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  1. With races coming down to the wire, pollsters seem unable to predict the results of the midterm elections and candidates like Florida’s governor are making some wild statements in their final ads. Also, Elon Musk fired half of Twitter’s workforce and started permanently suspending handles that use his name and photo without identifying themselves as parody.

  2. david horsey at seattle times

    Vote as if your way of life depends on it

    A few days ago, President Biden issued a stark warning that “ultra-MAGA” Republicans pushing former President Donald Trump’s Big Lie about rigged elections are undermining the voting process. “American democracy is under attack because the defeated former president of the United States refuses to accept the results of the 2020 election,” Biden said. “Make no mistake: Democracy is on the ballot for all of us.”
    Biden, former President Barack Obama and many other Democrats have been making the same argument on the campaign trail, but polling among swing voters indicates that those folks are not taking the warnings seriously, largely because they cannot imagine that democracy in the United States can really disappear.
    That is a serious failure of imagination. 
    It is not as if it has not happened before. For a century, one section of the country, the South, operated under an empty edifice of democracy that was enforced by vigilante violence. There are candidates running for office this year who would be eager to install that kind of single-party, conservative white Christian rule in all 50 states. 

  3. meanwhile the sky is falling and the house is on fire

    The Guardian

    António Guterres told world leaders at the opening of the Cop27 UN climate summit in Egypt on Monday: “We are in the fight of our lives and we are losing … And our planet is fast approaching tipping points that will make climate chaos irreversible.
    “We are on a highway to climate hell with our foot on the accelerator.”
    “We can sign a climate solidarity pact, or a collective suicide pact,” he added.
    He said the world had the tools it needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in clean energy and low-carbon technology.
    “A window of opportunity remains open, but only a narrow shaft of light remains,” he said. “The global climate fight will be won or lost in this crucial decade – on our watch. One thing is certain: those that give up are sure to lose.”

  4. The truth is out there flapping like a flag in a hurricane and It’s gonna be no joy in Mudville if the bastards are not dealt a decisive defeat.  

  5. Well, I went to the Bumfuck County Recreation Complex and cast my vote this morning – at one point while I was there there were actually 3 people in line waiting to check in (I was second for a good 15-20 seconds), and 2 of the 5 machines set up were in use at one time.  I suppose you could call it early voting (it was before 8:00 a.m.) so that might have had an impact on turnout as people in East Bumfuck aren’t generally early risers.  My approach was pretty simple – if there was a republican in a race I voted for the other candidate, and on local initiatives I voted to minimize the influence of statewide appointees over elected officials.  If the state makes a U-turn politically I hope those or similar ballot initiatives arise again, but will that happen in my lifetime?  Doubtful. So my vote was likely thrown to the wind with the exception of 3 races, all county wide.  I did notice that my signature is REALLY different than it was 30 years ago when I registered at the Bumfuck County Courthouse, so it may get tossed anyway.  Still, I just can’t help voting.

  6. Alexandra.


    Do Not Vote For This Candidate! She Is Nancy Pelosi’s Clone Made In A Vat.

    Vote For Me! I Know How To Kickbox, A Skill I Intend To Make Relevant In Congress.

    My Opponent Will Waste Your Hard-Earned Dollars On Educating The Hated Children

    Do Not Vote For This Candidate! She Once Approved A Budget.

    Vote For Me! I Have A Gun And This Is A Threat.

    I Hate To Say This, But My Opponent Genuinely Has No Plans For Anything Other Than Something She Keeps Calling “The Great Elemental Purging Fire”

    Fifteen Seconds Of Screams (Negative)

    Fifteen Seconds Of Screams (Positive)

    This Candidate Saved My Life Once And I Vowed That When The Time Came I Would Perform A Favor, No Questions Asked. This Ad Is That Favor. Once Complete I Will Owe Him Nothing And My Life Will Be My Own Again.

    It Sounds Like I’m Exaggerating How Cartoonishly Awful My Opponent’s Stance Is On Abortion, But I Promise You, I’m Really Not
    This Candidate Loves Donald Trump (Positive)

    This Candidate Loves Donald Trump (Negative)

    This Candidate Will Stop Socialist Joe Biden From Forcing Medicare Dollars Down Helpless Seniors’ Throats

    My Opponent Wants Winter To Come Sometimes! I Don’t, And That’s A Promise.

    I Don’t Mean To Worry You, But My Opponent Seems To Know Literally Nothing About Anything And What He Does Know Is Very Inaccurate

    My Opponent Would Drive This Nation Off A Cliff! And Not Metaphorically, Either! It Is A Terrifying Scheme That Combines A Misunderstanding Of Physics With A Misunderstanding Of Many Other Things.

