Fall Already?

from Cagle.com:

This week’s most reprinted cartoon was a funny poke at the debate over daylight saving time drawn by cartoonist Guy Parsons. Back in March, the U.S. Senate passed a bill that would make daylight saving time permanent starting in 2023. But like everything else in Washington these days, nothing has happened since.


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  1. Fall begins this week: How much do you know about the autumnal equinox? – pennlive.com

    Summer ends and fall begins Thursday night. The exact time of fall’s arrival is 9:04 p.m.
    That’s the point at which the sun will appear to move across the celestial equator, the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator. Periods of day and night will be nearly equal, but from that point through the first day of winter on Dec. 21 the days will grow shorter and nights will grow longer.


  2. Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was held today and her beloved dogs were present at the procession. Elsewhere, we learned more details about the despicable lies Florida’s governor used to trick migrants onto a plane bound for Martha’s Vineyard.

  3. on another subject covered yesterday, a chilling analysis

    Former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi reacts to former President Trump openly embracing and amplifying QAnon.

  4. more on one of the things frank was warning us about

    Does a Book Call Trump ‘The Son of Man, The Christ’? | Snopes.com

    Author Helgard Müller said that he believes there are two Christs, with Jesus being the son of God who was betrayed by Judas, and Trump being the son of man who was “betrayed by [former U.S. Vice President Mike] Pence.” He also claimed that his book, “President Donald J. Trump, The Son of Man – The Christ,” was not satire.
    In September 2022, a Twitter user posted that flyers were available at an Ohio rally held for former U.S. President Donald Trump that named him as “the son of man” and “the Christ.” It was true that the flyers showed the cover of a real, published book from author Helgard Müller, titled, “President Donald J. Trump, The Son of Man – The Christ.” The rally took place on Sept. 17 at the Covelli Centre arena in Youngstown.
    “Is this satire?,” a Facebook commenter asked. “Nope,” Müller answered. “The real deal.”
    Another Facebook commenter asked for an explanation, posting, “What!!?? Trump…The Christ? Are you pulling our leg?” Müller provided an answer by pointing to his interpretation of Bible verses, saying he believed the son of God to be Jesus Christ, and the son of  to be Trump, meaning he believed there to be two Christs:
    Müller also told us that he believed there to be a comparison between Jesus being betrayed by Judas and Trump purportedly being “betrayed by Pence,” purportedly referring to the former U.S. vice president’s decision to follow the U.S. Constitution rather than overturning the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election based on conspiracy theories. (In reality, no credible evidence of massive voter fraud has ever been produced to show that the election was “stolen,” as Trump often claimed.)
    Following the Ohio rally, Müller uploaded a video that provided a longer explanation as to why he believed Trump to be “the son of man” and “the Christ,” as mentioned on the cover of his book. “Don’t get offended. Don’t say, ‘Ew, that’s blasphemous,’” he said. “Jesus is the king of the Jews. Trump is the king of kings.”

  5. Thanks Craig for your kind words.  I am is salvation army volunteer so I called in the next morning as soon as I heard and they didn’t need any more help so many people were volunteering. Since then it is been ugly around here with trolls joining local face book groups and my friend who works at the town hall had tons of hateful ugly foul voice Messages including the N-word  i’ve had to block a number of commenters from my Instagram and Facebook pag The haters are out there and real

  6. Yep, Fall is beginning. Hotter days are only 80, leaves are supplanting grass as the primary debris in the yard after the grass is cut (note to self: install the mulching cover on the tractor), it’s dead dark when the alarm goes off and we’re getting below the dew point almost every night. Plus there is already stupid inflated Halloween lawn art here and there in Chestnut Hills and Target is stocking shelves with Christmas decorations. Oh, and mint shakes are off the McDonald’s menu. 

