Firing up for a Future

The Guardian:
In a chilling new video released by Fridays for Future, the youth-led climate movement inspired by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, filmmakers capture how escalating wildfires have devastated California’s picturesque landscapes in the hopes of igniting an urgent call to action.

The short video, titled “I love you, California,” sees the camera pan slowly over the aftermath of megafires: apocalyptic scenes of smoldering canyons, communities reduced to rubble and once lush hillsides turned to blackened moonscapes. The film is soundtracked by a haunting rendition of California’s state song, accompanied only by the sounds of quiet, rustling wind.

“The regional anthem of California, adopted in 1951, celebrates the beauty of California’s rich, diverse natural landscape, from the redwood forests, to the natural exports of honey, fruit and wine,” filmmakers said in a statement. “Today, these lyrics ring more painful than joyous to residents who are forced to watch these same forests and fields of grains burn down year after year.”


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  1. bill was also on fire last night

    Bill reacts to the top stories of the week, including the escalation of Putin’s assault on Ukraine and President Biden’s declaration that the pandemic is over.

  2. I think the video is a mistake.  It isn’t going to be a call to action because it doesn’t look like that all over the state plus the state depends on bringing back tourism.

  3. Maher wants Trump indicted, says former president ‘has to be held accountable’ | The Hill

    Bill Maher says indicting Donald Trump would likely “turn him into a martyr,” but that the former president “has to be held accountable for what he did.”
    “There’s always a risk of everything with anything controversial and anything important,” the “Real Time” host told ITK in an exclusive Thursday interview, when asked if an indictment against Trump could ignite a civil war.
    “It’s a valid argument,” Maher said, “You’re going to gin up the other side to an unbelievable degree. And there is going to be violence.”
    Trump has repeatedly said in interviews that he doesn’t believe the American public would accept him being indicted, and has warned there would be “big problems” if he were.
    “But the alternative is worse. You can’t allow someone to try a coup!” Maher, 66, exclaimed of Trump’s role in the deadly Jan. 6 riot last year at the Capitol.  
    “I mean, this country can’t even do a coup right,” the HBO personality cracked. “In other countries, when there’s a coup and it fails, there are repercussions: jail or, in many places, worse.”
    “I’m not suggesting worse for Donald Trump, but I am suggesting that if you try a coup — I mean, for f—’s sake, he still hasn’t conceded the last election,” Maher said of the 45th president’s unsubstantiated claims of election fraud in his 2020 loss to Joe Biden.
    “And he’s plotting to do it again, as I’ve been saying for years,” Maher added.
    The DOJ’s probe into Trump’s handling of classified and top-secret documents at Mar-a-Lago, the ex-president’s Florida resort home, should also lead to criminal charges, according to Maher.
    “You can’t steal nuclear secrets and put them in the shed with the croquet equipment. What the f— are we talking about here?” Maher said in an incredulous tone.
    “This guy cannot run again. And he has to be held accountable for what he did the last time. This cannot go on,” Maher said. “Enough of this nonsense of we only count elections when we win them.”

  4. KGC, greta IMO is trying to scare and to motivate the rest of the world by showing what happened (and is continuing to happen) in the world’s most affluent area what can happen to them.

  5. Unfortunately it is not a factual representation and the tourist boards are going to go crazy.


    “A man sporting a t-shirt protesting the use of private jets interrupted today’s Laver Cup tennis exhibition in London by igniting a small fire on the court and accidentally (and briefly) setting his arm ablaze.”

    “The protester was wearing a shirt with a words “End UK Private Jets.”

    Tourism will win, temporarily, because livelihoods depend on it.
    Eventually, Mother Nature will win and lives will be lost.

  7. sturge, i couldn’t find a way to listen to KO on that link but found this one that provided a “play” button to click:

    Countdown with Keith Olbermann on Apple Podcasts


    his episode 38 day before yesterday the godfather; PART trump yesterday was pretty good as well as his diatribe on CNN yesterday in his episode 39

    you can click down the list his episode 35, the america’s hitler one that you suggested for us

  8. Ive only made it back to #35 so far. I didnt try the apple one, but went past it to the iheart one which on my search apparently does have a “play button”.  So, anyway, great to have a second path.  (KO also funnier than Mahar.) 

  9. Pogo….i forgot….the gullah geechie fish and grits fest is down in hilton head, bout a hunnert or so miles south of here, here being kiawah, seabrook and Johns.  

  10. One island over is James, home of Colbert; an otherwise useless island whose only other claim to being relevant is you have to go across it to get to Folly Beach, aka The Edge of America.

  11. When i was a kid, everything you might want was downtown….groceries, fish, ice house, eggs, sheet music, cloth and clothing……now the only thing downtown is Hotels, restaurants, and tourists, which is ok with me because I’m going to the Catskills.   
    Unless the fascists “win” the midterms, in which case i will go to Nova Scotia.
    Because, I must say, any country whose people would vote for a fascist can only henceforth be known as Wretched, and no country for old men.

  12. Ah, Ok. Th’ Charleston low country sea islands. Ever have the Huguenot cake at Fleet Landing?  It’s insane. 

  13. I havent been downtown in centuries….downtown is dead to me.  If they want me to have their cake and eat it, then they must saddle up and bring it on out.   

