9 thoughts on “Vote Counting Time America”

  1. My prediction about the behavior of the MAGAts:  

    Any Repug losses will be met with both suspicion and violence.

    Repug wins will also be ugly, like when the goalposts are destroyed after winning a football game.

  2. I’m staying optimistic that a large enough Democratic vote even in losses my cool the GOP that haven’t completely sold their souls to Trump and will look upon this election as a way to finally turn on and destroy him.


  3. During the 2020 election, young voters of Cuban decent were very anti-Dem; they called them socialists and turned away because that’s what their parents/grandparents left behind in Cuba.  It was really sad that Dem messaging had been so twisted by the party of professional liars, the Republicans.

  4. Poobah, not so sure about Warnock. Looks like best outcome is a runoff. And goddammit it looks like JD Vance (a$$hole) is going to win OH. 

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