  7. also at wapo this morning from the DUH file:

    Trump lawyers acknowledge Mar-a-Lago probe could lead to indictment – The Washington Post

    The Justice Department and lawyers for Donald Trump filed separate proposals Monday for conducting an outside review of documents seized at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home, with key disagreements over how the process should work and Trump’s team acknowledging that the criminal probe could lead to an indictment.
    Both sides referenced a “draft plan” given to them by Judge Raymond J. Dearie, the newly appointed special master. Trump’s lawyers expressed concern that Dearie posed questions about the documents that the judge who appointed Dearie has left unasked, arguing that Trump might be left at a legal disadvantage if he answered them at this stage of the process.
    Specifically, the legal team objected to what it said was Dearie’s request that it “disclose specific information regarding declassification to the Court and to the Government.”
    In Monday’s filing, Trump’s lawyers wrote thatthey don’t want Dearie to force Trump to “fully and specifically disclose a defense to the merits of any subsequent indictment without such a requirement being evident in the District Court’s order” — a remarkable statement that acknowledges at least the possibility that the former president or his aides could be criminally charged.

  8. There is no chance that T****’s lawyers can identify documents their client claims to have declassified – their client hasn’t had the chance to forge the declassification paperwork yet because he has no idea what documents are among the 100 or so identified as classified by the FBI.

  9. It’s one thing to oppose the total right-wing nutcases, and then you come across the thoughtful ones that you find even more dangerous because they make points that require real thought to oppose even if in your gut you know they are very, very wrong.

    Be sure to read the comments on this one.  They are out there and they are all voting

    Moral Superiority Won’t Fix The Border


  10. September 19, 2022 at 8:24 pm


    “A Texas sheriff said Monday evening his agency will open an investigation into the transportation of 48 Venezuelan migrants from the state to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.”

    “…his understanding was that on Wednesday a Venezuelan migrant was paid a “bird dog fee” to recruit 50 migrants from a resource center in San Antonio.”
    “The sheriff said he believes laws were not only broken in Bexar County in transporting nearly 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard but that parallel laws were also broken on the federal side.”
    “A total of 48 migrants were “lured” to a hotel where they were housed for two days, according to Salazar.The migrants were flown to Florida and then later transported to Martha’s Vineyard under “false pretenses,” he said.
    “The sheriff said they were flown to Martha’s Vineyard for “a photo-op and stranded.” He believes the migrants were “exploited and hoodwinked” into making the trip for political posturing.”
    “The sheriff has been speaking with an attorney who represents some of the migrants for first-hand accounts of what took place, Salazar told reporters. The allegations that he has heard thus far are “disgusting and a violation of human rights,” he said.
    “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has claimed credit for flying the migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. In a Friday news conference, DeSantis said that everyone signed waivers and knew where they were going. “It’s obvious that’s where they were going,” he said, adding, “It’s all voluntary.”

    Oh, I do hope DuhSantis broke both state and federal laws. He’s on the record as taking credit for being an inhumane asshat in propagating this stunt. 
    ps – Republicans do not want folks talking about abortion rights; they want the focus to be on brown people at the border.

  11. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/09/19/u-s-mexico-border-arrests-record-2022/

    “Failing communist regimes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba are driving a new wave of migration across the Western Hemisphere, including the recent increase in encounters at the southwest U.S. border,” Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus said in a statement. “Those fleeing repressive regimes pose significant challenges for processing and removal,” he said, using the official term for deportations.

    Also, folks fleeing disasters brought about by climate change will add to the numbers. These numbers, though, are individuals; they could be any one of us, if not for good luck.

  12. Republicans do not want folks talking about abortion rights; they want the focus to be on brown people at the border.

    BiD gets it

  13. They certainly don’t want you talking about how their illegitimate SCOTUS invalidated all gun control laws, keep your head down

  14. Any of these xenophobes who want to reduce the demand for illegal immigrant labor can go frame a house, or maintain grounds, or butcher meat in a poorly-regulated factory, or harvest vegetables in the heat…
    Blogging is easier, though
    ok Slava Ukraine ✌️🤝 🌏 

  15. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/09/20/texas-abortion-ban-complicated-pregnancy/

    “…the law makes no exception for lethal fetal anomalies. Pregnant people are now required to just wait, endangering their own lives with no hope of ever bringing home a baby. Or, like Hall, they can shell out thousands of dollars to abruptly travel out of state while grieving a lost pregnancy.”

