Sunday Serendipity

Halloween was Mrs Jacks favorite holiday, for the first time since her passing I am putting out the decorations. One is a life size skeleton we bought a few years before her passing, This year I’m dressing it up Dia De Los Muertos style with one of her Halloween wigs and hats. It is kinda scary looking, I hope I don’t scare off all the trick or treaters.

So for the holiday, a traditional song from Mexico. La Llorona (the weeping woman) Wikipedia has an English translation

For more information on the myth behind the song

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. from the revealer
    La Llorona Visits the American Academy of Religion: A Tribute to Luís D. León
    Honoring a pioneering Latinx scholar of religion with the wailing female spirit known as La Llorona.

  2. speaking of wailing, screaming and tearing one’s hair out – a lot of it if the magaTs win. for now let’s laugh at them

    PBS NewsHour host Judy Woodruff (Heidi Gardner) interviews Republican candidates Herschel Walker (Kenan Thompson), Dr. Oz (Mikey Day) and Kari Lake (Cecily Strong) as their numbers continue to surge in the polls.

  3. Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like John Fetterman and Dr. Oz facing off in a senate debate.

  4. Keith Olbermann says:
    This was an assassination attempt. It was meant to be the execution of the Speaker of the House, 11 days before the midterms. It was a political crime, an act of domestic terrorism, an extension of the January 6th coup, the full expression of a new mantra of a political party gone insane, the culmination of the cult of Donald Trump (3:18) And THIS MUST BE SAID NOW by the Democratic leaders and media now cowering behind bothsidesism and electoral mediocrity (4:23) And it must be said by President Biden: that the attempted assassination of Nancy Pelosi was an attack on the government of the United States, inspired by the GOP, MAGA, and Trump. And Biden must also say: IT STOPS HERE.  (7:25) Democrats must also push back on the GOP filth who actually tried to dismiss this as a random break-in, like Ronna McDaniel, Glenn Youngkin, and the journalistic whores of Fox News, Newsmax, and others (11:53) And I want to have the conversation about POTUS’ emergency powers – big and small (12:42) Because after a week in which Trump threatened to have reporters raped, thugs maced students, militia stalked ballot drop boxes, antisemitism and pro-Putin propaganda was rewarded, and now an assassination attempt – this country is under attack. Friday it was life and death for the Pelosis. Now, it is life and death for the rest of us.

  5. beware the jabberwocky – the jaws that bite, the claws that catch – especially at election time.

    editorial board Opinion | Ignore Putin’s words. His crimes in Ukraine speak louder. – The Washington Post

    In a Thursday speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s voice dripped with resentment and grievance against Western liberal democracies. By his telling, Russia is fed up with being pushed around and is threatened by “neoliberals” and their “gay pride parades.” Besides, he said, “Unlike the West, we do not climb into someone else’s yard.” This is galling enough from the man who launched a war without cause against neighboring Ukraine. Far more lethal are the missiles Russia is using to drive Ukraine into a savage winter of blackouts and cold.
    Mr. Putin uses words as weapons. Knowing that his speech at Thursday’s Valdai International Discussion Club would bring headlines in open societies — those that do not censor speech, as Russia does — Mr. Putin reached for the hot buttons. “If the Western elites believe they can have their people and their societies embrace what I believe are strange and trendy ideas like dozens of genders or gay pride parades, so be it,” he sniffed. “Let them do as they please. But they certainly have no right to tell others to follow in their steps.”
    Mr. Putin has articulated these themes before. But reviving them just before the U.S. midterm elections is surely no accident; he wants to stir right-wing populism and encourage criticism of U.S. support for Ukraine. He is also no doubt seeking receptive ears in Europe and elsewhere among leaders who have hesitated to back Ukraine.
    It is vital to keep all eyes and ears on Mr. Putin’s deeds and not be distracted by his words. He launched a war of aggression to destroy Ukraine as a democracy and as a nation-state. He has sent tens of thousands of people — both Ukrainians and Russians — to their graves for no reason, none at all. He seeks to force those still alive in Ukraine into shivering misery. There can be no compromise with this depravity.

