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  1. Russians are fleeing the country in huge numbers after Vladimir Putin announced he would send fighting-age men to the front lines in Ukraine. Here at The Late Show, Stephen found out that the happy nerds at NASA celebrate a win in much the same way that our writers celebrate a successful joke.


    passing thought of the week:

    our not so great missile defense tests over the years sure look puny when compared to NASA’s dart successfully hitting that small asteroid millions of miles away.

  3. So he and his strengthen to 155 mile an hour sustained winds. Strong category four, it looks it Will hit somewhere south of Tampa around Naples. Best of luck to all the Floridians in the way

  4. https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/28/politics/us-embassy-russia-warns-americans-leave/index.html

    “The US Embassy in Moscow issued a security alert overnight that urged US citizens to leave Russia immediately while there are still options for departing the country.”

    “Russia may refuse to acknowledge dual nationals’ US citizenship, deny their access to US consular assistance, prevent their departure from Russia, and conscript dual nationals for military service,” the alert said.

    “The alert added, “Russian authorities have arrested US citizens who have participated in demonstrations.”

  5. Today’s J6 hearings has been postponed due to Ian. 
    BETO is still scheduled to debate Abutt on Friday night.   

  6. https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/27/europe/putin-draft-analysis-intl/index.html

    “Some appear to show Russian draftees receiving news that they will be sent to the front with scant training. One widely shared video shows a woman in military uniform telling new inductees that they need to provide their own essential kit, from sleeping bags to tourniquets.”

    “Ask girlfriends, wives, mothers for sanitary pads, the cheapest sanitary pads plus the cheapest tampons,” she says in the unverified video. “Do you know what the tampons are for? Gunshot wound, you plug it in, it starts to swell and it supports the walls. Men, I know this from Chechnya.”

    “The first war in Chechnya from 1994 to 1996 ended with a humiliating defeat for the Russian Federation. It laid bare both corruption in the ranks and the collapse of Russia’s military might.”

  7. Rick and I almost bought land in Punta Gorda with plans to build a future retirement home the year before hurricane Charlie directly hit there.  Now Ian…  sure am glad we decided against that idea.
    Hope Floridians in Ian’s path got the hell out!

  8. Took a detour through a very, wealthy suburb which had tRUMPsky signs in the past.   Today, those yards sported a lot of signs, mostly for Dems.   The most popular: Mothers Against Greg Abbott

  9. i read that the DART module they hit the asteriod-lette with was the size of a vending machine and its target the size of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

    …gonna go out on a limb and venture that the asteroid didn’t notice, that’s like hitting a bus with an ant

  10. That sand bagger device I mentioned.  Bags are held in place with those big  file folder clips , legs are off an alum. walker.  Any thing is faster that watching home owners try to pour a shovels worth of sand into a bag held open by hand. 

  11. Did anyone of the NBC team notice that the pickup truck submerged in water up to its windshield was possibly occupied? The windshield wipers were on.

  12.  Watched the Newsom interview last night.  He is probably the highest ranking democrat to say those things out loud but he is not the first. There have been a large group saying these things.  But mostly told to shutup because there could be no criticism of the current administration.

  13. Josh Shapiro, the Democratic candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, crushed his Republican rival state Sen. Doug Mastriano in fundraising over the summer, raking in more than $25.4 million from June 7 to Sept. 19, according to campaign finance filings. By comparison, Mastriano raised nearly $3.2 million over the same three-month period.
    Shapiro’s massive cash haul brings the candidate’s fundraising total this cycle to more than $50 million — the most of any gubernatorial candidate in the state ever. The fundraising totals come after the latest CBS News Battleground Tracker Poll released earlier this month showed Shapiro leading Mastriano by 11 points among likely voters, 55% to 44%.


  14. i wonder by how much cable-news outlets increase their advertising rates for hurricane porn season 🤔 
    TV ad-execs be like “we can finally put in that pool! 🎉”

  15. The Arizona gov . race has the Dem up by one point, but it was in the field when the judge revived their 1864 abortion law.  And Kelly was up 8 points before that .  So the “Alito Effect”  should really show up there  in the next round of numbers. 

