Republican Reps’ Posterity Paths.

Your choice:
twitch, snitch, bitch, ditch or switch.
Last thread, trail friend Sturgeone opined “the way I see it is that every non-magat republican has a moral, spiritual, and patriotic duty to switch parties. And those who do not are–Cowards.”
Later suggesting another path, he quoted someone on Twitter who wrote:
“President Biden should start handing out low level diplomatic positions to House Republicans. We only need to lose a couple for the Dems to take back control.”
You want power? Imagine the power just the right number of indies not caucusing with either party would have.


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  1. In the meantime, while you’re mulling over your choices to glory or infamy, enjoy another questionable but similar event beginning today.

    John Oliver discusses the Qatar World Cup, the human rights violations happening in the sporting event’s host country, and what perfection really means to David Beckham.

  2. US viewers accuse Fox Sports of ‘shilling for Qatar’ amid glowing World Cup coverage | World Cup 2022 | The Guardian

    US viewers have criticized Fox Sports after its broadcast of the opening day of the World Cup ignored the host country’s human rights record
    Qatar has been attacked for its treatment of migrant workers, allegations of corruption in the bidding process for the tournament and its record on LGBTQ and women’s rights. Broadcasters such as the BBC and Telemundo chose to highlight those concerns in their coverage of the first day of the tournament, where the hosts lost to Ecuador after a lavish opening ceremony that included contributions from Morgan Freeman and Jungkook from BTS.
    In contrast, Fox heaped praise on everything from the air-conditioning in the Al Bayt Stadium to the variety of food available to fans to the “very welcoming” secretary general of Qatar’s World Cup committee, Hassan Al-Thawadi. A puff piece with Al-Thawadi followed in which he was allowed to speak in glowing terms about the World Cup with no questions from interviewer Jenny Taft about concerns raised by journalists and human rights groups.

  3. the hill:

    Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, accused Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) of encouraging the hate that led to Saturday’s deadly shooting in Colorado and told her to “Get off Twitter.”
    Boebert acknowledged the shooting in her home state shortly after news broke and called for an end to the violence.
    “The news out of Colorado Springs is absolutely awful,” she tweeted on Sunday morning. “This morning the victims & their families are in my prayers. This lawless violence needs to end and end quickly.”
    Chasten Buttigieg tweeted in response, “You encourage this type of hatred. Get off Twitter and start looking inward.”
    In a separate tweet, Buttigieg directly linked the GOP to violent rhetoric against the LGBTQ community.
    “Republicans continue to run on and spread anti-LGBTQ ideology and hatred while refusing to lift a finger on gun violence. This is preventable, but only if they start seeing LGBTQ people as equals, and themselves as leaders,” he wrote.
    Other Democrats joined Buttigieg in accusing Boebert of hypocrisy, including Rep.-elect Robert Garcia (D-Calif.), the first openly LGBTQ+ immigrant elected to Congress.
    “I am furious that members of Congress like Boebert have the f—ing audacity to say anything when they spread this hate constantly,” he tweeted.

  4. R. Maddow. Episode 8, of 8.

    In the wake of the sedition trial’s collapse, Justice Department prosecutor John Rogge travels overseas and uncovers a bombshell. He finds evidence of a coordinated effort to subvert American democracy… as well as the names of high-profile Americans involved. Rogge then returns to America… and goes rogue. Risking his career as a prosecutor, he makes public what he’s discovered about the fascist threat and the Americans who supported it. And he offers a prescient warning about an American criminal justice system that is ill-equipped to defend democracy from those who seek to destroy it.

  5. Ban .223 ammo already
    How many innocents deserve to die (or be catastrophically maimed) because Republicans are cowards?

  6. After a politics free weekend (almost) aside from casually following the Musk/Dumbass foibles, we return to dead people at the hand of crazy gun toting assholians. Bink, apparently the answer to your question is something like “None, but since Republicans don’t care, as long as there are any innocents left, they will keep getting killed or catastrophically maimed.” 


    “A bipartisan Senate report found that women at a Georgia detention center were abused through “unnecessary gynecological procedures,” sometimes without their consent, by a doctor who was allegedly improperly vetted.”

    “The lawmakers found that detainees in Georgia were subjected to “excessive” and “invasive” gynecological surgeries and procedures by a Department of Homeland Security-contracted doctor named Mahendra Amin.”

