27 thoughts on “If only we knew Then what we know Now”

  1. ruing an off-the-cuff comment only a few days before T-day: “come over anytime, there’s always room for more at the table”

  2. Rainbow-wearing fans have been refused entry to the World Cup games in Qatar, and the state of New York needs to figure out what to do with a massive stockpile of unsold marijuana.

  3. Recent, phone conversation
    “I vote for no marshmallow on the sweet potatoes…….  If you’ve just got to have them then I will put some on a separate dish just for you…….   Yes you can bring your moms green bean casserole just don’t make me eat it.”
    All of which brings to mind this question that I ask the young lady at the checkout.
    “So what is your must have thanksgiving dish?”

  4. Jack, sweet potato casserole with pecan/brown sugar topping. Couple shots of bourbon in the sweet potatoes and it is just delicious. My mama’s recipe.  Oh, and cranberry sauce from fresh cranberries.

  5. In an ominous sign for Campbell’s, and indeed, the entire post-WWII middle-class canned American ethos, Green Bean Casserole has been voted-down among my Thanksgiving companions, to be replaced by just steamed green beans.  As is usually the case, i aligned with the losing side of that referendum, so i shall be snacking upon the breaded and fried onions alone and straight from the container, salvaging a small yet fleeting (the can of onions will last me about 3 days) victory from among the concessions that must be made in an ever-changing world.
    i also enjoy stuffing with little sausage-crumblies

  6. Cranberries!  There is a recipe with cranberries oranges and a little jalapeno although personally I prefer serrano.
    hmmmmmgood a small but essential part of Thanksgiving.

  7. Color me pink – I just realized tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. Nobody mentioned that you get lost counting days when fighting COVID.  Oh well.  I guess I know what is for dinner tomorrow, single and isolated, no I don’t.  But, that is for tomorrow.

  8. KGC
    That sounds good although I might use a ripe habanero, as they are sweet and not bitter as a jalapeno
    Bink our green bean casserole maker is one of the boys my sister “foster grandmothering” Their Grandmother lived next door and passed away. They showed up on her front door asking if they could stay at her house. Moms a drug addict/drunk and dad is unknown. I think the casserole reminds them of grandma.
    I’m trying to recreate moms candied sweet potatoes. Boiled sweet potatoes fryed in butter and brown sugar as I recall. simple and only a touch sweet.

  9. it’s slowly (Slooowly it turned–step by step) dawning on the goobers that all this open carry culture bullshit is also putting a giant bulls-eye THEM 

    Silly goobers.

  10. They can’t admit to it, but even the goobers know there’s just some folks who ought not have a gun.  

  11. one of the boys my sister “foster grandmothering”

    i appreciate that kindness is a family trait in yours, Jack, hope y’all have a pleasant Thanksgiving 🫡

  12. Jack… I love bread stuffing.  Yup… sometimes I use the boxed stuff… but I always dress it up.  I love to put chopped walnuts and cranberry raisins into it.

  13. Mashed potatoes and Tofurky gravy.  

    BB- Hope you feel better.

    I am self-isolating tomorrow. It’s raining, so I have an excuse not to go. I find the whole other-people’s-houses thing exhausting. I only eat sides anyway.

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