    Or buy some cabinets at an extraordinarily high price.

  14. Haha….during the recession I was picking up throwaway furniture off the side of the road like some kinda Sanford and Son, fixing it and selling it on craiglist.  I would have camped out downtown for a hotdog.  lol

  15. Of the dozens or more Trump rallies I’ve watched, last night’s in NC was a dud. Could tell he knew crowd not as into him and he cut it short at just over an hour, less time than I remember, he usually goes up to 2 hours.

    “Some attendees who had been to numerous other Trump rallies said the crowd in Wilmington was “light,” and vendors selling merchandise said business was lower than usual. Hundreds also began to leave shortly after Trump went on stage.” – – Wilmington Star News

  16. Just saw an Iowa Republican operative saying the winning 2016 Cruz machine already organizing for DeSantis. I’ll bet they’re quietly getting money from DeSantis camp

  17. lp’s latest

    Sep 22, 2022 Gab is a social media platform that caters to antisemites, racists, and Nazis. Doug Mastriano knew that when he signed up, when he hired its CEO to be his consultant, and when he aimed to turn its followers into his base. The Lincoln Project is a leading pro-democracy organization in the United States — dedicated to the preservation, protection, and defense of democracy. Our fight against Trumpism is only beginning. We must combat these forces everywhere and at all times — our democracy depends on it.

  18. sturge, you’re right that KO is a lot of times funnier & more profound than bill.  bill however does have his moments like the following from last night:

    For all the talk about fighting for the soul of America, nobody seems to like it very much.

  19. Apparently the new gooper platform is the Democratic party platform  many of the things have already been done by Biden.  It could explain using the Ukraine photos

  20. Mahar is cynical and sarcastic, always the wisenheimer. KO is angry.   Right now i like angry democrats. 

    Not ” lose their head” angry, just maybe like “eye of the tiger” angry.

  21. sorry for the length written by Heather Cox Richardson
    Today, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY), who took over as the chair of the House Republican Conference after the party rejected Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) for her refusal to back the January 6 insurrection, released the House Republicans’ plan for the country.Covering just a single page, it presents vague aspirations—many of which Biden has already put in place—but focuses on the radical extremes of the MAGA party while trying to make those extremes sound mild.The so-called “Commitment to America” calls for a strong economy, a safe nation, a free future, and an accountable government. So far, so good.But the first topic—making the economy strong—is a paraphrase of what the Biden administration has been doing. The Republicans call for fighting inflation and lowering the cost of living, making America energy independent, bringing down gas prices, strengthening the supply chain, and ending the country’s dependence on China.This is quite literally the platform of the Democrats, but while the Republicans offer no actual proposals to contribute to these goals, Biden has taken concrete steps to address inflation by taking on the shipping monopolies that hiked transportation costs, for example, while Democrats in Congress have passed legislation capping the cost of certain prescription medications. Biden has released reserves to help combat high gas prices, which have now fallen close to their cost last March—a barrel of oil is now under $80—while expanding our nation’s pool of truck drivers and just last week averting a train strike that would have endangered supply chains. The incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act are designed specifically to make America energy independent while addressing climate change, and Biden’s extraordinary efforts to support economic development in the Indo-Pacific region, along with the CHIPS and Science Act, were explicitly designed to reduce U.S. dependence on China.It feels rather as if the Republicans recognize that Biden’s policies are popular, and are hoping that voters haven’t noticed that he is actually putting them in place.Then the document gets to the heart of its argument, recycling MAGA talking points in language that makes it very attractive. Who doesn’t want national safety, for example?But national safety is described here as securing the border and combatting illegal immigration (something already in place), adding 200,000 police officers through recruiting bonuses, cracking down on prosecutors and district attorneys who refuse to prosecute crimes (this is likely directed at those who say they will not prosecute women for obtaining abortions), criminalizing all fentanyl, and supporting our troops and exercising peace through strength (which likely means reversing Biden’s emphasis on multilateral diplomacy to return to using the U.S. military as a global enforcer)— all MAGA demands.“A Future That’s Built on Freedom” is a similar sleight of hand, meaning something far from the freedom of the recent past. Here it means giving parents control over their childrens’ education (more book banning and laws that prohibit teaching subjects that make students “uncomfortable”), “defend[ing] fairness by ensuring that only women can compete in women’s sports” (there’s the anti-trans statement), achieving “longer, healthier lives for Americans” by what appears to be getting rid of the Affordable Care Act, and what appears to be a defense of the use of ivermectin and other quack cures popular on the right (“lower prices through transparency, choice, and competition,” “invest in lifesaving cures,” and “improve access to telemedicine”). It also demands confronting “Big Tech” to make it fair, which is likely a reference to the right wing’s conviction that social media discriminates against it by banning hate speech.The section about accountable government calls for preserving constitutional freedoms, which they interpret as an apparent national ban on abortion—a constitutional right until this past June—saying they will “protect the lives of unborn children and their mothers.” They defend “religious freedom,” which the right wing, including the Supreme Court, has interpreted as freedom for Christian schools to receive public tax money and for Christian coaches to pray with students. The document also calls for safeguarding the Second Amendment, which the right wing has increasingly interpreted since the 1970s to mean that the government cannot regulate gun ownership.This section of the document calls for rigorous oversight of the government “to rein in government abuse of power and corruption,” providing “real transparency,” and requiring the White House “to answer for its incompetence at home and abroad.” It also says Republicans will “save and strengthen Social Security and Medicare.”While the part of this section that calls for stopping government abuse and incompetence seems rich coming from the MAGA Republicans, the statement that they intend to protect Social Security and Medicare strikes me as I felt when hearing Trump tell voters in 2020 that he would protect Obamacare at the very time his lawyers were in court trying to overturn the law. Now, in this moment, leading Republicans have vowed to get rid of Social Security and Medicare, which is an interesting way to “save and strengthen” them.Similarly, the section promising to “restore the people’s voice” calls for voting restrictions.In short, the document feels like the doublespeak from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984. To defend the indefensible, Orwell wrote in an essay titled “Politics and the English Language,” “political language has to consist largely of euphemism, question-begging and sheer cloudy vagueness…. The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink.”Former House speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA), who focused on the power of language to alter reality and who helped to write the 1994 Contract with America that enabled the Republicans to take control of the House for the first time since 1954, worked on this document. The Contract with America, which party leaders called a contract as a promise that it would be binding, led the Republicans to shut down the government for 28 days between November 1995 and January 1996 to get their way before they entirely abandoned the “contract.”To sell today’s document to voters, Republicans used a slick video, but Jennifer Bendery of HuffPost noted that the film uses stock videos from Russia and Ukraine in its “Commitment to America.” When Bendery reached out to McCarthy for comment, his spokesperson Mark Bednar responded: “Interesting how you guys aren’t remotely interested in the issues facing the American people in the video.”But will it work? The document tries to win Trump voters without actually mentioning Trump, who now alienates all but his fervent supporters. But he continues to dominate the Republican Party and to grab the headlines. Tonight, 60 Minutes teased a story that will broadcast on Sunday and is already raising eyebrows. In it, Denver Riggleman, former senior tech advisor for the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol, said that the White House switchboard connected a call to a rioter’s phone while the Capitol was under siege on January 6, 2021.


