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  1. jack, thanks

    a little on that “new cadenzas” sub-title

    The Cadence of Mozart’s Cadenzas | Journal of Musicology | University of California Press (ucpress.edu)

    The cadenzas Mozart supplied for his piano concertos are designed to close with a standard schema that conforms to the cadence as it was understood by musicians of the 18th century ….

    …. as witnessed in Mozart’s practice, manipulations of the schema may yield sophisticated strategies that encompass several phases of approaching closure.

    Since the cadence of the cadenza served as a crucial means of communication between soloist and orchestra, its playful handling by the soloist presumably elicited amusing behavior among the orchestral musicians as they prepared to enter for the end of the final ritornello. This factor contributed a certain visual dimension to the communication between soloist and audience, in accordance with the aesthetic of witticism ascribed to the cadenza by 18th-century writers.

  2. the hill:

    Multibillionaire Elon Musksaid on Saturday that his company SpaceX would continue funding the Starlink internet service being used on the ground in Ukraine, despite previous warnings that the company would withdraw its services due to a lack of government funding.
    “The hell with it,” Musk wrote on Twitter. “Even though Starlink is still losing money & other companies are getting billions of taxpayer $, we’ll just keep funding Ukraine govt for free.”
    When former PayPal founding chief operating officer and co-founder of angel investment firm Craft Ventures David Sacks replied with the comment, “No good deed goes unpunished,” Musk responded: “Even so, we should still do good deeds.”
    The Ukrainian military has used Starlink technology, which it describes as reliable and mobile, to maintain communication both between troops and among civilians.
    Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh confirmed on Friday that the Department of Defense was in talks with SpaceX about the amount of government funding that would be given to support Starlink.
    She added that officials are “assessing our options and trying to do what we can to help keep these … capabilities to ensure that these communications remain for the Ukrainian forces.”
    Musk said on Friday that Starlink’s operation in Ukraine was costing SpaceX about $20 million per month.
    “In addition to terminals, we have to create, launch, maintain & replenish satellites & ground stations & pay telcos for access to Internet via gateways,” he wrote on Twitter.
    “We’ve also had to defend against cyberattacks & jamming, which are getting harder.”
    Musk rolled outStarlink service in Ukraine during the start of the Russian invasion in late February after vice prime minister of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, asked the billionaire to provide the technology via Twitter.


    if DOD does eventually foot the bill, i hope gov’t gets a part of starlink, a permanent piece of the profit action part and critical info it has once the war is over.



    Great Quote from Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin when asked about an off-ramp for Russia:  

    “It’s so simple. Russia, leave Ukraine and it’s over.  Ukraine can’t leave Ukraine.  Russia can always go back to Russia.”

  4. My 8 year old laptop shot craps yesterday, not unexpected. I’ve been dreading it, knowing it was going to happen. But I’m pleasantly surprised in how easy the transition is so far. Part of the ease is all my contacts and book marks are stored on line where google and microsoft can sell my info to the Devil, Russians or Elon Musk (excuse me I repeat myself there). The other part is I don’t demand much from a computer these days.
    I do need to find the settings button, the default type is 10pt and much too small for the old eyes. Also the clock says it is late afternoon, probably set on world time. Like any of this crap, you know there is a way but where did they hide it.
    I continually marvel at speaker tech. the little speaker on this computer is almost good,

  5. Jamie
    And the skill of Ms Hahn just adds to the genius. I love to listen to her play.

  6. Electability does not include angering and making enemies of a large swath of your voting base by deposing one of their champions, who also at this point is a Proven Winner (if thats where that article is going.). Butti is a solid factor and he’s going a long way but not by fighting with the vice-president. 
    2 cents for free.

  7. if you got a new windows pc, Jack, bluetooth is in the bottom right corner, and wallyworld sells a good speaker for $8 which i prefer to my fancier one

    thanks for the tunes

  8. Given the current state of the political climate, would the Democratic party be brave enough to run a Woman and a Gay man against the Republican MAGAt possible contenders?

    Harris/Buttigieg or vice versa would be an accomplished ticket, but I don’t know if ability is good enough these days.  Beto would be another possible contender.