    “Between 2017 and 2020, Amin accounted for 6.5 percent of all off-site OB-GYN visits for all Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees nationwide.”

    This is some nazi sh/t


    “I’m proud of the accomplishments [during the Trump administration] – of the tax reform [TO BENEFIT THE 1%] – the deregulation and criminal justice reform – I’m really excited about the judges we got on the bench, not just the Supreme Court, but throughout the judiciary. But I am a Never-Again Trumper. Why? Because I want to win, and we lose with Trump. It was really clear to us in ’18, in ‘20 and now in 2022.”

    He’s fine with tRUMPsky-ism, he just wants a new spokesmodel to rebrand it…and he may want to be that spokesmodel.

    Paul Ryan is still a lowlife.


    “Boebert faced intense criticism last year after she filed a disclosure statement showing Jayson Boebert, through Boebert Consulting LLC, made nearly $1 million from Terra Energy Partners over a two-year span, information that wasn’t released when she first ran for Congress in 2020.”

    “The Sun reported that Boebert’s name was on business filings linked to the consulting firm, though her name was later removed. Boebert’s office said last year that the congresswoman doesn’t work for the consulting firm, but didn’t say whether she was an owner.”


    “In January 2004, when Jayson Boebert was 24, he was arrested for exposing himself to two young women at a Colorado bowling alley. His future wife Lauren Roberts (as she was then known), who was 17 at the time, was also present and was told she was no longer welcome at the bowling alley.”

    “Jayson Boebert pled guilty to “public indecency and lewd exposure” after that incident, according to The New York Post, and was sentenced to four days in jail with a subsequent two years on probation.”

    “Coombs wrote that after harassing a third person identified as Nora, Jayson Boebert told Coombs and another young woman, identified as Trisha Walies, that he had a tattoo on his penis.”

    “Then Jayson came up behind us and pulled his penis out of his pants. His thumb was covering the head, and all I saw was the shaft. Trish and I turned away and went and told Larry.” That refers to Larry McCown, the owner of Fireside Lane in Rifle, Colorado, who called the sheriff’s department.”

    “When Garfield County sheriff’s deputies arrived, McCown told them that he had repeatedly asked Jayson Boebert to leave the bowling alley but that Boebert had “refused to leave and became belligerent.” Boebert told deputies he had not exposed his penis, but had stuck his thumb through the fly of his pants as a prank. Trisha Walies disputed that in her account, writing: “I know that wasn’t a thumb because thumbs aren’t 6 inches long.”

    “In February 2004, Jayson Boebert was arrested and charged with harassing and physically assaulting Lauren, and was convicted on those charges in November. He “did unlawfully strike, shove or kick … and subjected her to physical contact,” a Garfield County court clerk spokesman told The New York Post in January of 2021. Lauren Roberts had her first child later that year; it is unclear whether she was pregnant at the time of the assault.”

    “In March, Rep. Boebert voted against the Violence Against Women Act, saying she was opposed to the bill because it would secure abortion rights…”

    “Jayson and Lauren Boebert were married in June of 2007, after Jayson had concluded his probation for the lewd exposure conviction.”

  10. i’m actually of opposite mind but to the same ends as the venerable Sturgeone, in that i think all reasonable left-of-center voters need to REGISTER REPUBLICAN and wrest influence of that party away from the ignorant, crazy bigots, because GOP politicians will espouse themselves to whatever policy positions they think they need to win elections- pull ‘em back from the brink and to the center

  11. U.S. and Wales tie 1-1 in Qatar.  Not a good sign for the U.S. boys for advancement out of their group.

  12. I’ve voted in Republican primaries to get the least objectionable candidate to the general.   Really, if we had open, ranked voting, it would ensure better outcomes all the way around.    It’s too good an idea, so it will never happen in Texas. 


    “Supreme Court dismisses challenge to Texas state legislative maps…

    “At the center of the dispute is Senate District 10, which is centered in Fort Worth in Tarrant County. Challengers argued the map was redrawn to make it more Republican and “more Anglo.”

    “In a separate matter before the court this term, the justices are grappling with a case that could make it more difficult for minority voters to challenge alleged gerrymandering and could continue the court’s deconstruction of the Voting Rights Act.”

  14. Boebert. Liar about her financial interests and married to a perv. Perfect symbol of the new F*** family values GQP. 

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