Sunday Serendipity

“Se’ Mexicano” edition.

First, I want to recognize the folks of Martha’s Vineyard and how they stepped up and did what was right. OSH, You and your neighbors done good!!

As we said on our neighborhood twitter page

“juntos somos mejores! – together we are better! Some view diversity as a challenge, for us it is our life and our strength. “

Pick any city or nation where great art, philosophy, governance and civilization were advanced, almost every time I will show you a place of diversity. It is the cosmopolitan cities where we advance, not some isolated rural village. The exchange of new ideas is essential for advancement of civilization.

September 16 is Mexican Independence Day, so this weekend is the traditional weekend to celebrate the event.

To celebrate, I’m posting the whole album by Linda Ronstadt, CANCIONES DE MI PADRE (songs of my father)

Enjoy Jack


34 thoughts on “Sunday Serendipity”

  1. The rwnj BS is now “look, the libs are moving those people off the island, they don’t want them”.  The people are being moved to intake processing, which should have been done in Florida or Texas where they have the facilities and are given federal dollars to do.  The hate never stops.

  2. What a way to start Sunday, good music and FB shoving far right and SFB political horse apples.  If you block one of those you get two to replace it.
    Something I noticed a while ago and thought it is important on several levels.  A caveat, I do not watch much commercial television so I do not know how much is the same though.  On YouTube I get ads for products with actors who are not the lily white male and female married couple the frwnj want to force on the world.  Many people of many characteristics.  Same sex couples. Gender different people and couples. People with disabilities, physical and mental.  Just a great mix of everything that is ‘not need sunglasses to look at skin’ people. And the real weird one, a Jockey commercial and it appears to be a pair of couple sitting around wearing their Jockeys.

  3. Thank you Jack

    Linda Ronstadt is a treasure and this is my favorite alburtam that I play regularly.

    Perfect was to start the week.


  4. Jack… excellent selection!
    One of the things I love about Martha’s Vineyard is how friendly the people are.  Actually… all of Cape Cod is like that.  Rick and I have always felt right at home going to “The Cape” and MV.

  5. Jack –
    Nice, I miss Linda .  
    CBS did a story on the “Queen’s Six” this morning . A choir with in a choir at Winsor . 
    Really good stuff …………… 

  6. So now I  have a Linda Ronstadt  earworm rolling around in my head. Pinballing from “Blue Bayou” to that cowbell that opens ” Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me ” . 
    And who  gets the ” Eagles ” as their back-up band ? 

  7. So, I gotta think there’s a fair number of Venezuelan voters in South Fla. Using their country men as props to fly a handful from Texas to Mass. on  Fla. taxpayers dime may not work out so well in South Fla. 
    But this is what they do , they rattle the keys to distract the press.  And fire-up their base.
    So  why, oh why isn’t  their frickin’ base  retorted  into pure  charcoal  lumps ? 
    They have been fired  more times than all the tile in the Iberian  Peninsula .

  8. Ronstadt earworm is not a bad way to spend the day.  Also, rewatching a favorite film for the umpteenth timae – 84 Charing Cross Road.  

    A cast of Anne Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins, and Judy Dench is impossible to beat particularly in film that has you writing down all the books mentioned in the movie.


  9. they rattle the keys to distract the press.  And fire-up their base
    This is what their plan is for the midterms.  The gave up along time ago on solving  problems .
    It’s all about vinegar , and bile , bitchin’, and moanin’, pissin’ and cryin’. 
    But above all it’s about “Blame” . 
    A new report just out at the same time as the Martha  stunt  …………… From Florida State U, 
    By 2060  ……….. 60% of Miami Dade will be sitting in sea water. 
    Ron’s plan for this is ask the Federal  Gov.  for money to buy everyone in Fla, a broom , and every Monday morning , they all go to the beach and sweep for 30 mins. 
    Problem solved ! 

  10. I started smoking in the Kennedy  administration. 
    35 cents a pack .  Most of the habit  was Camel straights. 
    There’s an old story  about  the graphics when someone “bums” a Camel . 
    In the wool of the Camel  are images , a nude woman  on the shoulder and 2 others. 
    So, you ask the bummer . ……….
    If you had to spend a night in desert  , where would you sleep ?  Now, there were several choices, on the front . 
    But after their pick , you turn the pack around, and an entire Mideast  city scape  appears .
    Then you say ,  ” I’d go around the corner to the motel “. 

  11. Republicans do NOT want folks talking about abortion, thus, bussing migrants on taxpayers’ dime.   

  12. POTUS Joe attending a royal funeral during a natural disaster will be the next thing Republicans try to use as a distraction from abortion.  Is SFB going?  I hope not.  QEII deserves better. 


    “Speaker Pelosi strongly condemns ‘illegal and deadly attacks by Azerbaijan’ during visit to Armenia”

    “Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan broke out this week as part of a decades-long standoff over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. The clash marks the biggest escalation of the conflict since 2020, when the two nations engaged in a war over the territory that left thousands dead.”

    “Last year, President Joe Biden officially recognized the killing of 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Empire forces in the early 20th century as genocide. Biden’s historic declaration is a major break from past U.S. administrations, which avoided calling the atrocities genocide due to concerns over alienating Turkey.”

  14. I cancelled my appointment for my 3rd booster, even though I tested negative yesterday.   I just tested positive.  I don’t feel terrible, but it’s been so long since I’ve had even a cold.  This feels like a sinus infection and mild bronchitis, so far. 

  15. Can we please get  this woman  buried  in a floor  ? 
    I am really sick of seeing dead bears on English  heads .  And if Harry just farted   in  a rope kine, 

  16. First State Funeral since Churchill, should be a whopper 

    Funeral events tomorrow: (all times EST) 

    5:45 a.m. — funeral procession begins from the Palace of Westminster to Westminster Abbey


    6 a.m. — funeral service begins at Westminster Abbey


    12 p.m. — funeral service ends, followed by procession to Windsor 


    4 p.m. — Committal Service will take place in St George’s Chapel; The service will be conducted by the Dean of Windsor


    7:30 p.m. — A private burial will take place in The King George VI Memorial Chapel

  17. A six hour funeral?  Geez, even for a queen that seems excessive. 
    So Fiona ‘s beating the shit out of PR, and Iowa is getting beat up with tornadoes, moving into Missouri. And the world’s ice is melting. I wonder if there’s any connection?

  18. C III  should open a design competition  to replace the dead bear hats. Big green  prize , only for commonwealth members. 
    The Green King needs to move fast , and  to dead bear hat lovers is a great way to signal   change .

  19. I made a lot of dead animal hats , and those  dead bear hats have 3 or 4 bears in them.  It takes a lot of wild life to make a really stupid  hat. 
    We murdered  nearly every bird in the Everglades just make a hat. 

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