  16. bink, my point was that that “great pyramid at giza” aster-ette is a lot harder target to hit whether by an ant or vending machine than is an incoming missile just 1200 miles up.  kudos to NASA

  17. Entertainment news from Pennsylvania, idiot and SFB wannabe declares he will be doing a forty days and forty night fast.  This should be interesting as I do not think he knows what a “fast” is.  He might be confused with a moron eating fast food. (story behind a deep paywall, no link).

  18. Asteroids have predictable paths and lack anti-homing technology.
    Elon Musk is a gilded carnival barker and still built a more efficient space program in 10 years than NASA did in 60, not a great example of good government 

  19. CNN — 
    This, from a story published in The New York Times on Monday, is a wow –
    “Along with [Doug] Mastriano in Pennsylvania, Trump-backed candidates for governor in five other states – Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts and Michigan – have combined to air zero television advertisements since winning their primaries.”


  20. Ah, BB, it’s not just fasting.  It’s fasting and “prayer.”  This is his ploy to round up folks who identify as Christian.     

    This is an attention-getting stunt. No ad dollars required if the media covers it as news.

  21. Patd –
    That Coke machine was doing 13,000 MPH when it hit  that giant ball of pebbles .  There is no friction  in space.  Trust me , we changed it’s orbit.
    Musk makes rockets  ,  pretty good ones too . 
    NASA makes these things .

  22. One thing about DART , and other missions we have flown to these things. They are not what we thought they were 50 years ago.  When we get real close to them, they look like they are barely sticking together.  Not big solid chunks of rock, or metal. 
    That thing this week looked like a grey popcorn ball. 

  23. Should we try to change the orbit when there’s no imminent danger?  You know what happens when pesky humans dam a river; there’s a price to pay.  Let’s let the big guy (Jupiter) keep Earth from getting hit, like it has been doing.   I’m not saying space games aren’t worthwhile, but the money could be put to better (humanitarian) use, when it’s a what-if-some-day scenario.    Besides, couldn’t they just do the math?  Did they actually need to run the expensive experiment?

  24. I can tell y’all that I am very happy I am not down in Florida running an emergency shelter.  It is very uncomfortable and tense, especially if part of the roof rips off.  Yeah, been there, done that.  That aside I am listed as the Mass Care Lead for my region of Maryland and Delaware.  Hopefully I do not need to do much with the title.
    Many of the Florida television stations are live.  I watch on Roku, but also on cell phones and laptop computers.  It is something you pick up on so get an idea of the local conditions you will be going in on during and after a disaster. 

  25.  Besides, couldn’t they just do the math?  Did they actually need to run the expensive experiment?

    You win the prize- could probably be done with Unreal Engine, which is free software available to download by anyone 

  26. One last thing about the DART mission , it wasn’t about our really big problem, and that is rocks coming out of the sun . We can’t see them.   I think we are building a telescope in  Chile (?)  to address this blind spot . 
    One other item , there ain’t no frickin’  TESLA’s  rolling around Mars with their own helicopters. 

  27. Craig – I usually watch Ch 9, but the Orlando stations are quality. 
    The other day I was visiting my sister and we were sharing pictures and I came across some that I took over the years while deployed to various disasters.  The ones in Florida were quite poignant considering this storm.  I think I am in that stage of life when if you have done many things in many locales you start to get a bit fuzzy on details.  Having the pictures brought back the specific time and emotions.  Being a volunteer and living with people displaced by a disaster can be quite emotional.  We sleep on the same cots, eat the same meals and get to smell the same people.  Shelters are not the best place to live, but we do.  I quit keeping track of how many Disaster Response/Relief Operations (DRO) I have been in since I started with Red Cross Sep 1 2005 with Katrina.  Made a lot of friends.  I will say being deployed is not easy.  And, for many people it is not where they should be.  It can be physically demanding.  It can be difficult to adjust to.  It can be a major emotional issue.  We have had to send home people who were giving money to the clients out of their own wallet. Big No. If funds need to be distributed those will be.  All that said those who like it keep coming back.  (yeah, I thought about going down, but I am not this time).

