by the way, the country defaults on its obligations and the world economy goes into freefall.
    Congressional Republicans have little problem voting to raise the debt ceiling under a Republican president, but now, with President Joe Biden in the White House, they stand ready to risk economic chaos in order to demonstrate their passion for strict budgeting.
    Don’t be fooled. It’s only cosplay.


  3. Well, I didn’t expect to cry and write that email this morning, but at least we know what’s going on with OM.  

  4. back to the political news. this could be the theme song for kevin and his gang in re dealing with the debt ceiling:

  5. Supreme Court probe was an investigation that never wanted an outcome: Former FBI counter-intel official (

    Figliuzzi said that this is by design.
    “When is an investigation really not an investigation? When you’re told what you can and can’t do,” he said, implying that the probe was a joke. “You can’t do what you need to do or talk to the people you need to talk to solve the investigation and whether it’s conducted by professional investigators. Let’s level set here. There have been some things said that I think we need to clarify. No. One, the U.S. Marshal Service did not conduct this investigation. This investigation was conducted by someone called the Marshal of the Supreme Court. I’m sure she’s a wonderful person, but she has no law enforcement training or experience. She’s in charge of securing the building called the Supreme Court building and the justices. that’s what she does. That’s who they gave this to in this most egregious breach of security in the history of the Supreme Court.”
    The counter-intelligence expert explained that to do a serious investigation, one begins with talking to every person who may have had access to the information leaked. That didn’t happen in this case.
    “While they may have talked to 200 people, they didn’t talk to X clerks, they didn’t talk to the very universe of people who may have done the leaking and left the court to go onto some great legal job,” he said. “They didn’t talk to those people. They didn’t call the FBI because you know what would happen, a real case would have happened. They would have actually had the criminal process. Someone stole government property. Someone mishandled government records, potentially a crime. They could have had subpoenas of former clerks and former employees, they would have had that leverage over them. They could have subpoenaed phone carriers and internet providers and they could have seen who was talking to whom and when at the media platform that obtained this information. All that could have been done.”
    He also noted that there’s no evidence the justices themselves were interviewed. Another point is that the Marshal of the Court’s boss is the Supreme Court. So, her findings could have implicated the people that pay her salary.

    wonder if talk like this is why scotus report was later amended to say justices were interviewed.  however, seems they weren’t asked to sign affidavits as was the staff. 

  6. Dear Robert…..What a long strange trip it’s been, eh?    Keep on truckin’, Dude.       

  7. Well, hell.
    I was just thinking about Bob the other day. I am planning a 2 lane road trip through Oklahoma, Texas into New Mexico later this spring after it warms up a bit. Thought I might stop by and say hello, as I went through Texas.  
    I came within a few feet of disappearing off the internet myself Thursday. A young man totally oblivious to the world blew through a red light as I was making a left turn with a green arrow. He had to be going every bit or more of the 55mph speed limit. As it was, I was grandpa-ing along so as he flew by, he caught the very front of my car mostly plastic. Didn’t do much more than stop the car.  But it did set off the airbags and totaled the car.
    The good news is that both me and the critters, who were going to the vet, were slightly shaken up but no bumps or bruises. If I had been 6 inches farther in the intersection it would be a different story. 5 Feet and I would be either severely injured, in the hospital or dead.
    It makes one stop and think. 

  8. And now, a message from Elizabeth Warren:
    “A few reminders for the new House Speaker:

    Raising the debt ceiling would not authorize a single cent of new spending.
    It would let the U.S. pay the bills that Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump ALREADY ran up with tax breaks for billionaires and giant corporations.
    Kevin McCarthy himself voted to raise the debt ceiling three times under Donald Trump.

    He understood then what’s still true today: if the U.S. were to default on its debt, it would crash our economy. He didn’t want that to happen while Republicans controlled the White House. But he isn’t afraid to hit working families with a wrecking ball if it could make Joe Biden look bad.”
    Republicans don’t care who they hurt with this little stunt.  Dems and the MSM need to do a better job of messaging.  It seems to me, Elizabeth Warren is the only one speaking clearly.   

  9. Pat
    Of course, they don’t want to know the leaker. They are a very exclusive bunch. The leak is as likely to be someone excited that it is happening, just giddy and can’t keep thir mouth shut. as some malicious leak.