  9. I would like to know why people are thinking Harris has to go and the other guy would be better.
    I think this would be a big mistake and make a lot of people very very unhappy.  People who vote — those people.
    Mayor Pete should be more careful if he is behind this.  Black women saved Biden’s ass.

  10. I love POTUS Joe.  If he decides not to run, again, my dream ticket would be Michelle Obama and Amy Klobuchar.
    Although I’m an Elizabeth Warren Dem, if folks are making an issue of Joe’s age, it’ll be an issue for her, too. 

    Mayor Pete for SOS.  His time for higher office will come.  

    Dr. Jill Biden for SOE.

  11. I don’t know why Harris gets so little face time.  It’s probably a decision of some sort given Biden’s poll ratings.  If we get past the midterms successfully, there should be some effort to get her out being publicly active.  

    Amy Klobuchar is definitely a good idea, but I doubt Michelle Obama wants to do anything like a run for the presidency.  

  12. @kazweida
    Buttigieg does something that I think was key to Obama’s success. He speaks to the American people like they are adults who are capable of understanding nuance. And he’s articulate enough to never make unforced errors in his soundbytes.

    Pete is great and is going to do great but he is in no way “up against” VPHarris. I imagine he’s totally on her side.

  13. This headline is 10 days old , another round of heavy  rain has just hit  farther South around Melbourne.  The record in in Sydney begins in 1859 .
    Sydney has wettest year on record with 2.2 metres of rain in 279 days
    Over 7 feet of rain with 2 and a half months to go in the year. 
    Many people have had their homes flooded 4 times .
    The mind reels .

  14. One of my great-grandmother, six or seven generations back.

    Katariina Ollintytär eli Carin Olofsdotter Tauriainen (o.s. Haapalainen)

    Yeah, it takes a little mouth manipulation to pronounce Finnish names.

  15. Another rain event heads towards east coast of Australia as fears grow even more flooding could hit the region in coming weeks
    For many years now, I’ve been looking at weekly forecasts for Australian rainfall and temperature up to six weeks away.  
    I’ve never seen a wetter outlook compared to normal for a six-week period.  
    People frequently ask me when this is going to end.  
    My best guess is that this seemingly endless parade of rain events will continue for the rest of spring. 

  16. Arizona  issues  ………… Water is not front and center ? 
    Those folks are dancing on a razor’s edge  of power and water . 
    Why the climate  didn’t  break through  there  this year  only highlights our blindness  of the future. 
    I wonder if Vermont is going find room for the population of Yuma ?
    Or if they will build a picturist stonewall 20 feet tall , and 10 feet thick.

  17. Food inflation  and climate  ?
    Why the left fails to make this link is amazingly stupid .  We can’t move grain on the Mississippi River because like rivers around the world  the water levels are so low. 
    Produce ,  see the drought .
    Biden didn’t do this , we did this. 

  18. How can water not be the primary issue to Arizonans?  Goddam desert. Back when I was in college my world history teacher said the next world war would be over water rights. Perhaps he was onto something- and that was 51 years ago. 

  19. Crime  –
    Check the murder rate in Lubbock . 
    We are shooting the shit out of each other down here.
    A lot of drugs on sea of guns.

  20. OM – Katariina would be her first name. Finns pronounce each letter, but in groups depending . . . it gets very complicated.  What happens is people get knicknames, so she might have been called by her grandmother’s name or her farm name.  It is Finland and a lot of things get a bit different.

  21. https://www.cnn.com/europe/live-news/russia-ukraine-war-news-10-16-22/index.html

    “China and Kazakhstan are among the latest countries to call on their citizens to leave Ukraine, citing security reasons.”

    “Serbia — which recommended its citizens leave the country back in February — has now closed its embassy in Kyiv…”

    “NATO and Russia are set to separately hold long planned exercises of their nuclear forces…”

    “NATO and US officials have said they are confident they will be able to accurately monitor any Russian nuclear activity during the exercise.”

  22. Sturg – 
    Fossil  Water , they grow alfalfa , for camels and horses .
    A huge  farm , been running for decades. Their  is  reporting on this. One other  about this …………….
    You have to water  it like like crazy.

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