    Twitter avatar for @60Minutes60 Minutes @60Minutes

  22. From the “We’ve never seen this before file” ………. 
    Latest plots put Hurricane Ian in Tampa Bay at 8 PM  Tuesday night, as a Cat 2 115 mph  storm. 
    This is a very tricky thing to do.  But if Ian does it , all that storm surge  on the right side goes into the bay. This the very worst case for them  , and none of them has ever seen it before. Especially their big De-Sal plant that makes most of their drinking water. 
    CNN’s Latest …..
    Sturg watch yer backdoors this one is going to march across Ga. 

  23. Speaking of Ukraine, I received the lens I ordered from a seller in Ukraine.  I now have a philatelic item, the box from Ukraine war zone with several stamps and markings, which will be on interest by stamp collectors.  And, the lens I ordered is in great condition and works perfectly.  The lens is from an old movie camera, film type, that I need for my, new to me, movie camera.

  24. As for film about dead forests , well that match burnt up along time ago . 
    Depressing images  of roasted trees in California  ain’t gonna  move the needle of tourists  visits  like no water in the crappers  at Disneyland. 

  25. Sherman had him a squeeze in Charleston so after he marched across georgia he decided to flatten Columbia instead.   Maybe our luck will hold.   

  26. Sturge –
    There’s yer memoir’s book title ……………….
    “Sherman’s Confederate Girl Friend , and Other Unreconstructed Tales From the South”,   

  27. After watching countless hours of bits of “Grit” TV ……… 
    If you see , De Forest Kelly in the credits , you re at the very bottom of American   Westerns .  He stunk-up every scene , but America made enough  bad Westerns to reach Mars   if we spliced rhem end to end . I mean  Matt Dillion never nailed Miss Kitty , after 20 years . 
    The fiction  of our past knows ends. 

  28. KGC  –
    Hs Ha Ha ……………..  Nice try , the water runs out next year
    California is in deep shit , make no mistake , but if there is one group  that can over come them, its Californians .
    There is a reason why “Silicon Valley” ain’t in Alabama , and MIT  ain’t in Mississippi .
    I have a theory  about all this  


    “On Sunday night, it is widely expected that Giorgia Meloni will become Italy’s first female prime minister.”

    “Her victory would be historic not just because of her gender, but because she leads a party that is further to the right than any mainstream political movement Italy has seen since the days of its former fascist leader, Benito Mussolini.”

    “Her policy platform will be familiar to those who have followed far-right rhetoric in recent years: She’s openly questioned LGBTQ+ and abortion rights, aims to curb immigration, and appears obsessed with the idea that traditional values and ways of life are under attack because of everything from globalization to same sex marriage.”

    “…one of her biggest fans is Steve Bannon…”

    A few years back, wasn’t Banananazi trying to set up fascist boot camps for children in Italy?

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