    “Barber, a MacArthur “genius grant” recipient, says a coalition of the “rejected stones” of America—the poor, immigrants, working-class whites, religious minorities, people of color and members of the LGBTQ community can transform the country because they share a common enemy.”
    “The same forces demonizing immigrants are also attacking low-wage workers,” the North Carolina pastor said in an interview several years ago. “The same politicians denying living wages are also suppressing the vote; the same people who want less of us to vote are also denying the evidence of the climate crisis and refusing to act now; the same people who are willing to destroy the Earth are willing to deny tens of millions of Americans access to health care.”

    In other words, if the townsfolk go after the same monster with their pitchforks, we might stand a chance. 

    “There is a sleeping giant in America,” Barber told CNN. “Poor and low-wealth folks now make up 30% of the electorate in every state and over 40% of the electorate in every state where the margin of victory for the presidency was less than 3%. If you could just get that many poor and low-wealth people to vote, they could fundamentally shift every election in the country.”

    And that’s why Republicans are doing their darnedest to make it harder to vote. To stay in power, they have to chip away at our democracy.

  11. Thankyou Colorado Bob’s little sister, I’m working on it.
    As you probably understand it is not easy. Bob is not a neutral character in our little corner of the internet. He is an active part of our world. Be he inspiring us, entertaining us with his stories and music. Or just irritating us. But he is one of us, and too often in our online world friends have just disappeared. So, thank you very much for letting us know.

  12. whskeyjack said it all in his 12:34 note to “little sister” and nothing I could add would equal his eloquent sentiment.

    BTW, I added the corrected email address to the thread introduction.

  13. In hospital to deal with gall bladder.  Would someone please email chin for me as using my kindle is a pain.  Best wishes and much love.


    “Diners at a Kentucky restaurant were outraged to see and hear what they believe was video footage showing the killing of Breonna Taylor at an event featuring John Mattingly, one of the officers involved in the 2020 raid, according to the local NAACP chapter and witnesses.”

    “Mattingly was the first officer to enter Taylor’s apartment on March 13, 2020, after Louisville police executing a search warrant used a battering ram to break the door down.”

    “Mattingly was never charged in connection with the incident and retired after he was put on administrative leave.”

    “The only officer charged in the botched raid, Brett Hankison, was acquitted of wanton endangerment charges in March.”

    “Jones tells CNN that when her family showed their displeasure at the loud recording, the people attending the event upstairs started to shush them.”

    “These patrons had to see and listen to graphic descriptions of the incident which killed Breonna Taylor because Mattingly was provided video equipment, a microphone, and a speaker and was able to be heard throughout the restaurant,” the NAACP said.”

    “CNN has also reached out to the Republican Women’s Club of South Central Kentucky for comment. Prior to the event, the Republican Women’s Club said in a statement that it invited Mattingly to speak at the event “to obtain a firsthand account” of the raid that resulted in Taylor’s death.”

    “Regarding the women’s group, Johnson said, “They have had no accountability in this. They took their Facebook page down and are just laying low.”

    “I want accountability from this group,” she continued. “They give powerful people platforms and they need to explain to the community and Breonna Taylor’s family why they gave him [Mattingly] a platform.”

    “The NAACP said the event featuring Mattingly was canceled at its original venue due to its “controversial” nature but went ahead as planned at the Greek restaurant on the same night.”

    “CNN has reached out to Louisville police for comment on the reported use of video footage showing the killing of Taylor at the Kentucky restaurant.”

    I guess the GOP is holding klan meetings put in the open now.

  15. Thank you, Colorado Bob’s little sister, for keeping us informed. Old Man/C-Bob has a special place on the Trail to me from back in my old days as a regular poster. His story of surviving the deadly Big Thompson flood in Estes Park is one of the most eloquent things I’ve ever read. Among many other beautiful pieces he’s written. I hope-against-hope he may still have time to come back to us with more stories to share. 

  16. Not enough irascible, irreverent old farts in this world. We need you here more than whoever needs you there, Bob. Smooth sailing old man. 

  17. Watching the Eagles beat the Giants. Watching Boston Scott score his 14th career touchdown- 11 of them against the Giants. Boston Scott is a 5’6” running back. Probably should have been named David.

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