J6 Justice Rolls On

Meanwhile on J6 anniversary yesterday we have 950 arrests, 484 guilty pleas, 40 convicted at trial and one more rioter just sentenced for 48 months. DOJ hasn’t lost a single case.

Current Proud Boys trial still stuck in jury selection because so many potential jurors think they’re guilty.

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  1. ad lincoln project ran yesterday

    Today is the anniversary of one of the most disturbing events in US history: as President, Donald Trump planned & executed an insurrection to overthrow our most sacred democratic process. He failed, but he and MAGA Republicans continue to pose a serious threat to American democracy.

  2. You can tell the shock of having a gladiator player collapse on the field without a sword through the heart is over.  Questions about the process of the game and playoffs have been thrown around. Questions about the fantasy league are out there.  Oh and a few are still concerned about a guy who was dead enough that his organs started to fail, even though he is now talking and his neurological system seems to be okay.  He talks, time to play the game again.  Too many bets are out there to not play.
    I wrote an essay about the spectacle of the NFL (no fun league) coming to an abrupt halt due to a serious injury of one player.  Sometime in the nineteen seventies a Detroit Lion player died on the field, probably the same injury, and as his body was carted off the whistle blew and the game continued.  I was watching the game, and the thing that struck me most was the guy’s arm bounced off the gurney and one of the medics grabbed it, while pushing the contraption, and tossed it back up on top.  That is when I realized he was dead.  No sympathy if you are going room temperature.
    There is one question I have of the player, this is something only someone with a bit of being dead experience can ask to get an honest answer, where did you go when you died?  I have asked others this question.  There are only a few there that we go.  The old floaty in space looking at your corpse.  In some “room” with dead relatives. Off on a tropical island.  I went to the island, I suppose not too many relatives wanted to talk to me.  As a guess I expect some religious type to ask that of him, for some reason those types are always waiting to be told sometime miraculous.  Don’t happen. They think the “light” is some goddess.  Nope, just the old brain saying goodnight.

  3. Like the man said, that was the funny part….now comes the scary part.

    One more funny part, though. Looks like they gave him a TINY gavel. lol
    I predict that he has a very oversized one ready to go. Even bigger than HERS.

  4. https://www.nbcdfw.com/investigations/against-all-enemies-how-to-watch-nbc-5-investigates-new-streaming-series/3162233/

    “Former Oath Keeper Has Trained Texas Law Enforcement From More Than 80 Departments”

    “An NBC 5 investigation reveals a former leader of the far-right Oath Keepers has been able to attract Texas sheriffs and police officers from more than 80 law enforcement agencies to training sessions held across the state.”

    “Mack, who founded the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), maintains that the U.S. Constitution gives local law enforcement officers powers to block federal officials, and even powers to personally determine whether laws are constitutional.”

    The J6 insanity continues.

  5. Kev is on a short chain.  Will he be ousted before the next anniversary of J6? Place your bets.

    What an officious, little sh/t. “…power of the subpoena…” Yeah, we know what ~work of the American people~ he’s talking about. It’s time for Republicans to try to dismantle the current POTUS before the next election, as well as all of the good things that Dems and POTUS Joe were able to do.

    Republicans are NOT pro-life, pro-American, nor are they the Christians they claim to be.

    I don’t know if you’re seeing a lot of “He Gets Us”’ads in your area, but they are spending a lot of ad dollars here. Basically, they are ads that if Republicans claiming to be Christian were actually Christian, would mean they were a lot kinder about immigration, etc. Republicans have destroyed whatever good name Christianity still had.

  6. Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries delivers a speech on the House floor, thanking former Speaker Pelosi for her work, before handing the gavel to the newly elected Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

  7. BiD, apparently Mr. Mack is either not an attorney or missed Con Law class the day the Supremecy Clause was discussed. 

  8. be sure to catch on that video above what jeffries promises and notes around 12 minutes in and until the end before he finally hands gavel to mccarthy – kinda puts it to the GOPers.