  28. The observations and resulting data gleaned from the Hubble and Webb “telescopes” help mathematicians validate (or not) their theoretical-physics problems, thereby improving understanding of quantum physics, the applications of which have genuine impact in the development of emerging technologies in medicine, energy, and similar sectors, so i’m pro-telescope 👍

    Oh, and if i’m being critical, i’d be remiss not to mention that Musk’s Starlink internet satellites are improving the quality of life for people all around the world who lack access to internet-providing infrastructure; also helped Ukrainian resistance efforts

  29. BND –
    The asteroid belt is between Mars and  Jupiter.  The Sun rules that , Besides it’s the near Earth asteroids , some 10,000 of them inside that orbit.
    As for the math ,  you have to test  your math  and more Importantly the  physics  of the popcorn ball . 
    I have no idea how fast the  thing was moving around it’s parent asteroid , or how fast the 2 were moving in their orbit.  But trust me , they were “bookin’ it” . 
    And we hit dead center after 7 million miles going 13,000 miles an hour. 
    That’s all MATH  !  Now we see what happens , that’s the physics . 
    If think this is all a waste of money  take another look at the Moon, or interview a dinosaur .
    The solar system is a shooting gallery.

  30. Bink – a bit ago I was talking with a friend about where we are today versus where we were in the late sixties and early seventies.  Computers everywhere and computers nowhere.  After a few hours of discussion (including wine) we came to the conclusion that life with computers was much better than life without computers.  That included our talk about satellites. So much has changed in fifty plus years.  But, so much has remained the same.  You can see forty year old vehicles, SUV in particular, and not think much about them.  Most people alive today have never used a coin operated telephone, or even seen one.  Yup, old be me.
    What we know and actually see of objects, Earth included, has so improved with computers.  A new way of viewing our Earth world is with drones.  What we are flying today are so improved from what we had five years ago is stunning. All thanks to computers.  Making the Webb space viewer is so great.  Computers built it and computers are running it.  Oh yeah.  A lot of software and hardware engineers did the hard work.

  31. 3:59 PM 
    Elon Musk is a gilded carnival barker and still built a more efficient space program in 10 years than NASA did in 60, not a great example of good government.
    5:43 –
    The observations and resulting data gleaned from the Hubble and Webb “telescopes” help mathematicians validate (or not) their theoretical-physics problems,
    So, we pissed away money for 60 years  ? 
    And you use all that work to make your point? 
    Your understanding of our world is shallow at best .
    But above all it is bitter.  You are either the saddest human on the WWW, or a Chinese  web bot.
    I mean “Hurricane Porn ” ? 
    Where’s that coming from? 
    Sorry folks . 
    I have a real problem  horse shit  being peddled as wisdom.

  32. https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/26/opinions/supreme-court-shadow-docket-vladeck/index.html

    “…the majority wrote … nothing. There was no explanation for why the District Court, which wrote a 61-page opinion explaining why Miller was likely to succeed on his challenge to his method of execution, was wrong. There was no explanation for why the conservative-leaning, Atlanta-based federal appeals court, which refused to undo the District Court’s ruling by a 2-1 vote in a 32-page decision, was wrong. There was no explanation for why Alabama was right. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh voted to send a man to his death – and they couldn’t be bothered to tell him why.”

    “The Thursday ruling was, unfortunately, not an outlier. Time and again in recent years, the justices have relied on unsigned and unexplained orders, part of their so-called shadow docket, to grant requests for emergency relief – whether to clear the way for executions, to block state Covid-19 restrictions or to unblock lower court injunctions of federal policies.”

    “No one disputes that the Supreme Court has the power to overturn a lower court’s conclusions, whether as to law or fact. The problem is the impression that the justices leave when lower courts have gone to great lengths to explain and defend their rulings, and, as in Miller’s case, the court overrides them summarily. The court at least appears to be acting for political reasons rather than legal ones.”

    Unchecked power? (“We’re the phone company; we don’t have to,” as Ernestine used to say.)

    SCOTUS quiet quitting/phoning it in?

  33. Watching that gas boil  in the Baltic  is right out  of my novel , except  it’s right  around the Yamal .  The Russians bet big here on  gas .  But the land was permafrost . Now it’s all thawing , fast . 
    The largest continental shelf on Earth  surrounds Yamal, very shallow  for hundreds of miles out to sea,  the entire sea floor is permafrost. Once sea ice covered it , but all that is dead as ” Moby Dick “.  Now the Arctic Sun shines on the sea floor. 24 / 7 in summer. 
    And there ain’t nothin’ any one can do to stop it, Putin saw all this as a good thing , but he has the attention span of a gerbil. 

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