  6. Thanks Jack. Closest I’ve been to Mexico in years. Love it. Didn’t see SNL last night but the cold open and WE were really good. 

  7. What’s Olbermann doing to do about it, though?  More strident podcasts? 
    He made so much hay about o’Reilly, we got Tucker, now, so thanks, Keith🙄

  8. I don’t get all the adult fascination with Halloween… but to each his own.  Jack, glad you are enjoying something that you and Mrs Jack loved!

  9. Dont care…..olbermann is saying what needs to be said…out loud and flatfooted, and he seems to be out there by his little lonesome in mediaville, so one of the things I can do is try to amplify his voice. As to what he’s going to do, idk.  I hope somebody does something cause if not we’re all going into the fascist shitter.  
    His podcast, 5 days a week, and Rachel’s masterful nazi-roots-in-america podcasts are going viral; I guess they’re doing what they can.

  10. Not sure about the Olberman-O’Reilly-Carlson construct, but even  allowing it a basis in fact, i do believe Carlson drives more independents to the left than drawing them into the right.  He’s busy inflaming the oh-so-inflammable goobers but that doesnt translate to gop votes in the midterms or the general.

  11. Why does everything have to be so factional?  Can’t we all just be Americans together and hate each other in peace?
    My faith is in the good people of Georgia and the young women of this country, we’ll see how it plays out 🤷‍♂️

  12. Yep i have faith in the coming woman’s vote and I hope like hell for the people in wisconsin, pennsylvania, georgia, michigan and and and…..from sea to shining sea. 

  13. and everything being factional goes to my mainboard theory that the natural state of human beings is Civil War.  From the smallest neighborhood group, church, bar, fraternal order to the largest of concerns.  The natural and eternal state, from any point in written history to the present……Civil War.  It’s in our blood.

    Hard wired.

    This blog had its own civil war (that was in no way civil. lol)

  14. Except: this county is very close to evenly split 50/50 in so many precincts and counties, and a marginal victory by either party is interpreted as a mandate to enact the extreme reaches of their agenda.
    We as Americans agree on more that we’re willing to recognize, the livelihoods of sensationalists depend on their ability to divide us.  As it stands, now, Congress is almost perfectly divided right down the middle.  A civil war isn’t tenable, we agree on too much, only the unhinged want chaos.
    Ok, i hate you, Americans, but i sincerely hope you have a lovely day✌️❤️🇺🇸

  15. At first, the idea of “The Day of the Dead” sounds pretty creepy to gringo ears. I mean pickicin’ with grama at the graveyard ? 
    But the more one looks into it , the more you see it’s about family being together. 
    Putin has 40,000 troops trapped on the wrong side of the river , that goes a long way to explaining that 4 hour rant  on Thursday. 

  16. Lula up %50.8 to Bolsanaro’s %49.2 with 98% reporting, razor-thin margins all over the world, crazy

  17. Bink – besides the rejection of right wing (corrupt) types, this is also a referendum of the destruction of the Amazon.  The suppression of liberal, LGBTQ+, and poor along with the promotion of far right has the public going for the Liberal.  This is important in world politics. Next week will show more to the world than our local politics too.

  18. Yup, Bronc, Lula called as winner, possibly a relative “win” for the Amazon

    Huge to get a right-wing authoritarian with global influence out of power, nice job, Brazil 🫡 🇧🇷

  19. Let’s play the “What Country Are These Quotes About” game:
    “ _____ is promising to govern beyond his party. He wants to bring in centrists and even some leaning to the right who voted for him for the first time, and to restore the country’s more prosperous past. Yet he faces headwinds in a politically polarized society where economic growth is slowing and inflation is soaring.”
    “The huge challenge that ______ has will be to pacify the country,” he said. “People are not only polarized on political matters, but also have different values, identity and opinions. What’s more, they don’t care what the other side’s values, identities and opinions are.”

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