  9. America’s Coming Age of Instability

    One year into Biden’spresidency, however, the threat to American democracy has not receded. Although U.S. democratic institutions survived the Trump presidency, they were badly weakened. The Republican Party, moreover, has radicalized into an extremist, antidemocratic force that imperils the U.S. constitutional order. The United States isn’t headed toward Russian- or Hungarian-style autocracy, as some analysts have warned, but something else: a period of protracted regime instability, marked by repeated constitutional crises, heightened political violence, and possibly, periods of authoritarian rule.   

  10. BlueBronc…   as a woman, I can tell you a lot of stories of women that I have known through the years who have had trauma (like husbands dying) while having to take care of children.  When tragedy strikes… they have to be mothers first.  No getting to say….  hey… I need a few weeks to process what’s happened.  Or… hey… let’s go live somewhere neutral for awhile.  They pick themselves up… make dinner… do laundry… take care of their kids…etc., etc. while grieving.
    I’m a big football fan…  but what I’ve learned from Buffalo Bills situation (yes, I’m glad he’s breathing on his own and I hope he fully recovers)…  is that women are stronger than those burly big football players.

  11. RR – exactly, an example I used in my essay. 
    I am purposely not publishing the essay.  I wrote it just like I write a lot of things, essays which do not get published.  Fleeting bytes on the hard drive, to be deleted once the feelings have been calmed.

  12. What gets me is how McCarthy seems to think that somehow, magically, this whole speaker thing is going to get better.    

  13. https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/07/politics/kevin-mccarthy-path-to-speakership/index.html

    “ In a sign of the new Republican rules, the magnetometers installed by outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the wake of the January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol were removed from the doors to the House floor.”

    The GQP just knocked down the first domino for the next round of terrorism, foreign (or more likely) domestic. ~Kudos, Kev. Kudos.~

    “Gaetz, however, suggested the historic fight would have a different impact on McCarthy’s speakership. Due to the concessions, Gaetz argued, McCarthy will be governing in a “straitjacket.”

  14. roll call in december also noted this change:

    After nearly three years of pandemic- and insurrection-related security restrictions, tourists next week will be allowed into the House gallery, and unescorted visitors on official business will be able to enter House office buildings.
    The changes will take place as Republicans, some of whom have vocally fought against COVID-19 restrictions, are sworn into a majority of House seats in the 118th Congress.
    The House gallery will open to the public at the conclusion of the opening session Tuesday, according to a letter sent to members Friday from House Sergeant-at-Arms William J. Walker. Passes obtained from members’ offices will be required, and visitors will be subject to security screening before entering, just as they were prior to the pandemic.
    Tours of the Capitol complex were suspended on March 11, 2020, to stop the spread of the coronavirus, but they gradually resumed with numerous restrictions, including size limits. Many of those restrictions now will be lifted, and Saturday tours will resume. An estimated 3-5 million people from around the world visit the Capitol Hill campus each year, and spring is a busy season for school groups, advocacy organizations and tourists to visit.
    After House office buildings reopen to the public, staff members will no longer be required to escort guests. But staff will be required to accompany guests visiting the Capitol, as they were before the pandemic.
    Lobbyists have been sharply restricted from roaming the Capitol campus unescorted since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. For much of that time, they have been permitted to conduct in-person meetings on Capitol Hill, as long as a congressional aide signs them in and escorts them around the buildings. Rules have been especially strict on the House side, and some on K Street have been pressing for increased access.
    Reopening the campus has been substantially hampered because of staffing shortages plaguing the Capitol Police.Walker, in his letter to members, said the decision to fully reopen the Capitol was made in consultation with congressional leaders, the Capitol Police Board, the attending physician, the U.S. Capitol Police and Visitor Services.

  15. https://www.texastribune.org/2023/01/05/texas-ken-paxton-lawsuit-immigrants-biden-public-charge/

    “Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit on Thursday against President Joe Biden, accusing his administration of nullifying a federal law that prevents immigrants from obtaining a green card if they are likely to depend on government social services.”

    “Paxton’s lawsuit, which claims the Biden administration violated the law by revoking the Trump-era rule and adopting its 2022 rule, asks a federal judge to halt the use of the new rule.”

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