    This Candidate Wants Abortions For None, Guns For All (Positive)

    This Candidate Wants Abortions For None, Guns For All (Negative)

    My Opponent Will Install Laminate Flooring For You With No Interest And No Money Down For One Year Oh Wait Never Mind This Was Not A Political Ad

    Leave it to her to lift my spirit.

  7. Jamie – from the Ukraine website –
    The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 08.11 were approximately:
    personnel ‒ about 77170 (+710) persons were liquidated,
    The +710 means seven hundred ten russian troops killed in twenty-four hours.  Or about average for the war.  No outside count of Ukraine causalties, but they are considerably less, estimate I saw a week ago was under ten thousand, civilian death count I have not looked for yet.  There are many mass graves to be found and processed.

  8. Powerball had no winners.  I enjoy the interviews of those dreaming of winning after blowing a cool hundred on tickets, “with it (the amount) so big, someone has to win this time”.  Failure to understand the rules is a common point of failure. Rules of the game, each event is separate from the previous events, the odds remain the same.  Sigh, grade school playground is not the same as it used to be.
    Finally opened a Mastodon account (at least that what it says).  @pamsails@mindly.social  Not giving away my twit account, it is the only way to be in contact with others who are not available otherwise.  And, want to keep the liberal spirit alive as long as possible, even into the next sale and owner. I still have my MySpace account, and it works. Good place to see music types.

  9. vote this morning in small (miniscule to be exact) community was not at all the usual little old ladies competently checking ID and handing out ballot.  replaced by 2 not-too-with-it semi-old white men.  nice lady at voting machine warned it was having trouble and every so often rejecting/spitting out ballot which then had to be placed in a nearby lock box to be counted later.  thankfully, machine accepted mine but not the next folks in line. nice lady explained problem with paper length and state now in process of delivering reprints but not to worry although I could clearly see she was worried about what the rest of the day would be like.   if it’s happening in a mini-village what’s it gonna be like in lexington and louisville? 

  10. patd, we still have the usual little old lady (one democrat) supervised by a not quite so little or old lady (Repblican I think) who seems to have her thinking capacity intact competently checking ID and handing out ballots – with one guy who is a latish middle aged man (Republican) checking that the little old lady and her not so old handler are  checking IDs (they do).  The shepherd takes each person with their ballot to the voting machine and gives instruction on using it (which is about like using a tablet designed for a kindergartener) then patiently waits next to the tabulator and at the end takes the ballot from the sleeve, tears off the verifying receipt at the bottom and hands the ballot to the voter to deposit into the tabulator. The nice elderly guy (Democrat) sitting next to the door takes the sleeve for reuse and wishes the voter a great day.  4 staffing the polling place, average age I’d make to be 70ish. 

  11. I did something last night that was a first in several years, year twenty-twenty to be exact.  Then it was because that was the only way to do things as restaurants were closed save for to-go/take-out.  Back then it was a wonderful fish and chips from the Boatyard, local restaurant for boaty types, yum.  Yesterday, I was at the VA medical center until late, arriving to Annapolis around seven p.m.  I had a hankering for some Italian.  I got some Italian at Little Italy.  Grilled grouper with mussels on risotto.  Oh delicious.  It was easy to decide to do this at least yearly if not more often. 
    Food decisions aside.  If anyone is making sense of all the information, disinformation (go to hell KGB), and general mayhem from the gqp, I would like to know the brand of booze (mj) you are imbibing.  Any guesses until late tonight are probably worth about as much as the popcorn I used to throw at televisions during bush (the villiage idiot) shows.

  12. BB

    I’ve joined Mastodon as well.  They are pausing new registrations to give time for their servers to catch up with the sudden demand, but you might be able to link with me



  13. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/10/28/texas-2022-election-turnout-tracker/

    “But a higher bar was set during the midterms in 2018, when 53% of registered voters showed up to the polls. That appears to have been an anomaly rather than a trend, with just 31% of registered voters turning up at the polls early this year.”

    I don’t think that’s good news; Dems seem to early vote more than Reps.

    *Ah, I just remembered that the window to vote early in Texas was shortened by the Repugz. Still, I would’ve expected more effort by Dems to vote early.

  14. Since we’ve seen the rise of the Nazis before, we know their playbook. Can we please just skip ahead to the part where they’re driven into their bunkers to off themselves and their lemmings scurry away.

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