    “Immediately, they sensed hesitation from the doctor. Eventually, she laid out their options: Keep carrying the pregnancy or leave Texas to get an abortion.”

    “And she said, ‘If you do that, don’t tell anybody why you’re traveling, don’t tell your jobs, don’t tell anyone at the airport,’” Hall remembers. “Which sounds extreme, but Roe had just been overturned. Everyone was so scared.”

    “Researchers with the Texas Policy Evaluation Project at the University of Texas at Austin documented several cases in which doctors waited to treat pregnancy complications until a patient’s health had deteriorated to the point that their life was in danger.”

    “According to a letter from the Texas Medical Association, a physician in Central Texas was instructed not to treat an ectopic pregnancy until it ruptured, which can cause serious medical complications.”

    “Patients experiencing miscarriage have also struggled to get prescriptions filled for misoprostol, which is used both to treat miscarriages and induce abortions.”

    The Women’s March is October 8th, and, ROE-vember is coming.

    Avoid the brown acid being spewed by Republicans. It’s a diversion.

  16. https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/20/politics/abortion-bans-murder-charges-invs/index.html

    “These male politicians are pushing for women who receive abortions to be punished with prison time”

    “Experts told CNN that the male dominance fits within the anti-abortion movement’s current framing as being focused on “fetal personhood” and “fetal rights” as opposed to maternal rights.”


    I guess some of them didn’t get the memo about making noise about the border.

  17. How any woman could vote for a Republican is beyond me.  
    In every aspect of public policy the Republicans are on the wrong side
    for women.   Just sayin’ I heard Lindsay Graham has authored legislation to
    take away the right for women to own property.

  18. So I rolled  the odometer one more time today. 
    The Roman Army invented the thing. It was a cart with a box of rocks , river pebbles all about the same size. The genius was a set of gears attached to the wheels , every  mile this cart dropped one pebble into another smaller box below .
    They knew exactly  how long it would take a legion to get to a point of battle.  All because of a 2 wheeled cart towed by a donkey. 

  19. An ancient Roman unit of itinerant distance of 1000 paces (mille passus, hence also “mile” from Latin mille, “1000”). Indirectly standardized to 5000 Roman feet by Agrippa in 29 BC. In modern times, Agrippa’s Imperial Roman mile is empirically estimated to have been around 1481 meters (1620 yards, 4860 English feet, 0.92 English miles); compared with a modern mile, which is 5280 feet.

  20. https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/20/politics/dhs-rejects-proposal-protect-election-officials-disinformation/index.html

    “The Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity agency this summer turned down a multimillion-dollar proposal to protect election officials from harassment ahead of the midterm elections…”

    “Last month, DHS shut down its high-profile Disinformation Governance Board after Republicans criticized the expert chosen to lead the board as being overly partisan.”

    “The proposal, which was made by a federally funded nonprofit, also included plans to track foreign influence activity and modestly increase resources for reporting domestic mis- and disinformation related to voting.”

    Our best chance is the Alito factor.
    The messaging about Republicans taking away women’s rights has been loud and clear. Republicans can’t un-piss-off women.

    Basically, Republicans only have fascists, racists, and anti-science/pseudo-Christians as their base. So, anyone with a brain, heart and a soul won’t be voting for them.

  21. https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/20/business/gun-sales-mastercard-visa/index.html

    “Two dozen Republican attorneys general warned Visa, American Express and MasterCard on Tuesday not to go ahead with their plans to add a new merchant category code for gun retailers.”

    “…the officials expressed serious concern that adopting a new sales code for gun stores would harm the constitutional rights of gunowners and potentially violate consumer protection and antitrust laws.”

    “…recently-announced plans to adopt the new code, which was approved by an international group that sets payments standards.”

    “Advocates for the new code argue it could potentially flag mass shooters and gun traffickers.”

    “Previously, gun store sales were classified under a general merchandise or sporting goods category.”

    “…legal gun purchases won’t be blocked by this new merchant category code…”

    Republicans are NOT pro life.

  22. Science is based on asking a question, and measuring things .  Recording the data and doing it over again, and again. 
    When one see’s that donkey cart in that light . The odometer was really big deal . It measured space , but time as well. 

  23. Giddy up.  

    A special master pressed Donald Trump’s attorneys to move quickly and provide more answers about whether the former president did or didn’t declassify documents marked Top Secret that were found in his Florida home last month, saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too” if they want to argue the documents might not still be secret.

    At his first meeting with lawyers for Trump and the Justice Department in his new role as special master, U.S. District Court Judge Raymond J. Dearie urged the Trump side to spell out its position on the question of roughly 100 documents marked classified that were taken by FBI agents as part of a court-authorized search of Mar-a-Lago on Aug. 8.

    “We have little time to complete the tasks assigned to the court,” Dearie told the lawyers, prodding them to quickly resolve legal questions about the high-profile national security investigation into a former president who frequently indicates he may again seek the White House. “We are going to proceed with what I call responsible dispatch.”

    Dearie issued no rulings at Tuesday’s hearing, his first as special master. But he made clear that if Trump’s side remained silent on the question of whether or not their client had at some point in his presidency declassified the documents, Dearie was likely to agree with prosecutors that the documents at the heart of the case are still classified. Trump’s legal team has argued that making them answer that question now could put them at a disadvantage in the face of a possible future criminal prosecution, or a future legal fight over getting seized documents returned to him.

    When Trump defense attorney James M. Trusty told Dearie that he should not be forced to disclose declarations and witness statements yet, Dearie replied: “My view is you can’t have your cake and eat it, too” — signaling that he may not have much patience for that argument as the special master review proceeds.

    There’s some “Whoa, fuck” going on in the T***p legal camp tonight

  24. Where in the second amendment does it say credit card companies shall make no commercial designations of gun retailers that infringe upon the rights of gun owners?  

  25. Guns, floods and fetuses .
    Abbott is running on crime , with a clip of Betto  praisting BLM. and defund the police.  H. Walker  on the GA. debates ………….  ” I’m not too smart “. 

  26. Love that this”special master” thing tRUMPsky demanded isn’t working out for him.  


    ps – BETO didn’t say what Abutt’s ad says he said.

    “The Abbott ad stitches together parts of two different sentences to make O’Rourke’s comment about defunding the police seem more categorical than it was.”

    “The Abbott ad excluded the words in bold — attaching the words “police forces” to the word “defund” even though they were, in reality, separated by 55 other words.”

    “I really love that Black Lives Matters and other protesters have put this front and center, to defund, *you know, these line items that have overmilitarized our police, and instead invest that money in the human capital of your community, make sure that you have the services, the help, the support, the health care necessary to be well and not require police intervention. And then also in some necessary cases, completely dismantling those* police forces and *rebuilding them.”

    *Lost the bold-face type, so added * at the beginning of the 55 words Abutt omitted, or, read it in the link as intended.

  27. I hope you all are watching Burns   tale . 
    We are not the shiny penny  we think we are , Hitler took whole pages  from us ,  ” Jim Crow Laws “, murdering the natives , and sending them to camps. Eudentics . and a deep hate for Jews. 
    The “WOKE”  adenda ,  makes white kids feel bad. 
    So history  must carry our myths  , not our truths.  And that is a formula for disaster. 

  28. Bob, happy, etc. 

    Mrs. P and I were talking at dinner tonight about our country. It was founded as a racist country, it remained a racist country until the war of northern aggression (Civil War ~~~) And continued as a racist country until the 1950s, where after a hiccup, it confirmed that it was a racist country until the present day. And the Dumbass administration put underline, bold and parentheses on RACIST


    JAMIE, Put me down for 10 bucks in the swear jar.

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